New song from 2021. This song was an experiment blending two amplifiers. I picked up a new pedal with a ground lift and it kill the 60 cycle hum I got plugging in two amps at the same time. The pedal was a Radial Twin City hence the name of the song.

Twin City

The Band:
Key Em
Tempo 75
Rhythm Guitar
N A 1680 Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 085
N A ~~702 Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Spirited Ev 065
N A 2916 Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm CountryFolk8thsBrent Ev 085
Guitar:6114 Amp:MSHL/Purdy H9Core:2
Guitar:6114 Amp:MSHL/MSHL H9Core:2

Keyboards Buss Send Reverb TSAR-1 -29-4dB
BB RealPiano 2921 Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm FolkSlowSw16Mike
N A 3771 Tin Whistle, Low, Background Folky16thsGeoff Ev 085
BB RealDrums-CajonFolkPop8ths
Bass Neutron Dynamic EQ Ducking at 120hz Send Reverb TSAR-1 -29-4dB
BB RealDrums-CajonFolkPop8ths
Guitar:ES335 Amp:MSHL/Purdy
Insert GT Buss; SSL9000L Send Reverb TSAR-1 -29-4dB
Guitar: StratAmp:Purdy/MSHL
H9Max: H9Core:2Lenny:Y
Insert GT Buss; SSL9000L Send Reverb TSAR-1 -29-4dB

Mixed and Recorded in Studio One 5 Pro