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Users LOVE Band-in-a-Box®! Here's what they're saying...

"Band-in-a-Box® is the swiss army knife of music production tools."..."This is the BEST track backup program I have heard!"..."I just love it,and it improves how I play the different instruments that I play!"..."The new interface alone is worth the update!"..."A must-have for any songwriter on a budget."

October 23, 2017

YouTube Find - RealTracks Artists Live Performance!

Look at this... a live performance including RealTracks Artists Oliver Gannon, Cory Pesaturo, and Quinn Bachand!
YouTube Video: After You've Gone - Quinn Bachand's Brishen featuring Cory Pesaturo and Oliver Gannon

(Recorded at the West Coast Django & Jazz Festival in Nanaimo, BC, May 16, 2015.)

October 23, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® Apps for iTunes! #iPodDay

With Band-in-a-Box® Version 2011 for Windows we introduced the Band-in-a-Box® App for iTunes, which worked by connecting your Windows desktop version to your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad™ - giving you the ability to generate, play, and save songs to your device with the same high quality RealTracks sound that you get with the desktop version of Band-in-a-Box! A great way to work on a song idea from ANYWHERE!

Then came the BB Remote App for Band-in-a-Box 2011.5 or higher, allowing you to control your desktop version of Band-in-a-Box from anywhere in the room! With BB Remote, you see the chords of the song (with current bar highlighted as the song plays on the Windows desktop program), and can control the mix (volumes, muting, reverb), load in new songs, and use the conductor to loop and move around the song.

Our Apps don't stop there... we also offer a RealBand Remote app, and the Pitch Invasion App!

Check out all the PG Music Inc. Apps available on iTunes here.

(Today, October 23rd, is National iPod Day.)

October 20, 2017

RealBand 2017 Patch Update Available! (Build 8)

Attention RealBand 2017 users - the latest patch update (build 8) is available, and can be downloaded here.

Summary of Changes for Version 2017 Build 8:
Fixed: Empty MIDI SuperTracks and Best Soloist dialogs.
Fixed: After the end of a song, it would continue to play silence if Always On MME was enabled.
Fixed: CPU meter would say "PT" during bootup.

October 20, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® Version 2017 for Windows Patch Update 468 Available!

Attention Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows users - the latest patch update (468) is available, and can be downloaded here.

Summary of Changes for Version 2017 Build 468:
Fixed: Various popup dialogs (eg editing volume on mixer) might appear partially off screen.
Fixed: Setting "Audio Master (Base) Tempo" does not take effect until reloading the song.
Fixed: If importing audio while launching the Audio Chord Wizard, the wrong audio master tempo is set, causing the audio track to never be in sync with the style.
Fixed: Dragging to the WAV quadrant of the drop station would ignore the "Drag Master as separate tracks" setting.
Fixed: The [Edit Soloist] and [Edit Melody] buttons in the Event List Editor dialog did not work.
Fixed: Disabling "Draw interpolation" would cause random lines between sample points in the Audio Edit window.
Fixed: If a THRU harmony is selected, then Band-in-a-Box would freeze when soloing the Soloist or Thru tracks.
Fixed: Changing the color setting for "Window background" in the Audio Edit window had no effect.
Fixed: Hitting [Cancel] in the Audio Edit Settings dialog would cause a random zoom to occur.
Fixed: The [Sample] button in the Audio Edit window would zoom in to the far left of the screen, rather than to the cursor.
Fixed: If opening a song that was saved in the Mac version, a random character would be inserted at the beginning of these lead sheet fields: "Style", "Tempo", "Copyright", "Composer", and "Composer2".
Fixed: When exporting a video of the chord sheet, the the resulting video might be cropped.
Fixed: The drop station would take a few seconds to respond during the first attempt to drag and drop.

October 19, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® Video Tutorial VHS - #TBT

WOW - Look at what we came across! The Inside Band-in-a-Box Instructional Video Series for Band-in-a-Box Version 7!

Take a look...

These covered so many different topics... we needed 2 VHS tapes! From the basics of entering a song, chords, transposing, notation, recording a melody, etc. to advanced features like working with harmonies, secrets to the StyleMaker, drum patters, recording patterns and more, these videos were a hit!

