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You can also highlight the section you want to nudge (on the extra track)
Hold down the CTRL key and drag it a smidge .. of course zooming in makes this a little easier to get accurate.

And rharv rant once again; setting the resolution in RB to 3840 (instead of default 120) gives a LOT more accuracy and zoomability. For both MIDI and Audio tracks.

Editing becomes a lot less 'clunky' when you can move it 1/3840 of a beat compared to 1/120 ... basically 32X more accurate edits,

3840/120 = 32 .. so for every 'nudge' I can do at 120, I can do 32 different ones at 3840
At least that's the way my simple mind works.
When you think of it in milliseconds (which requires considering the tempo as part of the equation) it gets even more exacting for quicker tempos ..

/crap I went into work mode again
//just raise your Resolution (under Options - Resolution) for more accurate edits

Thanks Bob. Good information. Funny how a person can hear good advice many times without adopting it until the reason for doing it gets applied to a problem that drives us nuts. Time for me to make this change