my new song is called Love Love Love it's my 2nd attempt. song was done in BIAB and Logic
all music tracks were done in Band in a Box. i used _BANDERA.sty:Bandera Boom Chick w Bluesy Solo.
in Bar settings i mixed parts in and out of the song to build some dinamics.
The vocal track was done in Logic X and mixed in Logic then bounced to itunes.

Real Tracks
2421 Bass,acoustic,rockabilly SlapBoomChicka Ev 16 100
3201 Guitar,electric Soloist LaidBackBluesyBrent Ev 100
Real Druns=BoomChickaEv^01-a: Brush,Train,b:Rods, Train
2517: Guitar,Acouistic, fingerpicking BoomChickHighJoe Ev16 110 (simple)
2517: Guitar,Acouistic, fingerpicking BoomChickJoe Ev16 110 (simple)

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