October 18, 2017

Video - Band-in-a-Box® and Pro Tools

Are you a Pro Tools user? Have you seen our video, Using Band-in-a-Box to Supercharge Pro Tools?

Watch it now to learn how the powerful combination of Band-in-a-Box® and Pro Tools can boost your music creativity: Video - Using Band-in-a-Box to Supercharge Pro Tools

October 18, 2017

YouTube Find - My First Backing Track, First YouTube Video

We love that YouTube user Rick Mccann posted a video playing along with his first backing track using Band-in-a-Box!

Watch - First YouTube Video

What a great job - hopefully we see more from Rick!

October 17, 2017

User Tip - Differences Between the 'Regular' and Audiophile Version... #TipTuesday

Long time program user and forum member Matt Finley had shared his tip regarding the Audiophile version of Band-in-a-Box earlier this year, and it's still valid today!

If you've ever wondered what the difference between the 'regular version' of Band-in-a-Box and the Audiophile version, make sure you read through his forum post: Tip: differences between the 'regular' and audiophile version - it's well written, and always great to hear about the program from fellow users!

The Audiophile Version includes the entire contents of the EverythingPAK and adds the uncompressed WAV or AIFF files for all the included RealTracks & RealDrums! Learn more about the Audiophile version:

October 16, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® User Feedback - Wow!

There are so many ways to get in touch with people these days... phone, email, social networking, etc.... so of course we hear more feedback from program users these days!
...and here's what they're saying:

"I discovered Band in a Box about a year ago. I hesitated several times before purchasing it as I couldn't quite believe it was going to be as good as the hype. I eventually relented and I can honestly say, it's an incredible program and does some amazing things. As a songwriter, it's an indispensable tool and I can't imagine not having it."
-Vince C.

"I bought the first band in a box for my Atari 1040 ST and I used it for at least 10 years before upgrading to a Windows computer. After real drums, and then real tracks, came out I have upgraded every December since. The program is absolutely inspired and inspirational."
-Kirk O.

"Not everyone can find or afford real musicians to assist them when writing songs - and if working from home, as many songwriters do, there might not be room for them. Band In A Box does the next best thing and takes recordings of real musicians performing, then makes the material available pretty much in real time, in a form that adapts to your own composition by following the chord sequences. Hard to explain simply, but fairly amazing in practice."
-Steve C.

"Great tool for musicians - and the drummer keeps a steady beat!!"
-Maurice A.

"Great for learning new songs. I was weak on country rock songs and with the combination of using Riffstation and BIAB I am able to creat my own backup track for live performance and practicing songs with easier chording... Thanks PG!"
-Laurent C.

"I have it since 2001, use it all the time, great program!"
-John F.

"Thank you Band in a Box. I am a songwriter, and don't play several instruments, so I love being able to wear 2 hats and write and produce, and then later record vocals... You have probably saved me months/years on my project. Excellent tool. Thanks again!"
-Randy A.

"Didn't think I would ever go down that road but got roped into it by another muso friend, bought it and now loving it!"
-Fred P.

Let us know what you think! Post a review on our Band-in-a-Box Comments page, visit our Facebook page, or contact us directly.

October 16, 2017

User Blog - How I Am Using Band-in-a-Box to Learn to Play by Ear

Check out Joanne Cooper's October blog post: How I am using Band-in-a-Box to learn to play by ear!

Thank you for sharing this Joanne!

October 13, 2017

Woodshedding with Band-in-a-Box® #TrainYourBrainDay

Don't let the Woodshedding feature in Band-in-a-Box® pass you by - it's a great way to hone your musical skills! The Woodshedding feature within Band-in-a-Box is easily accessed within the Practice toolbar of the program. Change the settings to fit your needs... the idea is that you start off with a slow tempo, playing the part perfectly, and keep this up as the song tempo increases - what a great way to learn!

We added 12-Key "Woodshedding" RealTracks with Band-in-a-Box 2017! These have been recording in all 12 keys, so you can see what a pro would play over an Ab chord, and you won't see them play on a G transposed up to an Ab, and carefully transcribed notation, with correct bend/hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides...

