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PG Music News
YouTube Find - RealTracks Artists Live Performance!

Look at this... a live performance including RealTracks Artists Oliver Gannon, Cory Pesaturo, and Quinn Bachand!
YouTube Video: After You've Gone - Quinn Bachand's Brishen featuring Cory Pesaturo and Oliver Gannon

(Recorded at the West Coast Django & Jazz Festival in Nanaimo, BC, May 16, 2015.)

Band-in-a-Box® Apps for iTunes! #iPodDay

With Band-in-a-Box® Version 2011 for Windows we introduced the Band-in-a-Box® App for iTunes, which worked by connecting your Windows desktop version to your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad™ - giving you the ability to generate, play, and save songs to your device with the same high quality RealTracks sound that you get with the desktop version of Band-in-a-Box! A great way to work on a song idea from ANYWHERE!

Then came the BB Remote App for Band-in-a-Box 2011.5 or higher, allowing you to control your desktop version of Band-in-a-Box from anywhere in the room! With BB Remote, you see the chords of the song (with current bar highlighted as the song plays on the Windows desktop program), and can control the mix (volumes, muting, reverb), load in new songs, and use the conductor to loop and move around the song.

Our Apps don't stop there... we also offer a RealBand Remote app, and the Pitch Invasion App!

Check out all the PG Music Inc. Apps available on iTunes here.

(Today, October 23rd, is National iPod Day.)

RealBand 2017 Patch Update Available! (Build 8)

Attention RealBand 2017 users - the latest patch update (build 8) is available, and can be downloaded here.

Summary of Changes for Version 2017 Build 8:
Fixed: Empty MIDI SuperTracks and Best Soloist dialogs.
Fixed: After the end of a song, it would continue to play silence if Always On MME was enabled.
Fixed: CPU meter would say "PT" during bootup.

Band-in-a-Box® Version 2017 for Windows Patch Update 468 Available!

Attention Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows users - the latest patch update (468) is available, and can be downloaded here.

Summary of Changes for Version 2017 Build 468:
Fixed: Various popup dialogs (eg editing volume on mixer) might appear partially off screen.
Fixed: Setting "Audio Master (Base) Tempo" does not take effect until reloading the song.
Fixed: If importing audio while launching the Audio Chord Wizard, the wrong audio master tempo is set, causing the audio track to never be in sync with the style.
Fixed: Dragging to the WAV quadrant of the drop station would ignore the "Drag Master as separate tracks" setting.
Fixed: The [Edit Soloist] and [Edit Melody] buttons in the Event List Editor dialog did not work.
Fixed: Disabling "Draw interpolation" would cause random lines between sample points in the Audio Edit window.
Fixed: If a THRU harmony is selected, then Band-in-a-Box would freeze when soloing the Soloist or Thru tracks.
Fixed: Changing the color setting for "Window background" in the Audio Edit window had no effect.
Fixed: Hitting [Cancel] in the Audio Edit Settings dialog would cause a random zoom to occur.
Fixed: The [Sample] button in the Audio Edit window would zoom in to the far left of the screen, rather than to the cursor.
Fixed: If opening a song that was saved in the Mac version, a random character would be inserted at the beginning of these lead sheet fields: "Style", "Tempo", "Copyright", "Composer", and "Composer2".
Fixed: When exporting a video of the chord sheet, the the resulting video might be cropped.
Fixed: The drop station would take a few seconds to respond during the first attempt to drag and drop.

Band-in-a-Box® Video Tutorial VHS - #TBT

WOW - Look at what we came across! The Inside Band-in-a-Box Instructional Video Series for Band-in-a-Box Version 7!

Take a look...

These covered so many different topics... we needed 2 VHS tapes! From the basics of entering a song, chords, transposing, notation, recording a melody, etc. to advanced features like working with harmonies, secrets to the StyleMaker, drum patters, recording patterns and more, these videos were a hit!

Video - Band-in-a-Box® and Pro Tools

Are you a Pro Tools user? Have you seen our video, Using Band-in-a-Box to Supercharge Pro Tools?

Watch it now to learn how the powerful combination of Band-in-a-Box® and Pro Tools can boost your music creativity: Video - Using Band-in-a-Box to Supercharge Pro Tools

YouTube Find - My First Backing Track, First YouTube Video

We love that YouTube user Rick Mccann posted a video playing along with his first backing track using Band-in-a-Box!

Watch - First YouTube Video

What a great job - hopefully we see more from Rick!

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