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"This is the BEST track backup program I have heard!"..."I just love it,and it improves how I play the different instruments that I play!"..."The new interface alone is worth the update!"..."A must-have for any songwriter on a budget."..."Band-in-a-Box is the swiss army knife of music production tools."

May 25, 2015

Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows - Automatic Updates!

One of the new features in Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is the Automatic Program Update Notification and Download feature!

When booting up, Band-in-a-Box will automatically check for a newer build (if user has allowed it and chosen how often).
Plus, there's a new Updates dialog: User can check/download/pause/continue/install for a newer version (not free), newer build (free), and updated RealTracks files (free).

Read more about this feature, and learn about all the new features in Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows here.

May 25, 2015

Purchase jBridge for only $10!

One of the exciting new features in Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is support for 64-bit VST Plugins when you use jBridge.

jBridge can also be used with PowerTracks Pro Audio 2015!

You can purchase jBridge directly from us for the great low price of just $10. Click here for more information.

May 22, 2015

RealTracks for Band-in-a-Box - You'll want to use them in ALL your projects!

RealTracks are a popular Add-on for Band-in-a-Box. Once you start using them, you won't want to stop!

RealTracks sound AMAZING - they are actual recordings of musicians! For a full list of our RealTracks Artists, click here.

RealTracks replace the MIDI track for that instrument, and can be controlled just like the MIDI instrument. They follow the chord progression that you have entered, so you hear an authentic audio accompaniment or solo.

RealTracks are not "samples" - they are full recordings, lasting from 1 to 8 bars at a time, playing in perfect sync with the other tracks. Choose from pre-made Band-in-a-Box Styles, or combine RealTracks instruments to make your own band.

Adding REAL instruments played by TOP MUSICIANS to your compositions brings an exciting human element ... and that's just the beginning!

May 22, 2015

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May 21, 2015

A Dream Come True For This Band-in-a-Box User

Einar Olsen shares his Band-in-a-Box story with us:

2 days ago – a dream came true, that I couldn't done without Band-in-a- Box:


I live in a small and beautiful village in Suldal/Norway – as an old musician, i'm addicted to create music but with a long way to travel to find a real band and pro musicians, I've been using BiaB for years writing new songs.

Almost 3 years ago an idea was born: telling 100 years of local history of common man, using the american blues genre/folk music and the Norwegian language Nynorsk.

I'm not from this part of Norway, so I had to collaborate with someone – someone with local knowledge and writing skills – and not at least a voice that could carry a tone. I found that man, and we ended up with 12 new lyrics and songs for a show. Receiving great feedback on the songs, we started dreaming of recording an album – but how to make it – how to finance it?

Well, I have some guitars, an old Mac Pro and BiaB!

The RealTracks in BiaB are so musically well done that I started the pre-production. The pre-productions actually sounded so good that I decided to use BiaB-tracks, tweak them and do the rest of the playing myself.

Could this end up as a "professional album"? My local collaborator on main vocal and I started believing, and…

…and 2 days ago the final result was released worldwide:

Blå tonar frå Suldal

THANKS for making a great software and putting effort in the glory of music, so this album could be made!

Best regards
Einar Olsen
MolsenHouse Productions

Congrats to Einar and Terje on the release of their album 'Blå tonar frå Suldal'!

For more information on the album, read the Press Release
and listen to song demos on Amazon.

Photo: Einar Olsen (left) with Terje Bråtveit (right)
(Photo by: Inger Bråtveit - Terje's wife)
Einar Olsen and Terje Bråtveit

May 20, 2015

Now Available - Cakewalk Music Creator 7

Cakewalk Music Creator 7 is here! This program includes the TTS-1 synth, which can be used as your MIDI sound source in Band-in-a-Box and other programs!

Learn more about Cakewalk Music Creator 7 here.

May 20, 2015

Video - jBridge with Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows

You can use your 64-bit VST plugins and VSTi instruments with Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows, using jBridge.
Band-in-a-Box 2015 has built-in support for jBridge, so you just use your plugins as you normally would, by selecting 32-bit or 64-bit plugins within Band-in-a-Box!

Learn more here: YouTube Video - jBridge with Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows

Learn more about jBridge at

May 19, 2015

Band-in-a-Box Feature - UserTracks

Did you know that you have the option of creating your very own RealTracks? We refer to these as UserTracks. UserTracks allow you to create your own audio styles to use in Band-in-a-Box or RealBand.

Making your own UserTracks is easy! Simply record the tracks in Band-in-a-Box, RealBand or any DAW. Once the track is recorded, name your UserTracks and add them to the UserTracks folder in Band-in-a-Box or RealBand. They are now ready to be used like any other RealTracks!
Watch the video and learn more:

Visit the UserTracks Forum where you can learn more about making UserTracks and listen to UserTracks other people have done as well!

May 19, 2015

RealTracks Artists Kenny Barron and Gary Smulyan - Winners at the JJA Jazz Awards!

