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yes i KNOW there are manuals/faq's.
but how many people bother to read them ?...

...but even with such vids provided, it is very difficult to deal with users who just refuse to learn even the basics of their computer. i ACTUALLY have known many many end users over the years who refuse in win to learn even the very basics of things.

I have talked about this for close to 20 years on these forums. What we're talking about here is digital audio which is using a computer for music production. Every nooby on this forum including me 20 years ago knew nothing about this stuff in the beginning.

Recording software is designed to emulate all the hardware in a professional recording studio. The reason we didn't understant a fraction of what we read in the manual is it's written in the language of the recording studio just like medical software is written in the language of the medical profession, legal software the same, photo editing same thing and on and on with all the different industries that software was created for. All written in the language of that industry so guess what? You need to learn the language of a recording engineer. Why can't this be simplified? It's because there are full blown expensive university courses in music production and anybody getting into this needs to have at the least a basic understanding of the unique language being used.

Whatever field a user is working in now or maybe retired from required certain levels of education, some very specialized, plus experience. Can some nooby come into your office today and just take over your job? Music production is no different.

That means you MUST learn that language first and you MUST be very proficient in how Windows and your computer hardware works. It goes hand in hand. In other words you MUST become a computer nerd. I've read articles talking about what you should and should not put in a resume used for getting a new job. One of the things to NOT bother with is saying how good you are with Windows and MS Office. In the modern world it's just assumed EVERYBODY knows all that. If you don't you're just wasting your time even applying.

The problem here is this forum is filled with older users who never had to learn much about Windows. Wait! you say. All I want to do is make music not become some flippin computer nerd. All I can say is that's the name of the game, don't want to do that then don't try to play the game. Give it up now before you waste any more money because you'll just frustrate yourself. I'm using the generic "you" btw not talking about any one person.

I don't usually like to preach but now I'm preaching because I know PGM and all the other DAW companies won't tell you this because they're in the business of selling software. They'll deal with all the tech support later. To PG's credit Biab is very easy to use even for someone with minimal knowledge of this stuff, BUT as soon as they want to go a bit further than simply entering some chords, pick a style and hit Play, they hit this wall with the terminology, using a DAW for the first time and Windows.

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