A big thank you to all responding. That clarifies a lot.
This is still a complicated matter, yet much clearer now.
There was much useful information to sort through this.
My NI Komplete Audio 6 has a multi client ASIO driver and I have set Windows to non-exclusive mode (should consider to change that for recording, thank you again).
The most useful information was that I should not match formats but have, say, ASIO on my DAW and WAS on Band in a Box.
To quote justanoldmuso: "Hallelujah"
“Musicians”: UltraPak 2021
DAWs: Reason 11/StudioOne Pro 5.4
"Instruments": VSTs and REs
Notation: Notion 6
Interface: NI Komplete Audio 6
Mic: RØde NT1-A
Controller: Panorama P6/KAWAI VPC1/Atom
OS: Windows 10 64 Pro