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Jump to new posts Re: Where is the Edit button? by Janice & Bud @ 57 seconds ago

And that makes sense. Otherwise you could respond to a post and later discover that the OP had changed the entire context.
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Jump to new posts Re: Adding an 4 Bar Ending to a Song by Islansoul @ 8 minutes 54 seconds ago

I used the tag method Icelander and it helped a lot.
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Jump to new posts Re: Paperback by BlueAttitude @ Today at 03:24 AM

Originally Posted By: Scott CWow loved this tune. Super clean mix. Vocal and guitar were excellent. Super backtrack Happy you liked it, Scott! Thanks for the listen and the comment, I appreciate it.
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Jump to new posts Re: A nostalgic look at my humble beginnings by MountainSide @ Today at 03:10 AM

Take a look at the following website for styles, songs, sounds, etc for the PSR and Tyros series keyboards. Jeff
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Originally Posted By: Janice & Bud"The first verse of the poem describes the sensitivity or delicacy of the bamboos underground such as their thin roots and fine hairs, whereas the second verse describes the strength or dynamism of the bamboos over the ground." We pondered that...delicacy supporting strength. Very nice thoughts. It's all been said. You put together excellent productions that never disappoint in their sheer power and beauty. We enjoyed it! J&B J&B, T
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Jump to new posts Re: Problem beim BiaB-Update 2016 by Ulrich-Wilhelm @ Today at 02:18 AM

Ich bin gerade dabei mein Mainboard zu wechseln. Wie sieht es bei einer Neuinstallation aus? Muss ich doch sicher wieder aktivieren. Gab es nicht einmal einen Beitrag bei dem es darum ging die Lizenz von einem Rechner zu deaktivieren um sie auf einer anderen Maschine nutzen zu können?
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I believe that answer is No.
Jump to new posts Re: Newbie by Matt Finley @ Today at 01:30 AM

Welcome, Logan.
Jump to new posts Re: Where is the Edit button? by Matt Finley @ Today at 01:27 AM

It's available for one day, so it appears.
Jump to new posts Re: Furniture by jacko_karel @ Today at 01:19 AM

And so musically compatible chair TON -,-poland2/ - absolute classic chair no. 14
Jump to new posts Furniture by Logan @ Today at 01:09 AM

Hello friends, I am planning to change my upstair hall into a music room. The speakers are already placed. I have changed the room color also. Now I want to change the furniture. I went through so many designs( Now I am confused on what model to purchase. Can someone help me select the best models? Do you know which is the best shop that sells furniture? Thanks in advance
Jump to new posts Newbie by Logan @ Today at 12:49 AM

Hai guys, I am Logan Rivera, a newbie to this forum. Glad to meet you all.
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Io Maverick ....
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Jump to new posts Band-in-Box pour MAC en Français: Build 152 by Daniel Donval @ Today at 12:45 AM

Bonjour à tous, La dernière mouture de Band-in-a-Box 2016 pour MAC en Français est disponible ..... Je vous invite à télécharger le Build 152, il devrait résoudre quelques problèmes. Enjoy! Daniel
Forum degli utenti italiani di Band-in-a-Box
prova ora con la build 152
Jump to new posts Re: Walmart Music by GHinCH @ Today at 12:27 AM

We did have Walmart in Germany until a couple of years ago. Then they moved out, obviously in Germany there was a lack of free advertising. Here I've never seen the sort of people that triggered others to snap a shot and widely publish it.
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Jump to new posts Re: From gypsy waltz to swing by bluage @ Today at 12:06 AM

"Hi", back at you, Christian! Could a song be charming, and swinging, all at the same time? Why, sure it can, as to my pleasure and surprise I discovered while listening to your colorful and sprightly composition, "From Gypsy Waltz To Swing". I felt like I was at a wedding, or some other celebratory event, outdoors on a beautiful, sunny summer's day, and surveying the crowd to pick out someone to ask for a dance... I love the waltz tempo in every genre of music, from jazz t
Jump to new posts Re: Walmart Music by Le Miz @ Today at 12:04 AM

Originally Posted By: eddie1261Originally Posted By: Matt FinleyAre there Walmarts in Australia? Yes, but they call them Wallabymart. That was a belly laugh! Originally Posted By: eddie1261...I can't name a Taylor Swift song. Or Adele. Or Pink. Or Lady Gaga. Or most of them! Now you'll be able to. Originally Posted By: eddie1261...That would keep me from getting Taylor Swift and Arianna Grande poisoning!! Think of this as a vaccination! These two records from this decade screamed
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Jump to new posts Re: Mixing and panning help by bluage @ Yesterday at 11:39 PM

