This new song was created using several RealTracks styles individually and then importing all the tracks into Sonar Producer 8.5 via the BIAB DAW plugin. Then we cut and pasted the best parts of the tracks we liked to create a "composite" of steel and fiddle tracks from these styles:

_CBALAD1 Slow Ctry Bal w/ Pedal Steel SD#94
_George Ctry Bal w/ Fiddle SD#94
_ALLISF w/ Fiddle SD#94

Actually I think there were a couple more we imported in the same genre/style but you get the picture: "Pick the best and leave the rest..."

The vibrato Telecaster lead was recorded live in Sonar as well as the vocal. Final mix master track was run through Sonar's Linear Multi-Band 64 bit compressor using "Light Mastering" preset. The mix was exported to a 16 bit WAV file and topped, tailed, and mastered in Sony Sound Forge 9, using the Wave Hammer "Master for 16 bit" preset. Highs were boosted via Graphic EQ around 15khz to add some "sparkle" and lows rolled off below 80hz. Final step was normalizing to -16db.

This is probably not the final iteration of this song (is it ever?), but I want to live with it for a while before adding harmonies or remixing.

SONG LINK: What About Love (MP3)
LYRICS LINK: What About Love (RTF file)


Bob Buford, Producer
Summertown Studios
Fort Collins, Colorado