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I have used BiaB for many years, but most of my use has been off and on. I am just coming back to using the program after an absence of about a year.

Typically, when inputting a note in one of the two edit modes, the note sounds. There is a box in Options/More that says __ Play Inserted Notes. I have this checked. Anyway, in my current configuration, my note is no longer sounding.

How do I return to being able to hear the inserted notes?


Hey there! I see someone tried to answer your question above. You may find you get more responses if you post in the Band-in-a-Box for Windows or Band-in-a-Box for Mac sections of our forum — a place where people go to get help with their program — rather than the off-topic subforum!

If you need further assistance with the issue, you can always reach out to our tech team at support@pgmusic.com as well.