We have made some of these for country guitar (Brent Mason), piano (Mike Rojas), and pedal steel (Eddy Dunlap) with RealTracks Set 254!

We even have a Woodshedding - Learning to Play! Forum where you can post anything to do with learning to play any musical instrument (including vocals)!

October 12, 2017

#TBT - YouTube Find: Band-in-a-Box, Complex Numbers (Math with Marty!)

Learn a little history about Band-in-a-Box and Peter Gannon when you check out this blast-from-the-past YouTube video: Band-in-a-Box, Complex Numbers.

What a great find!

October 10, 2017

Saving Your Band-in-a-Box Projects #TipTuesday

When working within Band-in-a-Box, saving the file can be done by clicking on the [Save] button, or choose Save or Save Special from the File menu, or press F2, or Ctrl+S etc... when you open this dialog, you'll notice that the "Save in" location is usually the location of the file you opened last. We often recommend to program users to create their own Projects folder for their own creations, outside of the "BB" folder that Band-in-a-Box (and its files) reside in.

If you're running a hard drive version of Band-in-a-Box, you can still create your own Projects folder... that way you don't lose these projects if your hard drive is lost or damaged.

What's your Band-in-a-Box setup? Join the conversation...

October 10, 2017

YouTube Find - Learning Music with Ray (and Band-in-a-Box!)

Visit the YouTube Channel Learning Music with Ray, and you'll hear Band-in-a-Box within a lot of the different lessons posted!

Like this one... Band-in-a-Box makes an appearance around the 17:35 mark: Video - Learning Music With Ray: Worship Piano Rhythmic Patterns introduction, with a great example of playing along with the program!

...or this one: Video - Learning Music With Ray: Slow Worship Piano Techniques using the add 9 or add 2

Check out the rest of the videos on this channel for even more lessons using Band-in-a-Box!

October 06, 2017

Holiday Hours - Monday, October 9th

Monday, October 9th is Canadian Thanksgiving!

-Our Sales & Customer Service department will be open from 8am - 4pm PST.
-Our Technical Support department will be closed, but will re-open Tuesday morning at 10am PST.

The Marketing Department will not be available on Monday.

All of our available hours and contact information lists here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

October 05, 2017

#TBT - PowerTracks Pro Audio 12 Review

Check out this review of PowerTracks Pro Audio 12 from the 2007 November-December issue of Canadian Musician magazine!
Review: PowerTracks Pro Audio 12

"Clearly the program has features you would normally expect to find in the higher-priced echelon of sequencers. I must say for beginners, intermediates, and possibly even some pro users this program has a lot to offer. It is not overly complicated to use and you can work very quickly in it and, of course,
it’s pretty hard to beat the price"

-Eric Price

Some of the features added with Version 12 included:
-Audio Chord Wixard (version 2.1)
-Floating-point tempos
-Split MIDI drums
-Tranzport® Support
-Auto Rewind
...and more!

Watch the PowerTracks Pro Audio 12 New Features video: Click here...

October 05, 2017

Get Funky with Band-in-a-Box® - National Get Funky Day

Search the StylePicker within Band-in-a-Box and you will find more than 60 Styles for the Funk genre, with more than 600 styles when you filter for "funk"!

Search the RealTracks Genre field, you'll find more than 15; filter and there are more than 90! RealDrums? More than 30!

That means there's definitely more than enough Funk in Band-in-a-Box to create your own Funky Masterpiece in celebration of National Get Funky Day!

October 04, 2017

The Band-in-a-Box® Wishlist Forum

Have you ever been working within Band-in-a-Box and thought to yourself, "I'd sure love it if the program did **this**..."?

Let your voice be heard! Share any feature requests to our Band-in-a-Box® Wishlist Forum. This forum is an ideal place to share your ideas, as it allows for other program users to join in with their opinions on that new feature request! The Wishlist Forum is one of the resources the PG Music Team utilizes when working on the development of new versions - you never know... you could see your request added with the next version release!

October 03, 2017

User Tutorial - Transfer Band-in-a-Box Songs to RealBand

Forum user Pipeline shared another great tip to the Tips and Tricks forum! If you want to see how they get their Band-in-a-Box tracks into RealBand, be sure to check it out!

