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User Showcase (104 viewing)
Post links to your original song compositions here, for others to listen to.
Search all posted compositions by song title or artist's forum name.
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Re: A Little Bit Of This
(floyd jane) - 27 minutes 21 seconds ago
Songwriting (4 viewing)
Discussions, Tips-n-Tricks, Resources and Questions about Songwriting
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Re: Songwriting vs Composing
(JohnJohnJohn) - Yesterday at 05:30 PM
Xtra Styles Contest
Announcing... Xtra Styles Contest - 4 prizes of $150.
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Re: I'm On The Right Track Now
(bluage) - 01/04/17 08:34 AM
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production (7 viewing)
Discussions about methods and gear for making music.
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Woodshedding - Learning to Play! (1 viewing)
Musical Discussions about learning to play an instrument, helpful DVD's, teachers, theory, gear and more...
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Re: Putting Loop segments on a new line
(bowlesj) - 04/25/17 07:33 AM
I just heard Band-in-a-Box on YouTube
See, hear and help to publicize how Band-in-a-Box is used on YouTube and other sites.
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Re: Here's "our" PG's own Tobin, face and all
(PeterGannon) - 04/25/17 07:57 AM
Best of YouTube (2 viewing)
Videos related to music (instruction, performance, mixing tips etc.)
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Re: Band in a mouth !
(Muzic Trax) - 04/26/17 02:56 PM
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic) (3 viewing)
General technical questions regarding computers or music equipment.
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Re: Converting Kontakt instruments to sfz?
(Guitarhacker) - Today at 07:04 AM
Beginners Forum (4 viewing)
Discussions and resources for beginners to Band-in-a-Box or music tech in general
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Re: Jailhouse Rock....can't crack it
(wish) - 04/27/17 05:08 PM
Off-Topic (74 viewing)
This forum is for music-related discussions that aren't covered in other forums.
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Re: New Monitor
(Guitarhacker) - Today at 07:01 AM
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UserTracks (and other add-ons) (2 viewing)
Discussions about making your own add-ons for Band-in-a-Box, including UserTracks, Styles, RealDrums, Plugins, VST Plugins, Add-on songs/exercises, Artist Performances and Loops.
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Re: Add a little Color Back To GUI Win Mac
(Pipeline) - 04/20/17 01:32 PM
UserTracks Wishlist
UserTracks are user-created RealTracks. Use this forum to post requests to other users for specific styles you want.
73 262
(Scott Brooks) - Yesterday at 10:41 AM
Post your own Tips and Tricks here (2 viewing)
Use this forum to share your technical tips and tricks related to PG Music software, or to write your own tutorials. Note: Post questions in the PG Music Product Forums instead.
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My Favorite Things
Post about your Favorite Features in Band-in-a-Box and RealBand.
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Re: The Style Demos.....
(MarioD) - 04/22/17 08:52 AM
PG Music Product Forums
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Band-in-a-Box for Windows (96 viewing)
Discussion forum for the Windows version of Band-in-a-Box.
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Improvements to mixer mute and solo
(Aubrey) - 24 seconds ago
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh (10 viewing)
Discussion forum for the Macintosh version of Band-in-a-Box.
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Re: Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac is here!
(RobCrowdy) - Yesterday at 07:16 PM
RealBand (19 viewing)
Discussion forum for RealBand users
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Re: New Floating Mixer Makes Things Easier
(Pipeline) - 04/28/17 01:45 PM
PowerTracks Pro Audio (4 viewing)
Discussion forum for PowerTracks Pro Audio users.
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Re: PT Rendering Midi to Wav
(Bernier) - Today at 04:50 AM
Other PG Music Programs (3 viewing)
Discussion forum for all PG Music programs other than Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks, and RealBand.
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Re: Happy National Barbershop Quartet Day!
