Thanks to all for responding ! Unfortunately mystery continues.

I don't have the MIDI files, just an alphabetical listing of the song titles and midi file names.

Why its driving me crazy and I suspected it might be from a very old PG Music program is I was recently disappointed to learn Tech Support can give me only a listing of programs I purchased in the last few years, not dating back as far as when I started purchasing PG programs.

I still have the little blue manuals for programs like "The Jazz Soloist for Windows" and "The Christmas Pianist for Windows", both copyrighted 1995 (but I don't have the programs- I assume they were on CDs).

And there are others like "New Orleans Pianist", "Gospel Pianist", "New Age Pianist", "Ragtime Pianist", "Jazz Guitarist", and "Essential Blues Guitar". Some of them I have the CDs for still.

But one of them I ran across was "Jazz Pianist". And THIS is the one that I was suspecting my mysterious MIDI file list related to (and of course I cannot find the Jazz Pianist program.

It is also a mystery to me exactly why PG Music, after going to all the trouble to produce these programs, no longer sells them. The content would be timeless. I though based upon the list I found perhaps there was a copyright problem with it, as the titles for the 60+ tunes suggest many if not most are not in the public domain.

As you all suggest with the standard PG Music file conventions of SGU, etc. maybe what I found related to a non-PG Music product. They are clearly .MID files though with the two leading characters being JPxxx.MID.

Oh well, maybe someday I'll figure it out, as I would really like to have MIDI files of those 60+ classics to study (assuming they were good of course).

But now my biggest mystery is exactly WHY PG Music discontinued alot of those titles. The subject matters were GREAT- New Orleans, Gospel, Latin, etc. I'm sure alot of that is contained in the new styles of BIAB, etc. but these were actual courses.

Any input re the foregoing is still welcome.