The Jazz Journalists Association have announced the winners for their 19th annual Jazz Journalists Association Jazz Awards! Two of the winners are RealTracks Artists - Congratulations Kenny Barron and Gary Smulyan!!

Record of the Year:
The Art of Conversation (Impulse!)
Kenny Barron and Dave Holland

Trio or Duo of the Year:
Kenny Barron and Dave Holland

Pianist of the Year:
Kenny Barron

Baritone Saxophonist of the Year:
Gary Smulyan

For a complete list of winners, visit:

To learn more about this RealTracks Artists and listen to demos of their RealTracks, visit their RealTracks Artist Bio page by clicking on their name below:
Gary Smulyan
Kenny Barron

May 15, 2015

RealTracks Artist Gary Smulyan - Performs May 22nd!

Check out Gary Smulyan as he performs at the Byrnes Performing Arts Center in Arlington, WA on May 22nd with renowned jazz pianist George Cables!

For more information about this event, click here.

To learn more about Gary and listen to demos of his RealTracks, visit his RealTracks Artist Bio page.

May 15, 2015

Video - Save Your Song as a Video with Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows!

One of the new feature with Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is the choice to save your Band-in-a-Box song composition as a video, that you can upload to YouTube or work with in video programs!
Just press the [Save as] button and choose 'Save as Video'. The 'video' portion is the chordsheet in Band-in-a-Box that shows the chords and a highlighted bar moving as the song plays. Song title and song info displays at the top of the window.
Watch the YouTube video...

May 14, 2015

RealTracks Artists Brent Mason & Paul Franklin on Shania Twain's Up! CD

When we hire musicians for the RealTracks, we try to hire the best-of-the-best. It was nice to read this article about Shania Twain's Up! CD - using only 4 musicians for the country version of the CD - and two of them are Brent Mason (guitar) and Paul Franklin (pedal steel), both of whom are featured on many RealTracks. Congrats to both of those guys for their playing on Shania's CD!

"When he got the call for Up!, the mission was for him to bring Nashville to Nassau, and he did, accompanied by the cream of Nashville's A-team musicians: Paul Franklin on steel guitar, Brent Mason on electric guitar, John Willis on acoustic guitar, and Jonathan Yudkin on fiddle, mandolin and banjo. Programmed bass and drums and Twain's vocals had already been tracked, by Lange"

To learn more about Brent Mason, click here.

To learn more about Paul Franklin, click her.

May 14, 2015

Artist Performance Sets for Band-in-a-Box!

One of the Add-ons offered for Band-in-a-Box are Artist Performance Sets. Artist Performance tracks are great for learning-from-the-Pros, since all the Tracks include audio (stretchable to any tempo), notation, on-screen guitar, and guitar tab. Performances typically have a melody for two choruses, followed by a solo for two choruses (one simple chorus and a second advanced chorus).

Listen to demos of the Artist Performance Sets available for Band-in-a-Box for Windows here.

Listen to demos of the Artist Performance Sets available for Band-in-a-Box for Mac here.

What are Artist Performance Sets?
They are collections of Band-in-a-Box RealTracks demo songs, which have artist performances on the Melody track. They are different from a "RealTracks" track since they aren't generated by Band-in-a-Box, but rather are recordings of the Artist playing melodies or solos along to the Band-in-a-Box generated accompaniment tracks.

May 13, 2015

Video - Band-in-a-Box: Keeping a list of your Favorite Styles

There are a huge number of styles to choose from in Band-in-a-Box. Learn how you can quickly access the styles that you use more often.

Watch "Keeping a list of your Favorite Styles" on YouTube.

May 11, 2015

RealTracks Artist Stuart Duncan on Tour with Diana Krall!

Diana Krall's Wallflower World Tour kicks off June 19th, and includes RealTracks Artist Stuart Duncan's Fiddle playing skills!

A complete list of performances can be found at

To learn more about Stuart and listen to demos of his RealTracks, visit his RealTracks Artist Bio page.

May 08, 2015

RealTracks Artist Paul Franklin on Tour with The Time Jumpers!

Paul Franklin hits the road this summer with The Time Jumpers!

A complete list of performance dates is available here.

Besides Paul Franklin, there are more RealTracks Artists that are included in The Time Jumpers:
Kenny Sears, Andy Reiss and Jeff Taylor. To learn more about the band, click here

May 08, 2015

Share Your Band-in-a-Box Song with Soundcloud!

Did you know that there are are a number of ways to share your Band-in-a-Box song? Not only can you print out your song in notation, you have the option of saving in a variety of MIDI and audio formats for playback from your computer or an audio CD. You can even upload your arrangement to Dropbox and Soundcloud!

Make sure to post a link to your song on our User Showcase Forum!

You can also use the "Save as Video" feature and share your song on YouTube!

May 07, 2015

Watch Band-in-a-Box "In Action" with our HUGE Library of Videos!

Whether you're looking for a video demonstration of Band-in-a-Box or Tips & Tricks for all those features, there's a video for you!
Visit our Video Support Page to see all the videos we have to offer!

