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April 28, 2017  -  New RealTracks Sets 254-277 - Video Demos!

Interested in a specific new RealTracks & RealDrums Set? Learn more about each new set of RealTracks and RealDrums when you check out each video - just click on a title from this list:

RealTracks Set 254: 12-key Hi-Q-Tab Brent Guitar, 12-key Eddy Pedal Steel and 12-key Mike Piano
RealTracks Set 255: Amazing Modern Pedal Steel
RealTracks Set 256: Brent Mason Nylon Guitar
RealTracks Set 257: A Taste of Peru
RealTracks Set 258: Latin America
RealTracks Set 259: Old Time and Celtic
RealTracks Set 260: Celtic Harp
RealTracks Set 261: Sounds of Hawaii
RealTracks Set 262: Great Country Drums with Shannon Forrest
RealTracks Set 263: Songwriter's Guitar and Cello Toolkit
RealTracks Set 264: Crooner Bossa Big Band!
RealTracks Set 265: Crooner Ballad Big Band!
RealTracks Set 266: Jazz & Funk Potpourri
RealTracks Set 267: More Blues: Blues with Brent and Mike
RealTracks Set 268: Gypsy: Accordion, Piano, and Guitar
RealTracks Set 269: Smooth Soul with Brent and Mike
RealTracks Set 270: Modern Pop Waltz, 8ths, & 16ths with Zane Carney
RealTracks Set 271: House and More
RealTracks Set 272: Rap and Hip Hop
RealTracks Set 273: Hard Rock Shuffle
RealTracks Set 274: Hard Rock Straight Ahead
RealTracks Set 275: Retro 60s Drums
RealTracks Set 276: Pop Percussion
RealTracks Set 277: Pop and Rock Drums with Shannon Forrest


Posted on April 28, 2017 07:47 AM

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