I started out with a bunch of recordings of chickens in a chickenhouse. I may have achieved some degree of musical drama.

This is another in a series of experiments turning natural sound into music, by any means available; it will take 01:18 minutes out of your future. Don’t say I didn’t warn you (but it really isn't that bad.)

In Logic, I lied to MIDI Guitar and said the chickens were guitars, and it transcribed the whole racket to MIDI, which then forked off in two directions:

(1) BIAB chord-analyzed for a guitar RealTrack, and
(2) stripped down, quantized and played on a violin

MIDI Guitar analyzed the audio from this guitar RealTrack to create a new MIDI track, which forked into parts for piano and bass. Seasoned with Logic Drummer.

RealTrack: ~522:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 120