I started out on a Yamaha YPT 240 that was extremely lightweight, had a great sound, had 100 styles built in with A and B sections for each, and had ports and connectors I never really investigated. Used it till it wore out--sometimes played six or eight hours a day--and then replaced it with a DGX 660... most unfortunately that one is not lightweight, lol, weighs 80 lbs with the stand, but it has great sound, 200 styles (A and B sections for each of them) and well over 300 voices, plus the connectivity you're looking for. Both keyboards are 88 keys, though, so maybe bigger than you're looking for--and of course there are probably newer models at this point.

I wish you well on your search. It was a lot of fun finding my keyboards and I hope you have fun as well!
Love is always worth the risk.

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