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Can you help me identify a PG Music product I think I have ?

All I have is a list of around 60 MIDI files that must have been in the product. They are all classics, like As Time Goes By, Danny Boy, My Funny Valentine, Lady Be Good, Wind Beneath My Wings, You Made Me Love You.

The file format for all of them is JP0xx.MID where the xx is numbers from 0 to 65 or so, e.g. JP057.MID. I think the "JP" must stand for Jazz Piano.

I think the program may have also included instructional features, because there are things called "ii V I Changes", "Blues Changes", and "Coltrane Turnarounds".

If you can identify the PG Music Program that would have these things in it, is it still for sale in case I cannot find the program ?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Bob Carwell

What folder were they stored in?
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