Hey, there, "Islansoul"... Your "handle" leaves a serene, almost mystical impression. Cool! I hope you will forgive my four-day late response to your comprehensive post. "Ask yourself what are the most important parts of the song? What parts really need to stand out in the mix, and what parts do you feel that the listen could get by with out really hearing up front and in the spotlight." Wow. You do go straight for jugular, don't you? You were right on the
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Additional question on this same topic... If my primary concern is exporting separate tracks (generated primarily using RealTracks) as WAVs for editing/mixing in a DAW, and assuming that my DAW is entirely separate, using different hardware/monitors, does any of the audio driver setup really matter? For example...MME vs ASIO, etc...
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Yes the frozen SGU 114656 bytes just contains the position and bars of the ReaTracks/Drums files used, thats why you can fool it and replace the RealTracks folder with the Direct Input and now you will have Direct Input Instruments. So when you open the SGU hit Play it needs to piece Humpty back together again......... then play. But once Humpty has been pieced together he sits in Ram. If you look at your the Process in Task Manager you will see the amount used by the RT&RD's, if you add mor
Originally Posted By: Hugh2Hi Joanne Great post and thanks again for taking the time. I have since used the pitch to midi converter again with mixed results one was accurate and the other was far off.My singing was way off it has to be said whether it effected the result or not I dont know.I remember similar results last year and I wasnt sure whether I used it correctly.I think the Melodyne proceedure detailed by you looks very successful, Thanks Hugh Thanks for this Hugh. I will try out the
Jump to new posts Re: Walmart Music by rockstar_not @ Yesterday at 09:54 PM

I think it was in the local Walmart back in December that I was unable to escape the annual 'run for my life' crap holiday song; Macca's worst song ever. I won't even name the title so hopefully it doesn't create an ugly earworm for you. I love the Beatles' songs for the most part, as a band and many of their solo work - but there should be some sort of fine for airing that song in any way, shape or form.
Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday to Greg Johnson by Charlie Fogle @ Yesterday at 09:38 PM

Yes, Happy Birthday to one of the nicest folks here on the forum. I love you songs and appreciate you taking time to comment on mine. Charlie
Jump to new posts Re: Where is the Edit button? by Charlie Fogle @ Yesterday at 09:37 PM

It's my understanding the edit button goes away after some set period of time after you post. Charlie
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Band-in-a-Box® 2017 in Italiano!

Abbiamo lavorato sodo e abbiamo aggiunto nuove funzioni e una sorprendente collezione di nuovi contenuti, tra cui 202 RealTracks, 34 MIDI SuperTracks, Studi Strumentali, RealTracks a 12-Tonalità, Notazione di Chitarra Hi-Q, Stili Riscoperti RealTracks/MIDI SuperTracks, un nuovo sintetizzatore (sforzando), e oltre 120 nuovi RealStyles!

User Tips - How to Create an Instrumental Melody Line that Follows the Vocal Using Band-in-a-Box®

Forum User Joanne Cooper has an excellent blog on her website, - including her latest post: How to create an instrumental melody line that follows the vocal using Band-in-a-Box and Melodyne!

Joanne's instructions are easy to follow along with - click here to read the blog post.

Band-in-a-Box® 2016 for Mac Patch Update 152 Available!

Band-in-a-Box® 2016 for Mac users can download this free patch update here.

Included in the update:
Fixed: Audio could not be pasted beyond the end of the existing audio data.
Fixed: Audio importing would fail.
Improved: If making a tempo map after using the Audio Chord Wizard, and the current style has a different time signature, you will be asked to choose a different style. If possible, you can choose to keep the current style, but the time signature of each bar will be set for you.
Fixed: Automatic updates were not working.
Fixed: Some VST plugins' GUI window would not close properly, and leave a ghost window on the screen (eg. the Expand!2 plugin).
Fixed: The Expand!2 plugin would cause all menus in Band-in-a-Box to stop responding.
Changed: The new hot key for opening the Record MIDI dialog has been changed to control+R.
Fixed: The "Piano, Acoustic, Bright Grand Sforzando" patch was missing from the Hi-Q list.
Fixed: "Could not load Hi-Q patch." would show if trying to load the "Organ, Electric, Rock Sforzando" patch.
Fixed: "Could not load Hi-Q patch." would show if trying to load the "Organ, Electric, Jazz Sforzando" patch.
Fixed: Clicking on the Guitar window would show notes on the Melody mixer piano instead of the Thru mixer piano.
Fixed: VST plugins that have been uninstalled should not appear in the plugin list.
Improved: Plugins can be chosen by double-clicking on them in the list, instead of having to hit [Return] or clicking [OK].
Fixed: In the Japanese version, when opening the Email dialog, you would be asked to save the song even though it was already saved.
Fixed: In the Japanese version, attaching a rendered song to an email would produce a rendered file with garbage text in the title, and it would not be attached to the email.
Fixed: In the Japanese version, a song with an audio track would not give the option to attach the audio file.

