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There is also a song settings option to vary styles for the middle choruses. This option will play the first and last chorus with whatever part markers you use, but play the song as if the "B" marker had been set for the middle chorus(es).
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Jump to new posts Glitch in Track Settings after latest update? by joden @ 9 minutes 48 seconds ago

The track settings section for "force track to simple" is greyed out and cannot be changed back. It just says track alrady set to simple. How do you change it back to normal? Thanks
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Where is the + Sign? I can't customize my tools now. by BBB @ 22 minutes 47 seconds ago

When I upgraded To 2017 Version 457................... I lost the +sign to be able to customize my tools. Previously with version 456 there was no problem do I need to go back to version 456? Thanks in advance....BBB
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Jump to new posts Re: Transmissions by rsdean @ 51 minutes 0 seconds ago

Noel, Thanks. That's very kind - I appreciate that. Bob
Jump to new posts What stand alone guitar tuner do you use if any? by musiclover @ 53 minutes 21 seconds ago

Hi folks, Just wondering what stand alone tuner do you use for your guitar (other than the clip on headstock type) I have been using this one for last 20 years, same as this one advertised on ebay, Wouldn't mind a second. |Lock on guitar Tuner I do a search now and again but very few available in UK and the US ones are usually a good price if I was to pay the cost to ship to here. I have found it to be a great little tuner and so easy on batteries, usually I just reuse the smoke alarm
I just heard Band-in-a-Box on YouTube
Jump to new posts YouTube Find - User Created Band-in-a-Box® Composition by Callie - PG Music @ Today at 09:39 AM

Looking over a weekly posting of YouTube songs with Band-in-a-Box, it was hard to choose one to post here on our Forum! I finally chose this one, shared by Jerome Weaver - really enjoyed listening to it! I also came across a great video for a Mr. Sandman cover that made me smile.
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Jump to new posts Re: Using BIAB in a live setting by Frank Alves @ Today at 09:12 AM

I transfer all my BIAB tracks as WAV files to a Digitech JamMan Solo XT looper pedal. I am able to store them as single files and not loops I then use a DigiTech FS3X 3-Button Footswitch to scroll through the various tracks and to start and stop. I'm able to do everything by the use of the foot switch, which I think makes it less obvious to my audience. The pedal is connected to my Bose LI. That's my way to do it, but I know there are many m
Have you tried inserting some (probably any) MIDI command at the point you want the song to end. Try inserting a patch change (even if it's just changing it to the same patch, or a pedal off, or whatever you want past the point of the last note and see if that helps out. Just hit the F2 key on a MIDI track to bring up the event list. Go to the end of the list and you can create new events directly from the list and specify where you want it to be. I can't test it right now, but I think you o
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Jump to new posts Re: Scotts Ballad (Collaboration) by Scott C @ Today at 08:58 AM

Just want to thank Rick for asking me to participate in his project. He put together an excellent backtrack and supplied some excellent strings and flute.
Jump to new posts Re: Merlefest's Chris Austin Song Writing contest Oct 1 by HearToLearn @ Today at 08:56 AM

Looks to be a great line up AND overall a great environment! I can see what you like it! I would love to enter the song contest for fun, but can't Thanks for the share on this! It always helps to know what's going on "out there."
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Jump to new posts Re: Starlight by 44kfl @ Today at 08:55 AM

Originally Posted By: BlueAttitudeGood song! Love your vocal. Interesting to read about how it progressed also. Enjoyed the listen! Thanks, appreciate the kind words
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Jump to new posts Re: Starlight by 44kfl @ Today at 08:54 AM

Originally Posted By: rsdeanKenny, This is a new favorite for me - absolutely awesome! Bob Thanks Bob Originally Posted By: Sergio Guarneri Excellent one. Also I can feel some calls to the sound of P.Mc Cartney, but somewhere George Harrison too. Very nice, great listening. Thanks Sergio Sergio
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Jump to new posts Re: It's Natural by 44kfl @ Today at 08:50 AM

Good write, love the moody sound of this one. An owl is pressed up tight against the window He stares so hard I can almost taste his fear The wind howls all along the rooftops I can’t hear the wind no more love these lines, very creative Kenny
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Jump to new posts Re: Angel at the Door by 44kfl @ Today at 08:47 AM

I always look forward to your songs, this is beautiful. Kenny
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Jump to new posts Re: saterday blues by 44kfl @ Today at 08:43 AM

Tasty blues indeed, everything sounds great! Kenny
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Jump to new posts Re: Wednesday Tune (Instrumental) by 44kfl @ Today at 08:40 AM

This is very nice, love the guitars! great style choices, good progression Kenny
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Hmmm... Not at my music computer right now, but i do know that I performed this action earlier this morning, so I know it works. Probably not your problem, but make sure you are double clicking on the white part of the bar, not the bar number, as that is used to change part markers.
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Jump to new posts Re: Transmissions by 44kfl @ Today at 08:38 AM

A little slice of this character's life, an insight with an interesting point of view. I like the write and performance, love the band! Kenny
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Jump to new posts Re: Lift me up by BlueAttitude @ Today at 08:35 AM

Originally Posted By: Noel96Dave and Chris, This is really happy and feelgood from the first bar onwards. I loved it. The backing is mixed to perfection and Chris's singing is an excellent fit. You've both done a great job creating this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Regards, Noel Thanks for the listen, Noel, happy you liked it! Originally Posted By: Charlie FogleTop notch all around on this. The vocals are really nice and set just right in the mix. Good lyrics and excellent tone and playing
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Quote:BUT unfortunately, the issue I mentioned above is not fixed in BB2017.457. Still can not trigger the default soft synth via Midi Thru using ASIO driver with transport stopped. I don't understand why this is so hard to fix when it works in RealBand, and it worked in BB2016. This really needs to be fixed. If I'm working out a part on the keyboard, I don't necessarily need the chord progression going, but I do want to hear the solo instrument. Once I work it out, then I'll hit either play
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Jump to new posts Re: My Daddy's Knee by Janice & Bud @ Today at 08:34 AM