Forum Post: Transfer Biab Songs to RealBand

If you've created a Band-in-a-Box tutorials that you'd like to share, feel free to post it to our Tips and Tricks Forum! You can also send an email to and we will post and share them here and on Twitter & Facebook!

October 02, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® 2017... 2018 SOS Awards Nomination!

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 has been nominated as one of the Music Software products for the 2018 SOS Awards!

The polls are open until 23:59 PST on November 30th - Vote here...

Winners will be announced at the Winter NAMM show in January, 2018.

What are the SOS awards? Held annually by Sound On Sound, these awards celebrate a number of products launched within the last year, including categories like Audio Interface, DAW, Guitar Technology, Music Software, and more - the winners are chosen by the readers, and people just like you! To learn more about the SOS awards, click here.

Sound On Sound Awards - a list of 2017 Winners.

October 02, 2017

My Favorite Things... Music Inspiration with Band-in-a-Box®

If there's something you absolutely LOVE about Band-in-a-Box®, be sure to share it to our My Favorite Things forum!

For instance, forum user MusicStudent recently shared this great feedback:

Just finished a project for an entry to a on-line contest solely using IK-Multimedia's Syntronic. Used nothing but the free demo version of the new release. It was fun and a great learning experience.

But now what. I need a new project. So I open up BIAB and start to Audition styles. BAMM! the very first one I click on and "where has that been hidding?" I didn't expect that...

That is MY FAVORITE THING about BIAB. The ready source of Music Inspiration.

Thank you for the great feedback!

Click here to view the original forum post.

September 29, 2017

YouTube Find - Useful Scale Shapes - Open G (GBDGBD) Tuning

Troy Brenningmeyer used some great Band-in-a-Box backing tracks that he created in his latest tutorial video, Useful Scale Shapes - Open G (GBDGBD) Tuning:

Video: Arpeggios For Dobro - Vol. #2 - 7th Extensions

Another great example of how you can use your Band-in-a-Box creations in your own projects!

September 28, 2017

User Tutorial - Country Guitar Topic Two: Triads and Inversions

Forum user edshaw has created some new tutorial videos! These tutorials are for Country Guitar Topic Two: Triads and Inversions that he shared to our Tips and Tricks forum!

The tutorial has been split into three parts:
Triads: Part One -- Band-in-a-Box®
Triads: Part Two -- Triads and Inversions
Triads: Part Three -- Playing Demo

Thank you edshaw!

If you've created your own tutorials that you'd like to share, feel free to post them to our Tips and Tricks Forum! You can also send an email to and we will post and share them here and on Twitter & Facebook!

September 27, 2017

User Blog: Create Interest in Your Band-in-a-Box Song Using Holds

Joanne Cooper's September blog post has been inspired by requests for this topic: Create Interest in your Band-in-a-Box song using holds.

Thank you for sharing this with us Joanne - your blog posts are always so thorough!

September 27, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Mac - New Patch Update Available! (Build 184)

Attention Band-in-a-Box® Version 2017 for Mac Customers... a new Patch Update is available to download here

Summary of changes for Version 2017 Build 184, since Build 180 (Sept 26, 2017):

-Fixed: Changing the color setting for "Window background" in the Audio Edit window had no effect.
-Fixed: Hitting [Cancel] in the Audio Edit Settings dialog would cause a random zoom to occur.
-Fixed: The [Sample] button in the Audio Edit window would zoom in to the far left of the screen, rather than to the cursor.
-Fixed: If opening a song that was saved in the Windows version, the first character of these lead sheet fields would be missing: "Style", "Tempo", "Copyright", "Composer", and "Composer2".
-Fixed: -Fixed: Disabling "Draw interpolation" would cause random lines between sample points in the Audio Edit window.
-Fixed: If a THRU harmony is selected, then Band-in-a-Box would freeze when soloing the Soloist or Thru tracks.
-Fixed: MIDI sustain pedal would not be shut off when stopping song or hitting Panic button.
-Fixed: "Individual MIDI Tracks" in the Render dialog did not work.
-Fixed: Dragging to the WAV quadrant of the drop station would ignore the "Drag Master as separate tracks" setting.
-Fixed: There would be duplicate buttons in the custom tool panel.
-Fixed: The vertical zoom buttons in the Audio Edit window were missing.
-Fixed: The New Features menu items would link to the Windows web pages.
-Fixed: The VU Meters window would always indicate sound activity at -25 dB when lower than -25 dB.
-Updated: PDF Manual.

