Here's something different I've started fooling with that I'm pretty excited about. This audio is for a Super 8 film festival I entered. $25 entry fee, they loan you an old school super 8 camera, you shoot your 3 minutes 20 seconds and there is no editing. You can submit a soundtrack but you don't get to see the final result until the night of the showings. I think the quality is just about as bad/good as my film is going to be!

As far as what I did:

I looped a lot of short segments of realtracks and then exported to garageband where I added some Apple percussion loops and played a little bit of a garageband synthesizer. All the stringed instruments are Real Tracks except for the bass which I played. Long story short I had to record vocals on my old Snowball USB mic but I think the quality is sufficient for the overall level of the entire project.

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