Originally Posted By: animarorecordsHello, floyd Very lovely song with a little folk rock feeling. The chord progression of I - VIm - IV - V7 is the royal road of pops. Very straight and favorable fitted to this tune. Great vocals as always by Janice. Enjoyed my listen a lot. Best regards. Shigeki Adachi Thank you Shigeki! Janice Originally Posted By: BlueAttitudeWow, it doesn't get any better. Great write, Janice of course is outstanding as usual, and the production is totally pro. S
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Jump to new posts Re: Transmissions by BlueAttitude @ Today at 08:33 AM

Good song! I Love your vocal, and I like how you changed it up during the bridge. Great job on the mix too. Enjoyed the listen!
I've had experience with TEAC/Tascam as far back as 1974 starting with the 3340s 4 Track in our practice/recording room with Angel Oak. I had use of my brother's 3340s for several years. I've had experience with the DA38, two 4-track porta studios, and 8 track porta studio, a 24 channel mixer, several cassette decks and double cassette decks, cd player/recorder, guitar practice cd player and several digital multi track decks. My personal experience is that I've never had any kind of failure
OK, follow-up note for anybody who may have been intrigued by the Steve Austin Song writing contest at Merlefest, but who never got around to submitting anything. Deadline is coming up in February, which isn't that far away. Also, for anybody who might want to attend Merlefest this year, here's the lineup so far (they will continue adding new artists right up to the last minute). This year's lineup includes a lot of my personal favorites
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Jump to new posts Re: Two Hearts by Janice & Bud @ Today at 08:17 AM

A little late to the party and our word of choice has already been used but here it is again: CLASSY You are a great singer but added to that is how well you mix your vocals and whatever effects you use seem to be so subtle and effective. Yep, heartfelt indeed. J&B
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YouTube Find - User Created Band-in-a-Box® Composition

Looking over a weekly posting of YouTube songs with Band-in-a-Box®, it was hard to choose one to post here on our Forum!

We finally chose this one, shared by Jerome Weaver - and we really enjoyed listening to it! Click here to listen/watch it now!

We also came across a great video for a Mr. Sandman cover that made us smile...

RealTracks Update for Band-in-a-Box® 2017 Available!

If you are a Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows user, make sure you install the latest RealTracks update, available here.

This patch update includes:
-Added: Additional missing Shots and Holds files 324 and 340-350.
-Added: All missing 'RealDrums Demos Audio' files for RealDrums.
-Added: Solo and band audition demos for all MIDI SuperTracks.
-Improved: Decibal offsets fine-tuned for most of the new (2017) RealStyles, and RealDrums.
-Improved: Patch assignments for MIDI SuperTracks Styles.
-Fixed: _C34PNRT.STY was playing in 4/4 time instead of the intended.
-Fixed: Audition demos for some piano and organ RealTracks were not playing properly.
-Fixed: Banjo, Bluegrass Doc Ev 100 (Rhythm) and Banjo, Bluegrass Doc Ev 100 (Soloist) both had issues with endings and the simple variation.
-Fixed: Problem with TambourineCelticEv16.
-Fixed: RealTrack Bass, Acoustic, RockabillySlapBoomChicka Ev16 100 was playing endings as regular chords.
-Fixed: Third variation for TambourineShuffle[single]^ and PercValsCriollo^ not working correctly.
-Fixed: Wrong audio demo was playing for Horn Section, Background CroonerBossa10-Part Ev 110.

Band-in-a-Box® Live Demonstrations at The NAMM Show!

If you're attending The 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim (January 19-22, 2017), make sure you stop by the PG Music Booth... We're located in Hall E - Booth 1054.

We'll be providing detailed Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows demonstrations & scheduled performances by RealTracks Artist Cory Pesaturo!

Watch Cory Pesaturo's NAMM Performance!

We "went live" on Facebook yesterday to cover Cory's performance at our NAMM booth (1074).

Not on Facebook? We've added the video to our YouTube page too!

Click here to watch Cory's performance!

RealTracks Artist Cory Pesaturo NAMM Performances!

We have scheduled RealTracks Artist Cory Pesaturo for 2 performances every day during The NAMM Show!

If you're attending The NAMM Show this year, stop by our booth 1054 (in Hall E) to catch one of his performances:
Thursday - 1:00 PM & 3:30 PM
Friday - 11:45 AM & 3:30 PM
Satuday - 12:00 PM & 4:00 PM
Sunday - 10:30 AM & 12:00 PM

Cory is a World Digital Accordion Champion & World Acoustic Accordion Champion. You'll find his RealTracks contribution in RealTracks Set 268 : Gypsy: Accordion, Piano, and Guitar. Learn more about Cory on his RealTracks Artist Bio page.

It's Time - NAMM 2017!

Peter, Catherine, Tobin, Charlie, and Gaelan are hard at work today setting up for The NAMM Show!

This year we are in Hall E, booth 1054. If you're at NAMM this year, be sure to pop by and say "Hi!" - they'd love to shake your hand!

Click here and you'll see Charlie & Gaelan finishing up the setup of our booth!

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 Build 457 Update for Windows!

Attention Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows Users!

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Build 457 includes an updated Help File & Manual, more than 30 fixes, and 2 improvements!

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