RX8 - Advaced is expensive and is more for dubbing, the RX8 Standard version is enough, because in the Standalone version it has the Music Rebalance function, which was written about in the article. A cheaper option and perhaps better is to get the Acoustica 7 Premium application, which is about 2 times cheaper than the RX8 Standard version and also uses Spleeter to split tracks. And he can separate the piano from other instruments.
The Peel application from Zplane solves the solution of separating drum kicks from snare. The DeCoda application from Zplane also has this Peel function, which is only slightly more expensive than the Peel application. After all, the RX8 also has frequency separation during spectral cleaning.

The Acoustica 7 Premiun application can be purchased from Plugin Boutique, where there is also a brief description, but it can also be purchased from the Norwegian manufacturer
Acon Digital.

Here is a link to Acoustica 7 Premium at Plugin Boutique:

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