May 07, 2015

RealTracks Artist John Jorgenson Tours with the John Jorgenson Electric Band

For the month of May, RealTracks Artist John Jorgenson's band (the John Jorgenson Electric Band) is doing some international travelling!

The complete list of their performances is available here:

To learn more about John Jorgenson and listen to demos of his RealTracks, visit his RealTracks Artist Bio page.

May 06, 2015

RealTracks Artists Oliver Gannon & Quinn Bachand - Upcoming Performance

May 15 – Victoria, BC St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
An Evening of World-Class Gypsy Jazz & Jazz Music featuring Juno Award winning jazz guitarist Oliver Gannon, World Champion in Digital, Acoustic and Jazz Accordion Cory Pesaturo, Canada's multi-instrumentalist wunderkind and eight-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominee Quinn Bachand with his sizzling hot gypsy jazz ensemble Brishen.

For information on this event, please click here.

To learn more about these artists and to hear their RealTracks demos, please visit Oliver's Bio page and Quinn's Bio page.

West Coast Django Victoria-event

May 05, 2015

RealTracks Artist Kenny Barron - Upcoming Performance!

May 30 – Jazz and the Music of the Americas: Brazil at Jackson Theater: Luciana Souza with Romero Lubambo, and Trio da Paz with special guest Jazz Master, Kenny Barron.

For information on this event, please click here.

To learn more about Kenny and to listen to demos of his available RealTracks, visit his RealTracks Artist Bio page.

May 01, 2015

Freebie Friday - Band-in-a-Box App!

Did you know that there is a Band-in-a-Box App available for your iOS (iPods, iPhones, iPads) and Android devices?

If you have Band-in-a-Box on your computer, you can use the Band-in-a-Box App to download songs, including chordsheets and audio (M4A) and play the songs that you download.

iPhone/iPod BB App: Click here.

iPad Free BB App(larger display): Click here.

Android Free BB App: Click here.

April 29, 2015

RealTracks Artist Jeff Lorber - Upcoming Performance!

Join Grammy nominated keyboardist Jeff Lorber Thursday April 30th in Atlanta, GA at the Suite Food Lounge.

For information on this event, please click here.

To learn more about Jeff and to listen to demos of his RealTracks, visit his RealTracks Artist Bio page.

April 27, 2015

Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows - International Versions!

The language translations for Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows are now available in the following languages:

Already have Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows in English? If you'd like the translated version, email a language request to

April 27, 2015

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April 21, 2015

Band-in-a-Box Version 2015 for Windows Build 417 Patch Update

Band-in-a-Box Version 2015 for Windows Build 417 Update is now available for download.

Added: Extra information written to audio files so that DAWS like SONAR, Presonus, Reaper etc. will read the tempo of the WAV file and stretch it if necessary.
Note that "Include Acid info" must be selected in the Wave Render settings dialog (Press WAV button for this).

April 21, 2015

UserTracks for Band-in-a-Box

There are a number of new Band-in-a-Box UserTracks available for piano, guitar and more on the UserTracks Forum. UserTracks are like RealTracks, but they have been created by other people.

You can create your own UserTracks too. To help get you started there are step-by-step instructions, UserTracks templates and a video available here.

April 20, 2015

Musikmesse 2015 Wrap-up.

Musikmesse is over and Tobin and Charlie are back from Frankfurt. They had a great time meeting everyone and listening to the different ways people use Band-in-a-Box. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the M3C Systemtechnik GmbH booth at Musikmesse 2015!

Time to pack things up.
End of Show

April 17, 2015

PG Music at Musikmesse - Day 3

PG Music had another great day at Musikmesse!

There is still one more day to drop by the M3C Systemtechnik GmbH booth (Hall 5.1, Stand A 50) to meet with PG Music's own Tobin & Charlie. They will be demoing the ‪Band-in-a-Box 2015 version throughout the day along with Wolfgang Wierzyk.

Tobin and Charlie demoing Band-in-a-Box‬ version 2015 for Windows.
Wolfgang at Messe

Band-in-a-Box 2015 on the big screen.
Wolfgang at Messe

Tobin and Charlie at Musikmesse 2015

Band-in-a-Box Presentation Schedule:

10:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX with PG MUSIC
12:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX mit PG MUSIC
13:30 - BAND-IN-A-BOX Deutsch with Wolfgang Wierzyk
14:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX with PG MUSIC / Samstag: MUSITION & AURALIA mit Philipp Vandré
16:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX Deutsch with Wolfgang Wierzyk
16:30-17:30 BAND-IN-A-BOX with PG MUSIC

April 16, 2015

Band-in-a-Box Demos at Musikmesse - Day 2

Band-in-a-Box demonstrations are being held throughout the day at the M3C Systemtechnik GmbH booth located in Hall 5.1, Stand A 50 ‪Musikmesse 2015‬ starting at 10:00am.

Wolfgang at Messe
Wolfgang Wierzyk demoing the German version of Band-in-a-Box‬ 2015 for Windows.