September 26, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® for Windows Ear Training! #TipTuesday

Do you want to develop your pitch, rhythm, and melody recognition? Check out the great ear training games 'Music Replay' and 'Pitch Invasion' included with Band-in-a-Box® for Windows!

Access these when you select the Practice button in the program and choosing to "Launch" either of these from the menu that appears. You can also access these if you open the main "Practice Central..." selection from the same Practice menu. The Practice Window offers the user easy access to different Playalong features (like Soloing Trade 4's, Chord Breaks, Guitar Tutor, etc.), tempo adjustments, 101 Riffs, Ear Training games, and more!

What is Music Replay?
Music Replay focuses on developing three musical skills:
Replay Note helps to develope pitch recognition skills
Replay Rhythm developes the ability to recognize and play different rhythms.
Replay Melody combines Note and Rhythm - 1 bar melodies are played, and the user must play them back with the correct pitch and rhythm!

What is Pitch Invasion?
In the feel of a classic arcade game, "aliens" decent an your planet with the hopes of stealing your 15 instruments - and you can't let them! How do you destroy them? Match the pitch the alien is playing before it hits the ground! The more aliens you destroy, the faster they move! This challenging (and fun!) game also has an App available on iTunes.

September 25, 2017

New to Band-in-a-Box®? Beginners Forum Available!

Launched last year, our Beginners Forum is a great place for new users to post their questions - there are more than 250 threads so far!

So... if you're new to Band-in-a-Box, feel free to join our forum to talk to fellow program users! Of course, you can always contact us directly with any questions you may have!

September 22, 2017

User Tip - Midi to Keystroke "Hot Key" Win Mac (Conductor for Mac)

Forum user Pipeline shares a great 'tip' with his post Midi to Keystroke "Hot Key" Win Mac (Conductor for Mac)!

Check it out!

Thanks for posting to our Tips & Tricks forum Pipeline!

September 21, 2017

#TBT - Band-in-a-Box® Version 5 Article "The Software Story"

For the latest blast from the past for Band-in-a-Box, check out the article The Software Story: Band-in-a-Box by Norm Weinberg, as published in the June 1993 issue of Percussive Notes!

Imagine a group of musicians who would rehearse with you whenever you wanted, wouldn't tire of playing the same songs over and over, could play at any tempo you wanted, could learn new tunes in a matter of minutes, and never have any ego problems? Wouldn't this be an ideal musical situation for gaining experience? Band-in-a-Box to the rescue!
-Norm Weinberg

Did you have this older version? Share your story with other program users!

September 20, 2017

User Post - Save as Video

Earlier this week we shared information on the Save as Video feature within Band-in-a-Box.

Forum user JoanneCooper has just shared her Band-in-a-Box video using this feature! Check out her post here, or click here watch her YouTube video.

September 19, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® for Mac: Use Keystroke "Hot Key" Commands! #TipTuesday

Hot Keys are a great way to speed up using a lot of different programs... and that includes Band-in-a-Box®!

Band-in-a-Box has keystroke "hot keys" to mute instruments or to adjust volume, panning, reverb, chorus, or bank of instrument without using the mouse, etc... in fact - there are over 100 Hot Key commands for Band-in-a-Box® for Mac!

To view them all, click here.

September 18, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® - Save as a Video!

A feature added with our Band-in-a-Box® 2015 release was the option to Save as Video. This feature is easy to use! When you're ready to save your song within Band-in-a-Box®, choose "Save as Video..." and adjut the settings if you'd like, then choose [OK - Render Video]. Once it's rendered, you can select the [Upload to YouTube], or take a look at your video first when you choose [Show Video File]. You can also choose to open this video file up in a different video program - it's your video file!

What does the video show? The chordsheet within Band-in-a-Box® just as you'd see it when the song is playing - don't worry though, the rendering of the song to video is MUCH FASTER than the duration of the song!

To see this in action, visit THIS LINK for our Support video.

