The fast bootup is due to it being a small OS on a solid state drive (it doesn't have to load tons of drivers like Windows does), not strictly "because" it's a Chromebook. I have one but rarely use it because of the limitations as far as not being able to load full featured programs and such. That being said, you can pop an SD card in there with your music files and listen to them. Or read ebooks, or view pics, stream video, use email if you use a web mail interface like Gmail. They are capable of a lot. But the OS limitations mean they can't really be your main computer. Because programs are not written for Chrome OS you are limited to running things through an emulator. I DO have an add on word processor loaded on to mine and a few other things, but with 4 PCs and 2 laptops I rarely find myself needing to do much on the Chromebook beyond very basic basics. And in fact if I could roll it into any substantial cash I would have sold it already. (I doubt I could get 50 bucks for it.) But for the money, and if it meets a user's specific usage requirements, they are fine. Mine is also an Acer and I have had no issues with it.
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Do you realize that a good night of sleep is nothing more than the human version of "Turn it off and turn it back on again"?