Band-in-a-Box Presentation Schedule:

10:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX with PG MUSIC
12:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX mit PG MUSIC
13:30 - BAND-IN-A-BOX Deutsch with Wolfgang Wierzyk
14:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX with PG MUSIC / Samstag: MUSITION & AURALIA mit Philipp Vandré
16:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX Deutsch with Wolfgang Wierzyk
16:30-17:30 BAND-IN-A-BOX with PG MUSIC

April 15, 2015

RealBand Version 2015 Build 8 Update

RealBand Version 2015 Build 8 Update is now available for download.

This patch will update RealBand Version 2015 to Build 8 from any previous 2015 build. It must be installed into your existing RealBand 2015 folder.

Summary of Changes for 2015 Build 8 (April 14, 2015)
Fixed: conductor Ctrl~ hot-key wasn't working to open up the conductor.
Fixed: program could hang on exit if ASIO4ALL used with exclusive mode apps getting priority
Fixed: Save As didn't add the newly saved file name to the recent files list
Fixed: access violation in Tracks Win with some combinations of track heights
Fixed: track icons re-sized to a smaller size if the track is re-sized smaller than normal
Fixed: patch name field and driver field now hidden if track not tall enough to display patch name text and/or driver text.
Fixed: when dragging a track to a different location in the Tracks Win, the original sizes are now preserved
Fixed: access violation in Big Piano Win when option to draw note names is enabled
Fixed: When selecting just the left or right channel in Audio Edit Win, cut/paste still didn't always affect just that channel
Fixed: access violation if MGU had a track with MIDI event containing an invalid event type
Fixed: tempo not always sent to RB remote
Fixed: changes to the email that gets sent when there is an exception
Fixed: ability to play demo WMA files in the Hi-Q patch selection dialog

April 15, 2015

RealTracks Update Patch for Band-in-a-Box Windows Versions 2014 & 2015

RealTracks Update Patch for Band-in-a-Box Windows Versions 2014 & 2015 Update is now available for download.

This is a general maintenance patch for RealTracks, RealDrums, and MIDI SuperTracks. It includes all of the recent fixes and enhancements that we've made to files shipped in 2014 and 2015. Some of the main fixes are listed below. There are also enhancements to most shots and holds files to allow them to work as held styles.

Some audio files are updated in this patch, so users with the audiophile HD version can instead download this larger patch (900 MB)
Improved: Enhancements have been made to existing shots & holds in RealTracks: When entering holds in Band-in-a-Box, guitar RealTracks will now play holds in a more musical way, with strums that lead into the beat. Many more RealTrack can now be designated as "Held" styles (a new feature in Band-in-a-Box 2015) when picking them in the RealTracks picker.
For example, if there is a guitar RealTrack you really like, but you'd like it to just play held chords rather than a rhythmic part. Unique, individual 'Held' RealTracks can be created from existing RealTracks in the Soloist Editor. Individual RealTracks can be specified as 'Held' in Band-in-a-Box styles (.sty files)
Here is a Band-in-a-Box generated demo of Holds 105 that demonstrates the effectiveness of this. This .SGU cycles through shots/holds chords: maj, min, m7b5, and dominant 7, playing each chord in the key of A, C, D, E, and G.
Listen to the Holds 105 Demo.
Fixed: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopShiningGritty Ev 120 Direct Input: Some Direct Input audio data was missing.
Fixed: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm CountryDrivin8ths Ev 150 Direct Input: Endings in Direct Input version didn't work properly.
Fixed: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm SmoothJazzPoppy Ev16 090: support for minor 7th endings.
Fixed: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Soul70sBrightA-B Ev16 100: some major chords playing incorrectly.
Fixed: Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist GypsyJazzWaltzJohn Sw 200 improved RealChards with better phrasing.
Fixed: 12 RealTracks, general maintenance updates (mega and pro had slightly older versions).
Fixed: RealTracks Set 217 - Jazz Pollwinners 8: Misc improvements. Soloists are now correctly placed and some new styles/demos have been added.
Fixed: RealTracks Set 219: New realstyle added.
Fixed: RealTracks Set 220, 222: Some styles and demos improved.
Fixed: Bass, Acoustic, Bluegrass Doc Ev 100; fixed dropouts during playback.
Fixed: RealTracks Set 221: missing demo file.
Fixed: RealTracks Set 225: fixed incorrect demo names.
Fixed: RealTracks Set 227: Style preview added for _CBALDBR.wma
Fixed: RealTracks Set 226: Now has RealStyles available, including SGU and preview demos.
Fixed: Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming BluegrassWaltz Ev 140: fixed dropouts during playback.
Fixed: Fiddle, Background Pop16ths Ev 085 (regular and outside): Simple arrangement was causing problems and has been disabled; riff selection is improved.
Fixed: Some Country2Beat^ and CountryEven8 RealDrums Demo Audio files were misnamed.
Fixed: Shots and holds now work properly with Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm GypsyFolk Sw 190, Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist GypsyJazzQuinn Sw 190, and Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm FunkyFolk Ev16 110.
Fixed: Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Acc PopVancouver Ev 100 was previously playing Jazz chords when Pop chords were entered.
Fixed: Some Holds files were crashing the Audiophile version.
Fixed: RealTracks Set 211 - _BOGG70S demo had incorrect .sty assigned.
Fixed: Some Rockabilly shots and holds were not working properly.
Fixed: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RockabillyRockNRollKevin Ev 165 (Soft LH) did not include the correct audio files so the softer left hand was not heard properly.
Fixed: RealTracks Set 211 - RealDrums Demos Audio MotownFunkyTriplets files were missing.

