This one has been setting in the DAW for longer than it really should have. I've been busy with life and haven't had the time to play much music recently.

Just a few observations about what is going on outside my front gate.

The style is Stonz Flash and just like the Stones, it is guitar rock. I didn't play on this one.... yeah I know.... What the Hey!

The band:

Bass 519
Drums Nashville Even 8
Rhythm guitars 499 & 505 panned 50%
Solo guitar Brent 1171 that's a fat sounding guitar.

Vox... 3 tracks, the usual, but no fixing.

Original mix: STILL AMERICA

NEW MIX: THis Land is America

What's new? I raised the double vox trax and added 2 harmonies ( if you want to call them that ) and I dropped the lead guitar a wee tiny bit. Based on early comments which I'll start addressing tomorrow in the A.M. Who knows.... might be a third mix....but probably not

The lyriks:

Some say our country has seen it's better days
People want to burn it down and put something else in it's place
I'm here to tell you buddy, that ain't gonna happen today
Too many people died for for old glory for me to just walk away

This land is America, The home of the free and the brave.
If they had the faintest idea of what you're doing today
Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves
This land is America home of the free and the brave

You can call me names, friend I don't care, just take a number get in line.
But if it's on my block and in my town, you best watch your own behind.
Around these parts we don't play those games and you better not burn our flag.
Good old boys with our country toys, man that's a fact not a brag

Y'all better stay away from here with that communist nonsense
we ain't playing that game

Hope you enjoyed it.

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