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1) Yes, and now I also had to realize and relearn, that I will have to open "VST/DXI Synth panel configuration" to get to my sforzando , and there I have to choose for each track.

2) If I choose "set Sforzando to all midi tracks" every track sounds with the same instrument.

3) BUT selecting Coyote and CakeWalk TTS-1 via "VST/DXI Synth panel configuration"
and then chosing " set Cakewalk TTS-1 + Coyote to all midi tracks", those programs sets the right sound for each instrument.

4) I don´t know if I should mark as solved , as the "Select Hi-Q midi " still doesn´t change anything as opposite to Band In a Box

1&4) We've at least identified a problem, and it's now in the capable hands of our programming team.

2&3) Plogue Sforzando is not a General MIDI plugin, nor is it multitimbral. It is not capable of playing more than one instrument at a time, unless you use a separate instance of the plugin for each track - most instrument plugins work this way. CoyoteWT and Cakewalk TTS-1 are both General MIDI and multitimbral, so they are both capable of working in the way you are expecting them to.
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