Originally Posted By: Bob Calver
Did you load sforzando? I'm not sure about how BIAB loads High Q patches but in RB you need to load sforzando on the actual track then load the patch.

Yes Its all there , but sound doesn´t change
In BB it works perfect.
Originally Posted By: Simon - PG Music
Hi stratos, the Hi-Q selector from right clicking the track seems to not be working - I've reported that to the development team.

As a workaround, you can manually apply the Hi-Q synth to the track. Here's a tutorial on how to use VSTi/DXi plugins in RealBand: https://www.pgmusic.com/techfaq63.htm#58

The Sforzando VST is usually located in C:\Program Files\Plogue\sforzando\VST - once you've loaded it, the top left "Instrument" drop down menu will let you select which Hi-Q patch to load.

Thanks Simon.
I hope it will get to work as easy as in BB.
I found Sforzando VST but still I have to find out if Im doing it wrong.
Its still a little difficult for me, to understand patches and banks etc..