April 15, 2015

Band-in-a-Box Version 2015 for Windows Build 416 Update

Band-in-a-Box Version 2015 for Windows Build 416 Update is now available for download.

The patch installs many RealTracks updates; make sure to select the correct RealTracks and Drums folders so those files can be updated.

Summary of Changes for Version 2015 Build 416 (April 14, 2015):
Fixed: Audio transpose was sometimes set to non zero value.
Fixed: Program would sometimes hang on exit, if ASIO used and MSGSWavetable used.
Fixed: notation highlight with color notes fixed.
Fixed: notation with titlebar sizing issue.
Added: debug crash report now created.
Fixed: 'remember window size and position' not working.
Fixed: double clicking on a song to load didn't work if load last song at bootup was true.
Fixed: output chords now saved, with a warning if you have this set.
Fixed: Individual track (either by drag-n-drop or when "One WAV file per Track" was enabled in Render dialog) were not acidized.
Improved: Updates dialog makes reports in bb\Data folder showing which files need to be updated. Each report is the same name as the update patch installer with "_files_report.txt" appended.
Fixed: Automatic updates could cause crash if server data was corrupt, missing, or there was no Internet connection.
Fixed: Setting audio transpose amount (either by doing it manually in Song Settings dialog, or automatically when transposing the song) was being set when there were was no Audio track, or Artist Performance Tracks in the song. This could cause a transpose amount other than zero before an audio track was added.
Fixed: Save As Video feature would not include tempo changes in audio if the song was MIDI only.
Fixed: Save As Video feature would sometimes be out of sync if song had tempo changes.
Improved: About dialog shows an improved list of contact information.
Fixed: (for localized versions) the tilde ~ or ~~ characters (indicating tempo swapping) were missing from the RealTracks names in the Mixer.
Fixed: (for localized versions) some dialogs were not wide enough to show all of the text in some languages.
Fixed: (for localized versions) "Freeze/Simple" button was always displaying in English.
Fixed: (for localized versions) Updates dialog would not detect the user's language setting (was detecting the operating system language instead).
Fixed: Fold song dialog would sometimes show an "Incorrect entry" error message.
Fixed: Some of the buttons in the Piano Roll window would disappear, and other screen artifacts would appear, when expanding the mixer (eg. Thru or Audio).
Fixed: reading ACID loop files might not be read properly in rare cases (eg. 8bit WAV files).
Fixed: a black box would appear over the "Auditioning File" dialog when auditioning MIDI files (and other audio formats).
Fixed: Notation defaults button wasn't setting font sizes to default.
Fixed: Artifact was remaining on notation and other windows sometimes after Ctrl-T full screen sizing.
Fixed: Video window custom sizing wasn't letting certain numbers to be entered.
Added: Program now notifies (Yellow FlashTip) on bootup if BBserver is running.
Fixed: Pressing Options button from Leadsheet window was causing an exception sometimes.
Fixed: Imported Acidized loops sometimes showing up with tempos like 89.999 instead of 90.
Added: Some Hi-Q instruments that were not previously included, but called for by some MIDI SuperStyles.
Improved: In the Hi-Q MIDI Synth Patch window you can now audition any HiQ patch.
Fixed: M_POPFLT.STY was pointing to a misnamed HiQ instrument.
Fixed: Instrumental studies Blues Rock Shuffle #1 had incorrect .sty assignment.
Updated: Version of Band-in-a-Box Server is updated to version
Fixed: Acidized rendered WAV files were set to the wrong key if the song key was minor or sharp.
Fixed: When rendering a track or whole song using drag-n-drop, the file would not be acidized if a region was selected in the chordsheet.
Fixed: Some of the buttons in the Piano Roll, Audio Edit, and Notation windows would disappear, and other screen artifacts would appear, when expanding the mixer (eg. Thru or Audio) or toggling fullscreen mode.
Fixed: Access violation error message when sometimes opening the Lead Sheet window, if one of the custom track names was blank.
Fixed: Choosing 'Silence' as a RealTrack would create a blank track label.
Fixed: Access violation would occur when leaving the Notation Window Options dialog, if the dialog was opened from the Lead Sheet Options dialog.
Fixed: Choosing a custom MIDI style would not show in the RealTracks Picker dialog.
Fixed: Save to Video feature would give the message, "... pixels is an invalid Width..." when disabling "Custom dimensions".
Fixed: (for localized versions) Flash message font size was too big in some languages.
Fixed: (for localized versions) Style description on main screen would have garbled text in Japanese or Polish.

