APRICUS (neo-classical pop fusion)

Originally composed as a solo piano piece, I have given this one the BIAB treatment.

BIAB Style & Tracks:
DOZE.STY Doze Dreamy Country Ballad 075

1827:Bass, Electric, PopModernGroove A-B Ev16 075 (Reverb 40)
793:Guitar, Acoustic Strumming, Modern CountrySync Ev 100 (Reverb 40)
ReaDrums=NashvilleRadioFunkyBallad (Reverb 40)
1834:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopModernGrooveChorus A-B Ev16 075 (Reverb 40)
2542:Pedal Steel, Background Modern Atmosphere Ev16 065 (Reverb 80)

Other Instruments:
Epiphone LP100 electric guitar + Fender Mustang LT50 amp

Reason 11 Sound samples (played on Korg K61p keyboard)
A Grand Piano
Smooth Piano Pad
B3 Organ

Scarlett 2i2 USB interface, Reaper DAW, mixed with Audacity.
My music may not set the world on fire but if it causes a glow in just one person's heart, it has all been worthwhile smile