(Icelander) - 04/13/17 11:00 AM
PG Music Wishlists
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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist (9 viewing)
Wishlist for Band-in-a-Box for Windows and Macintosh
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Re: Hot Key to Render Songs to Audio
(Pipeline) - 04/28/17 03:51 PM
Songs to add to Band-in-a-Box Titles database (1 viewing)
Your suggestions for songs to add to the Band-in-a-Box Song Title Browser.
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Add Songs
(JEasyWeaver) - 04/25/17 06:21 PM
RealBand Wishlist (1 viewing)
RealBand wishlist and new feature suggestions.
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Re: That Old Light Gray
(Jim Fogle) - 04/22/17 08:31 AM
PowerTracks Pro Audio Wishlist
Wishlist for PowerTracks Pro Audio.
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Styles and RealTracks Wishlist (1 viewing)
Wishlist for Band-in-a-Box styles and RealTracks. Note, you can also request styles and RealTracks from other users: UserTracks Wishlist forum
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Re: Real Human Oohs, Awes, Dos, Wops
(rodipoet) - Today at 12:58 AM
Other Programs Wishlist
Wishlist for other PG Music programs. This includes the Pianist/Performance Series and the MasterClass Series.
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band-in-a-box.com -- International Band-in-a-Box Forums
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Deutsches Band-in-a-Box User Forum (10 viewing)
Willkommen zu Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligente Musiksoftware für Ihren Multimedia-Computer"
888 3429
Re: Melodiespur editiren
(Renato-Rosso) - 04/28/17 05:29 AM
České a Slovenské Band-in-a-Box uživatelské fórum (1 viewing)
Vítejte do Band-in-a-Box! Inteligentního hudebního doprovodného programu
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Re: Zajímavé dotazy na anglickém foru
(jacko_karel) - 04/26/17 09:12 AM
Forum degli utenti italiani di Band-in-a-Box (2 viewing)
Benvenuti in Band-in-a-Box! "Software di Accompagnamento Musicale Intelligente per il tuo Computer"
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problemi con registrazione
(diedi) - Yesterday at 07:58 AM
Band-in-a-Box Svenskt användarforum
Välkommen till Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligent Musikackompanjemangsprogram för din Multimediadator"
126 266
Band-in-a-Box 2017 för Windows nu på svenska!
(StefanJ) - 03/07/17 10:01 AM
Forum des Utilisateurs Français de Band-in-a-Box (7 viewing)
Bienvenue dans Band-in-a-Box! "Logiciel d'accompagnement musical intelligent pour ordinateur multimédia"
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Re: Modification d'un real drum
(rv972) - Yesterday at 05:38 PM
Foro para el usuario de Band-in-a-Box en Español (5 viewing)
Bienvenido a Band-in-a-Box! "Software Musical de Acompañamiento Inteligente para su Computadora Multimedia"
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Re: Dudas de futuro nuevo ususario
(Pepe Ramos) - 04/27/17 10:18 AM
Forum dos Usuários do Band-in-a-Box em Português
Bem-vindo ao Band-in-a-Box! "Programa de Acompanhamento Musical Inteligente para o seu Computador Muiltimídia"
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Re: reunir usuarios brasileiros
(DianaGoulart) - 03/28/17 11:03 AM
Dansk Band-in-a-Box bruger forum (1 viewing)
Velkommen til Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligent musikakkompagnements software til din multimedie komputer"
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Re: Akkorder...
(Stefan G. Rasmussen) - 03/30/17 03:32 AM
Band-in-a-Box Nederlands Gebruikers Forum
Welkom bij Band-in-a-Box! "Intelligente Muziek Begeleidings Software voor uw Multimedia Computer"
101 227
Band-in-a-Box 2017 Nederlandse versie
(Peter Eigenraam) - 03/06/17 10:50 AM
Band-in-a-Box Polskie Forum Użytkowników
Witamy w Band-in-a-Box! "Oprogramowanie do Inteligentnego Akompaniamentu Muzycznego na Twój Multimedialny Komputer"
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Gdzie są wszyscy?
(Ryszard) - 10/22/16 07:22 AM
Форум пользователей Band-in-a-Box на русском языке (1 viewing)
Добро пожаловать в Band-in-a-Box!
95 404
13 14
Band-in-a-Box 简体中文用户论坛 (1 viewing)
14 27
Band-in-a-Box 한국어 사용자 포럼
Band-in-a-Box 프로그램에 환영합니다!
4 5
Band-in-a-Box & RealBand 2017 한국어 버전
(misuk park) - 03/22/17 08:58 PM
Band-in-a-Box 日本語掲示板
23 57
Band-in-a-Box ユーザー作品自慢フォーラム
Band-in-a-Box で作った曲を是非聞かせてください
2 0
(Banana Chips) - 01/13/14 01:01 AM
PG Music News
Band-in-a-Box® Version 2017 for Windows Build 463 Available!