April 15, 2015

PG Music at Musikmesse in Frankfurt am Main April 15th - 18th

Our German distributor, M3C Systemtechnik GmbH invites you to visit their booth (Hall 5.1, Stand A 50) at Messe where you can see available products, watch presentations and hourly workshops and meet with product specialists.

Representing PG Music, all the way from Victoria, BC Canada are Tobin and Charlie. They will be doing presentations throughout the day. They would love to meet you, so please stop by to say hi to them and the M3C team!

Following is the daily schedule of workshops/presentations:

Workshops auf der Messe (vorläufige Programmplanung)
10:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX mit PG MUSIC
11:00 - SIBELIUS mit Frank Heckel / Samstag: MUSITION & AURALIA mit Philipp Vandré
12:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX mit PG MUSIC
13:00 - SIBELIUS mit Wolfgang Wierzyk
13:30 - BAND-IN-A-BOX Deutsch mit Wolfgang Wierzyk
14:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX mit PG MUSIC / Samstag: MUSITION & AURALIA mit Philipp Vandré
15:00 - SIBELIUS mit Wolfgang Wierzyk
15:30 - PHOTOSCORE: Noten Scannen mit Wolfgang Wierzyk
16:00 - BAND-IN-A-BOX Deutsch mit Wolfgang Wierzyk
16:30-17:30 BAND-IN-A-BOX mit PG MUSIC

M3C booth

April 13, 2015

The Russian Version of Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is here.

The Russian version of Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2015 for Windows are here!
More info...

В Band-in-a-Box 2015 для Windows более 50 потрясающих новых функций.
Мы усовершенствовали графический интерфейс пользователя, улучшив его внешний вид и восприятие, и добавили в программу большое количество сберегающих время функций, таких, как автоматическая смена названий дорожек (н-р, вместо “Струнные” (“Strings”) дорожке может быть присвоено название “Банджо” (“Banjo”)), кнопки вывода на экран справочных видео-пособий, функция “моментального” предварительного прослушивания во многих диалогах, более быстрое построение списков композиций/стилей, новый “рукописный” шрифт для аккордов “RealScore” и др. Мы добавили непосредственную поддержку 64-разрядных модулей VST (с помощью программы jBridge, которую можно приобрести у нас). Теперь Вы можете сохранять Ваши композиции как видео для выгрузки на YouTube или работы с ними в видео-программах. Вы также можете открывать, воспроизводить, просматривать и замедлять видеоматериалы, предварительно загруженные Вами с YouTube или откуда бы то ни было еще, в Band-in-a-Box, извлекая из них аудио и замедляя его с сохранением великолепного качества звучания, в учебных целях или для синхронизации с листом аккордов и др!

April 09, 2015

The Spanish Version of Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is Here.

The Spanish version of Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2015 for Windows are here!
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Band-in-a-Box 2015 para Windows está aquí con más de 50 fantásticas nuevas características.

Hemos mejorado la interface gráfica de usuario (GUI), con una mejor apariencia y sensación, y muchas nuevas características de ahorro de tiempo añadido, tales como etiquetas de pista automáticas (por ejemplo, en vez de decir "Cuerdas" dice "Banjo"), vídeo tutorial-ayuda botones, vista previa instantánea para muchos diálogos, más rápido en canción / estilo es creado, una nueva fuente de acorde manuscrito RealScore y más. Hemos añadido soporte directo para plugins VST de 64 bits (utilizando jBridge, disponible por nosotros). Ahora puede guardar la canción como un video que puede subir a YouTube o trabajar en programas de vídeo. Ahora puede cargar, tocar, ver y desacelerar los vídeos que ya se ha descargado de YouTube o en otro lugar en Band-in-a-Box, extraer el audio y bajar su velocidad con una gran calidad de audio, para aprender o sincronizar con la Hoja de Acordes y más.

April 08, 2015

Video - Making Notation for Guitar in Band-in-a-Box

Learn how you can write a melody for guitar in Band-in-a-Box using the on-screen guitar Fretboard or the Notation window. Watch now.

April 08, 2015

Swedish Version of Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is Here.

The Swedish version of Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2015 for Windows are here!
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Band-in-a-Box 2015 för Windows är här med över 50 häftiga nya funktioner.
Vi har utvecklat GUI, med förbättrat utseende och känsla, och många nya tidsbesparande funktioner tillagda som automatiska spårettiketter (t.ex. istället för att det står “Stråkar” står det “Banjo”), video handledar-hjälp knappar, omedelbar lyssning i många dialoger, snabbare sång/stil builds, en ny RealScore handskriven ackordfont med mera. Vi har lagt till direkt-support för 64-bit VST plugins (med jBridge, från oss). Nu kan du spara din sång som video som du kan ladda upp till YouTube eller arbeta med den i videoprogram. Du kan nu ladda, spela, se och sakta ner videos som du redan laddat ner från YouTube eller annanstans till Band-in-a-Box, extrahera audio och sakta ner den med utmärkt audiokvalité, för att lära in eller synka till Ackordblad med mera!

