Thanks Gorden for your tip. Thanks to all who have replied to my question. I have a new suggestion/solution based on Gorden's helpful post. Take a look at it it is the last paragraph surrounded with four asterisrks. This may help some BIAB users.

**A Solution and a Spin-off from Gorden's Input**

I see I can take an existing song, which has the style I want plus the VST plugin instruments that I want to attach. I can use "Save as" and then just edit or delete the chords and put the new chords in. This is much less trouble than attaching and setting the sound patch and the midi channel numbers for 3 or more tracks!

Please consider this idea developed from Gorden's Tip:

****I could also create a Template directory and copy songs that I want to use as templates into that directory, also within that directory of template I could have sub-directories named by the Style that the template uses.****