Hello the nice members of the Biab club.

You know that I adore the animals and all the flora and fauna of our beautiful planet. Once again, I submit an atypical composition. It's the penguin walk.

The instrumental soundtrack tries to reproduce the bizarre gait of the penguins which is endearing. To make this soundtrack, I started with the Biab vst for my chord grid. I was inspired by certain midday melodies on which I put vst style staccatos for the approach of the penguins and orchestral ensembles for the background atmosphere. It is pure film music that I wanted to create.

To visualize, start from the image of a flyover of the penguins to get closer and observe them closely. I wanted to create very engaging music and I hope I succeeded.

Even if this is not your favorite style, thank you for discussing it and giving me your comments if you have the time or the inclination.

Vst used : symphobia one and Luminia of projectsam

The link to pinguins walk is :

The link to my other instrumental soundtracks is :

Kindly regards

alias JaniJackFlash

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