April 06, 2015

The German Version of Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is Here!

The German version of Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2015 for Windows are here!
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Band-in-a-Box 2015 für Windows ist hier mit über 50 coolen, neuen Funktionen.
Wir haben die graphische Benutzeroberfläche weiter verbessert und viele Zeitsparende Funktionen, wie die automatische Spurbeschriftung (z. B. anstatt “Streicher” wird “Banjo” anzeigt, wenn dies ein Banjo-RealTrack ist), Video Tutorial-Hilfe Buttons, sofortiges Vorhören für viele Dialoge, schneller Song/Style Erzeugung, eine neue RealScore Handschrift und mehr. Wir haben direkte Unterstützung für 64-bit VST PlugIns (durch jBridge, zu beziehen über uns) hinzugefügt. Nun können Sie Ihren Song als Video speichern, und diesen dann zu YouTube hochladen oder in anderen Video-Programmen bearbeiten. Sie können Videos, die Sie bereits von Youtube heruntergeladen haben, verlangsamen oder beschleunigen. Sie können dann diese Videos in Band-in-a-Box laden und den Audio-Anteil mit guter Audioqualität verlangsamen, um zu lernen oder mit dem ChordSheet zu synchronisieren und mehr!

April 02, 2015

Easter Weekend Hours

We will be the open following hours this weekend:

Friday April 3rd: 8-4 Pacific Daylight time
Saturday April 4th: 7-6 Pacific Daylight time
Sunday April 5th: 8-4 Pacific Daylight time
Monday April 6th: Regular hours

Team PG

March 31, 2015

Dutch Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is here!

The Dutch version of Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2015 for Windows are here!
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Er zijn een aantal opwindende nieuwe functies in Band-in-a-Box 2015. We hebben de GUI verbeterd, met verbeterde “look and feel” en veel nieuwe tijdbesparende functies toegevoegd zoals automatische partij labels (bijv. in plaats van te zeggen “Strings” zegt het “Banjo”), video introductie-help knoppen, instant voorbeeld voor veel dialogen, sneller song/stijl opbouwen, een nieuw RealScore handschrift akkoord font en meer. We hebben directe ondersteuning voor 64-bit VST plugins toegevoegd (met behulp van jBridge, beschikbaar bij ons). Nu kun je je song opslaan als een video die je kunt uploaden naar YouTube of werken in video programma’s. Je kunt nu video’s laden, afspelen, zien en vertragen die je reeds hebt gedownload van YouTube of ergens anders in Band-in-a-Box, de audio extraheren en het vertragen met geweldige audio kwaliteit, om te leren of synchroniseren met het AkkoordSchema en meer!

March 30, 2015

SoundBytes Magazine Reviews Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows

Read the latest Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows review in SoundBytes Magazine by A. Arsov.

March 25, 2015

Italian Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is here!

The Italian version of Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2015 for Windows are here!
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Band-in-a-Box 2015 per Windows è qui con oltre 50 nuove interessanti funzioni.
Abbiamo migliorato l'interfaccia grafica, con un migliore look, e molte nuove funzionali per risparmiare tempo come le etichette automatiche delle tracce (per esempio, invece di dire "Stringhe" si dice "Banjo"), pulsanti video-aiuto tutorial, anteprima istantanea per molti dialoghi, costruzione più veloce di brano /stile, un nuovo font per accordo RealScore scritto a mano e altro ancora. Abbiamo aggiunto il supporto diretto per i plugin a 64-bit VST (utilizzando jBridge, disponibile da noi). Ora è possibile salvare il brano come un video che è possibile caricare su YouTube o lavorare in programmi video. Si può caricare, suonare, vedere e rallentare i video che hai già scaricato da YouTube o altrove in Band-in-a-Box, estraendo l'audio e rallentarlo con grande qualità audio, per imparare o sincronizzarlo nel foglio Accordi e altro!

March 24, 2015

Danish Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is here!

The Danish Version of Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2015 for Windows is here!
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Band-in-a-Box 2015 til Windows er på gaden med mere end 50 cool nye funktioner.
Der er en del spændende nye funktioner i Band-in-a-Box 2015. Vi har forbedret brugerfladen med flottere udseende og forbedret fornemmelse samt mange tidssparende funktioner såsom automatiske spormærkater (Fx står der “Banjo” i stedet for “Strygere”), videovejlednings ikoner, øjeblikkeligt smuglyt i mange dialoger, hurtigere sang/stilart genopbygning, en nye RealScore håndskrevet akkord font mm. Vi har tilføjet direkte understøttelse af 64-bit VST plugins (vha. jBridge, som kan købes gennem os). Du kan nu gemme din sang som en video, der kan uploades til YouTube eller bruges i videoprogrammer. Du kan nu åbne, afspille, se og afspille videoer, sænke hastigheden på videoer, du har downloaded fra YouTube eller andet steds, i Band-in-a-Box. Du kan ekstrahere audioen og sænke hastigheden med fantastisk audiokvalitet, og bruge det som læringsredskab eller andet mm.

March 13, 2015

French Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows is here!

