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Band-in-a-Box (BiaB), the BiaB plugin and your DAW are three separate and distinct audio applications. When you use an external hardware device with an ASIO audio driver, only one application should have it's audio driver set at ASIO.

Most ASIO audio drivers support use by only one application at a time. Unfortunately, as long as an application is open, even if it is minimized and in the background, that application may retain access to the ASIO hardware audio driver and block or prevent other applications from accessing the driver.

Generally speaking the only time an ASIO driver is needed is when you are recording. So set whichever application you're recording in to ASIO and set the other applications to WAS, WAS Shared, Windows Direct or MME or another available audio setting.

The BiaB plugin can be used inside a DAW track eliminating the need to export audio or MIDI from BiaB and then import the audio or data into the DAW. When you're using the plugin you don't even need to have the legacy BiaB application open.

The sample rate mismatch message commonly happens after a Windows update resets the Windows audio driver sampling rate to 48Khz while the Band-in-a-Box audio sample rate setting remains at 44.1Khz. +++ HERE +++ is a post that provides the steps you can take to verify the audio samples rates.
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