RealBand 2017 Patch Update (Build 4) Available!

RealBand 2017 Users can download this free patch update here.

Included in the update:
Fixed - Program title was changed to 'file converter' if a conversion needed to be done such as after recording (this affected the title shown when alt-tabbing or hovering over the icon on the task bar, etc.).
Fixed - Spurious warning about rebuilding style picker when not needed has been removed.
Fixed - FX button now correctly turns blue if MIDI track is actually using a VSTi or DXi synth.
Fixed - the choose note dialog in Notation Window had garbled text.
Fixed - saving to XML would result in the timing being wrong, if the song's PPQ was not 120.
Fixed - when drawing a slur in the situation of notes being extremely close together, program could potentially slow down or freeze.
Fixed - a few miscellaneous minor localization and help-topic link issues

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows Patch Update 459 Available!

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows users can download this free patch update here.

Included in the update:
Fixed: Audio Edit window was not displaying lines for audio stretching features (bug introduced in build 458).
Fixed: Clicking on the Mixer piano (Thru track) does not display notes on the Guitar or Big Piano windows.
Fixed: The select bar dialog would conflict with keyboard input.
Fixed: Email Song dialog would not show options to attach Artist Performance Tracks if they were WMA files.
Fixed: Hitting the [\] key (forward slash) while in the notation window would crash Band-in-a-Box with the "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error.
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash on bootup with "Not enough timers available" error.
Fixed: The RealTracks picker might freeze if using a custom RealTracks folder location, and this folder does not exist (eg. an external hard drive is not connected, or re-connected with a different drive letter).
Fixed: If using Windows 10, holding down the mouse anywhere in the chord sheet window and scrolling the mouse wheel would cause Band-in-a-Box to immediately crash.
Fixed: When saving MusicXML files, slurs would be rejected by other programs that opened the files.
Fixed: After performing a drag and drop, the previous state of soloed tracks was not restored.
Fixed: Drag and drop of audio track would render Bass track instead.
Fixed: When using multiple monitors, some popup windows would be forced onto the primary monitor (eg. changing song title, changing track label).
Fixed: When using multiple monitors, Band-in-a-Box would not properly open to the previous size, position, and maximized state.
Fixed: Previewing chords in the chord sheet (Shift+Enter) or using the chord builder would eventually stop playing all the notes in the chord if using the "always on" setting for the audio driver (MME or ASIO).
Fixed: Splash screen was missing if running program in any language other than English.
Improved: Shots and Holds for Direct Input RealTracks can be assigned unique Holds library numbers, and unique decibel offsets.
Fixed: If using a 3/4 style, Band-in-a-Box would switch to the ZZJAZZ style (4/4) when launching the Audio Chord Wizard. This would cause an incorrect tempo map to be made afterwards.
Improved: If making a tempo map after using the Audio Chord Wizard, and the current style has a different time signature, you will be asked to choose a different style. If possible, you can choose to keep the current style, but the time signature of each bar will be set for you.
Fixed: Automatic updates were sometimes not working
Fixed: Rendered WAV files would not be acidized if the option to normalize was enabled.
Added: Drums name is more descriptive in the drums panel of the mixer, e.g. saying "snare and high hat"instead of "snhh"

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 für Windows Deutsch ist verfügbar!

Es gibt über 80 aufregende neue Funktionen in Band-in-a-Box® 2017!
Die grafische Benutzeroberfläche des Hauptbildschirms (GUI) wurde neu gestaltet mit weniger Bildschirmplatzbedarf, konfigurierbare Toolbars, einem Interface mit Register, einem Fortschrittsbalken, und mehr.

Free Band-in-a-Box® Video Tutorials!

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