The French Version of Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2015 for Windows is here!
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Band-in-a-Box 2015 pour Windows est ici avec plus de 50 nouvelles fonctionnalités.
Nous avons amélioré l'interface graphique, avec une meilleure apparence, et de nombreuses nouvelles fonctionnalités pour gagner du temps tels que des étiquettes de pistes automatiques (par exemple, au lieu de dire "Cordes" il est dit "Banjo"), des boutons d’aide vidéo tutoriel, aperçu instantané pour de nombreux dialogues, construction plus rapide des morceaux / styles, une nouvelle police RealScore d'accords manuscrite et plus encore. Nous avons ajouté un support direct des plugins VST 64 bits (en utilisant jBridge, disponibles chez nous). Maintenant, vous pouvez enregistrer votre chanson comme une vidéo que vous pouvez télécharger sur YouTube ou travailler dans des programmes vidéo.
Vous pouvez maintenant charger, jouer et ralentir les vidéos que vous avez déjà téléchargé à partir de YouTube ou d’ailleurs dans Band-in-a-Box, extraire l'audio en le ralentissant avec une grande qualité audio, pour apprendre ou synchroniser à la grille d’accords et plus encore.

March 11, 2015

Video - Recording MIDI in Band-in-a-Box

There are several ways to record MIDI into Band-in-a-Box. Watch this video to learn more.

March 09, 2015

Band-in-a-Box, RealBand, and PowerTracks Patch Maps

To access patches on your synthesizer that are higher than the basic 128 General MIDI (GM) patches, you may need a patch map. A number of our customers have generously shared their patch maps. Click here for a list of the available patch maps for Band-in-a-Box, RealBand or PowerTracks.

If you have a patch map you would like to share, please forward this to our support department.

March 05, 2015

Video - Entering Lyrics in Band-in-a-Box

You can enter lyrics into Band-in-a-Box several different ways. In this video, we look at entering Note-based Lyrics, Line-based Lyrics and the Big Lyrics (Karaoke) window.

March 03, 2015

Video - Specific Chord Options in Band-in-a-Box

In this video you'll learn how to use rests, holds, shots, or pedal bass on specific chords in your song.

February 25, 2015

Video - The Melodist

Use The Melodist feature in Band-in-a-Box to compose a new song with an intro, chords, melody & arrangement in any style. The Melodist can also generate a melody over your existing chord progression.

Learn more about this intelligent song writing tool in this video.

February 23, 2015

Video - Freezing Tracks in Band-in-a-Box

If you have a MIDI or RealTracks track that you do not want to change or re-generate, then you'll want to freeze that track. Learn how to freeze a track in Band-in-a-Box here!

February 23, 2015

RealBand 2015 Build 7 Patch Update Available

RealBand 2015 Build 7 is now available for download.

Fixed: Access violation in the Tracks window which could occur if track heights were changed.
Fixed: Access violation if you clicked on either the Tempo Percent or Transpose buttons and then entered text and pressed return.

February 19, 2015

Video - Customizing Tablature in Band-in-a-Box

With Band-in-a-Box 2014 and higher, you can choose which string (guitar or bass) each note is played on. Watch this video to learn more

February 19, 2015

In Music History

Listen to the “Neanderthal Flute”. These date back 42,000 to 43,000 years!

Image via the The Archaeology News Network

February 18, 2015

Video - Make Band-in-a-Box UserTracks in ProTools WITHOUT using Band-in-a-Box

With Band-in-a-Box 2014 and higher, you can use UserTracks. These are just like RealTracks, but you make your own. You can create UserTracks with Band-in-a-Box, RealBand or any DAW.

This video shows you how to use Pro Tools to make UserTracks. Make them for yourself as a songwriting tool, share or trade UserTracks with other Band-in-a-Box users or even sell them as a third-party product!

Additional information on making your own UserTracks is available at:

February 17, 2015

Video - Generating Audio Harmonies in Band-in-a-Box

If your Band-in-a-Box song includes an audio track, you can generate a harmony for it. Watch the video to learn more.

February 16, 2015

Eric Blackmon Video - How I Create Guitar Solo Backing Tracks With Band-in-a-Box

Eric Blackmon shows you how he makes a backing track using Band-in-a-Box
Watch the YouTube video here.

Endorising Artist Eric Blackmon is the creator of EricBlackmonGuitar on YouTube, Owner of EEMusic Music Creation Learning Center Greenville, South Carolina and a Professional Instructor!

February 13, 2015

Video - Custom Endings in Band-in-a-Box

Learn how you can customize your song endings by ending on different beats, using pushes, shots, holds, or different chords. Watch now.

February 12, 2015

Video - Recording Audio in Band-in-a-Box with Windows 8/7/Vista

In this video we walk you through recording audio in Band-in-a-Box using Windows 8/7/Vista.

February 11, 2015

Video - Making A Song In Band-in-a-Box

Making a song in Band-in-a-Box really is easy. Enter the chords, choose a style and press Play. Watch how quickly you can enter a song in Band-in-a-Box here.

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