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RX Elements for $19

That alone is one of the best deals going - I use Elements for a lot of basic cleanup for all kinds of recordings, both musical and non-musical in nature.

Having used the Standard version, there are definitely some nice features for the price too.

Because of their bundles, it's hard to avoid multiple versions of some plugs. So, a heads up for anyone playing the upgrade game (which I highly recommend):

Certain iZotope plugins including RX and Ozone do not allow you to have more than one version installed. If you have Standard and Elements — or Standard, Elements and Advanced as do, the last one you install is the one you'll see. I learned that one day when I installed the Elements Bundle (4 plugs) to get one of them and the RX Advanced and Ozone Advanced individual plugins were gone from my system. The Elements installer had removed them Yikes! It also overwrites the stand-alone app.

Nowadays, it all goes through the iZotope Products Portal so you'll see everything on one screen. But mine has UNINSTALLED on RX and Ozone Standard & Elements and I could be tempted to click the button but I know better now. And so do you.

BTW, this applies only to multiple versions in the same number such as RX 8 and Ozone 9. Older versions are not updated by newer so I have old projects still calling up RX 2, Ozone 3 etc.

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