What is KaleidoPro?

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KaleidoPro allows you to configure MIDI-enabled instruments for the specific needs of a composition you intend to perform. It is typically used by playing a MIDI drum controller connected to your computer, although other MIDI controllers could be used as well.

A composition consists of instructions that you create, that tell KaleidoPro how incoming MIDI data should be manipulated and processed. For example, one instruction could re-map a snare sound to note C#5 played by Program # 1 (Acoustic Piano). Another instruction could be a command to tell a note to be transposed by 3 semitones each time it is played.

When you are ready to perform, you load in the composition, and your drum pads (or other MIDI instrument) are instantly transformed according to the instructions you programmed in. The MIDI data is processed in real-time while you are performing and sent to one or more MIDI output devices.

Typically, external synthesizers or sound modules are used for output (multiple devices can be used simultaneously), however you can also use a low-latency soft synth.

Kaleido main screen

The software works on 3 primary levels.

  • First, a musician can assign up to 16 different notes and sounds on each pad, key, fret, or valve.
  • Second, the KaleidoPro Command Factory allows the musician to create and assign simple yet powerful performance commands to each pad. These commands can seamlessly swap instruments, change voicings, transpose and harmonize passages, allow for multi-layered sustain capabilities and much more - all as part of the performance.
  • Third, establishedmelodies and chord changes can be played and similarly manipulated within any given performance.

KaleidoPro gives any musician a sonic range greater than 10 octaves, left-handed keyboard/comping technique, multi-layered sustain capabilities, and extends the expressive capabilities of any MIDI enabled device.

Kaleido Editor Window

Here are a few things that KaleidoPro lets you do:

  • In terms of just playing drums, KaleidoPro allows you to play several kits and percussion instruments with the added ability to simultaneously retune everything -- cymbals, cowbells, bass drums, hi hats, maracas -- while playing. KaleidoPro gives you the equivalent of a thousand piece drum set playable from just a few pads. Considering that every stroke can have 16 notes/percussion sounds, KaleidoPro completely redefines the concept of four-way coordination even if you aren't using pedals.
  • With KaleidoPro, you have real time access to a 128 note sonic range from a single pad, as fast or as slow as you can play. You can play 16 note chords, sustain notes, and incorporate melody and harmony as a soloist.
  • You can assume any role or roles from the rhythm section. Simple sustain controls allow you to play churning rhythm guitar parts, funky slap bass lines, screaming synth lines, or all of them at the same time.
  • KaleidoPro lets you use the musical technique you have spent long hours to acquire. Your knowledge of music theory, your compositional skills, and your arranging skills can also play prominent roles in how you use and perform with KaleidoPro.
  • You can juggle and layer multiple melodic instruments, sound effects, percussion instruments, and voices over more than 10 octaves, sustaining 16 note chords all within any sort of rhythmic figures, regardless of how complicated or syncopated - even within blistering fast single 64th note solo lines - without touching a single button on your synth or your computer.

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