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows customers can install the latest patch update (Build 463) here: www.pgmusic.com/support_windowsupdates.htm#463

Summary of changes for Version 2017 Build 463:
Added: In the PDF manual, clicking on the Bookmarks navigation pane, Table of Contents, or Index will jump to the corresponding page. (Note: To use the navigational elements, you need to open the PDF manual in Adobe Reader.)
Fixed: When associating file types with Band-in-a-Box, the user would get the success message "File types are now registered for songs..." when the process failed.
Fixed: When unassociating file types with Band-in-a-Box, the user would get the success message "File types are now NOT registered for songs..." when the process failed.
Fixed: If opening a Band-in-a-Box song from Windows explorer, and specifically choosing the "Open" command instead of "Play", playback would start anyway.
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might ask to associate file in Windows Explorer even if they are already set.
Fixed: Right-clicking on a Band-in-a-Box song in explorer and selecting play would not open the song.
Fixed: Associating file types only works if the exe is named "bbw.exe".
Fixed: Various Conductor hot keys were not working.
Fixed: Some number-pad keys were not working in the song memo.
Fixed: Toggling Loop Section with the 1 key would not display a message.
Fixed: With factory settings, it appears as if "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" is selected in the MIDI driver setup dialog even though it is not. The user might click Cancel because it appears that the driver is already selected.
Fixed: When in the MIDI driver setup dialog, clicking on Audio Settings should connect/disconnect MIDI drivers. Eg. the user might be attempting to connect to ASIO4ALL, which often does not work with the Microsoft GS Wavetable MIDI driver.
Fixed: Some RealTracks Artist Bio's typos/omissions.

(note: This patch will update Band-in-a-Box® 2017 to Build 463 from any previous 2017 build.)

Video - Tony Lee Glenn's Final Version - Relic

We recently shared a video submitted by Band-in-a-Box user Tony Lee Glenn that was his detailed explanation for exporting audio from Band-in-a-Box for use in an Adobe Audition. Want to see the final product? Check out this video: http://www.pgmusic.com/?vid=EUicsf2lyyc

Great Job Tony!

The Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac New Features Video

Learn more about all the new Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac version with this video: www.pgmusic.com/?vid=iT9tXELeayM

Read more about all the new features in Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac at http://www.pgmusic.com/bbmac.new.htm

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac Special - Up to 50% Off for a Limited Time!

Just released: Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac with over 80 new features, 202 New RealTracks, and more!

To celebrate, we are slashing upgrade prices for a limited time! Until May 31, 2017 you can save up to 50% when you purchase your Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac Upgrade!

View all the purchase options for Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac at www.pgmusic.com/bbmac.packages.htm.

A summary of our special upgrade prices:
Band-in-a-Box® Pro:
Upgrade from Version 2016: $59 (reg: $69)
Upgrade from Version 2015 or earlier or crossgrade from Windows: $69 (reg: $79)
Special 2017 Program Update from 2016: $49
**Requires Version 2016. Includes version 2017 program updates only. (No other Add-ons or Bonus PAK) **available for a limited time!**

Band-in-a-Box® MegaPAK:
Upgrade from Version 2016: $89 (reg: $149)
Upgrade from Version 2015 or earlier or crossgrade from Windows: $99 (reg: $159)

Band-in-a-Box® PlusPAK:
Upgrade from Version 2016: $99 (reg: $129)
(The PlusPAK is designed to upgrade 2016 UltraPlusPAK & EverythingPAK users who are downloading their upgrade or do not want to purchase a new hard drive)

Band-in-a-Box® UltraPlusPAK:
Upgrade from Version 2016: $149 (reg: $279)
Upgrade from Version 2015 or earlier or crossgrade from Windows: $169 (reg: $299)

Band-in-a-Box® EverythingPAK:
Upgrade from Version 2016: $169 (reg: $379)
Upgrade from Version 2015 or earlier or crossgrade from Windows: $189 (reg: $399)

Band-in-a-Box® Audiophile Edition:
Upgrade from 2016 Audiophile Edition: $199 **available for a limited time!**

Learn more about the new features available in Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac: www.pgmusic.com/bbmac.new.htm.

Picture - RealTracks Artists Oliver Gannon and Neil Swainson Perform!

A member of our PG Team snapped this great photo of RealTracks Artists Oliver Gannon and Neil Swainson as they shared the stage with Tony Genge and Kelby MacNayr this past Sunday for a great show put on at Hermann's Jazz Club in Victoria, BC!

Click here to take a peak!
[from L to R: Tony Genge (piano), Oliver Gannon (guitar), Neil Swainson (bass), and Kelby MacNayr (drums)]

Learn more about all of the RealTracks Artists when you visit www.pgmusic.com/realtracks.artists.php.

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac Video - Everything You Need to Know in Under 6 Minutes*

Learn more about the new Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac version when you check out our latest video: www.pgmusic.com/?vid=JO9RHH29uKU

In this video you'll see the new GUI, hear the new RealTracks & RealDrums features, 12-key Guitar RealTracks with Hi-Q Tab/Notation, UserTracks enhancements, Chord Sheet enhancements, and more!

A complete list of the new features added to Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac can be viewed at www.pgmusic.com/bbmac.new.htm

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