Have you made a video of your song using this feature? Share it to our Forum!

September 14, 2017

User Tutorial - Band-in-a-Box® and Walking Bass Lines

Forum user edshaw has created some tutorials for Band-in-a-Box® and Walking Bass Lines that he has shared to our Tips and Tricks forum!

The tutorial has been split into three parts:
Part One - Using Band-in-a-Box®
Part Two - Walking Bass Line
Part Three - Demonstration

Thank you edshaw!

If you've created your own tutorials that you'd like to share, feel free to post them to our Tips and Tricks Forum! You can also send an email to and we will post and share them here and on Twitter & Facebook!

September 12, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® Polish Tutorial - Sound Station

Our new Polish Distributor, Sound Station, is thrilled to be adding Band-in-a-Box® to their product line, and look forward to working with the program! They've just started with us, and have already created this Band-in-a-Box® 2017 Polish Tutorial: Video: Band in a Box 2017 TUTORIAL PL

September 11, 2017

My Favorite Things - User Feedback

Head to our My Favorite Things Forum to read what other program users love about Band-in-a-Box - or share your own list of favorite features!

Other program users have shared their favorite things about Band-in-a-Box already... like the Jukebox feature, how Band-in-a-Box improves live playing, the interactive PDF program manual, the convenience of the pre-installed hard drive, and more!

September 08, 2017

YouTube Find - Applying Jazz Guitar to the Blues

Jim Bryer uses Band-in-a-Box backing tracks within his YouTube videos, and we think he sounds GREAT!

Like this one: Video - Applying Jazz Guitar to the Blues.

September 07, 2017

Macworld Review - Hands on with Band-in-a-Box 2017

Keith White has just shared his Band-in-a-Box 2017 for Mac review with us: Hands on with Band-in-a-Box 2017

While working with the new Band-in-a-Box 2017 for Mac version, Keith spent some time using the enhanced Song Titles browser feature within the StylePicker - make sure you check out his song links to hear his results!

I have used Band-in-a-Box for over 20 years professionally and have found it one of the most professional and useful programs in my arsenal. The 2017 version takes a great program to new heights.

Pros: vastly improved user control of interface; fabulous range of new sounds from all over the world: useful improvements to Song Titles Browser and Style Picker.

Cons: (as usual) can you have too much of a good thing?
-Keith White, Macworld Australia

Review - Hands on with Band-in-a-Box 2017

September 07, 2017

Great YouTube Find - Big Little Boy with BIAB

We came across this great YouTube video shared by Kirk Olsen, titled Big Little Boy with BIAB, Digitech Vocalist Live 3 and TC Helicon Harmony GXT.

This is his first mix with Band-in-a-Box accompaniment - we think it's an AMAZING start!

Watch - Big Little Boy with BIAB...

September 01, 2017

YouTube Find: Amazing Grace with Band-in-a-Box Piano Backing Track

Check out this video: Amazing Grace Traditional Piano Backing Track in 3/4 Time with Band-in-a-Box in G Major

Eric has used Band-in-a-Box to generate this backing track. Perfect to play or sing along too!

Find more great resources on Eric Blackmon's YouTube Channel

September 01, 2017

September 4th is Labor Day - Limited Hours

Monday, Sept 4th is Labor Day. Although our Customer Service Department will be open, we have limited hours that day:

Sales line and Live Help: 8:00AM to 4:00PM PST (GMT -8)
Tech line: Closed

Our hours will return to normal on Tuesday, September 5th.

August 30, 2017

Band-in-a-Box Testimonial Video - The Boydstun Brothers

Jeff & Paul Boydstun of the Boydstun Brothers band recently reached out to us with news of their album "Western Hippie Outlaw", and the fact that they love using Band-in-a-Box with the RealTracks for writing their songs!

They've also created their own Band-in-a-Box video testimonial, which you can watch here: Video: Band-in-a-Box Testimonial - Boydstun Brothers

All of the Video Testimonials can be viewed here:

August 29, 2017

#TipTuesday - Like What You Hear? Freezing Band-in-a-Box Tracks...

When you press [Play] in Band-in-a-Box, it will regenerate your song every time! But, what if you're happy with the results, and don't want anything to change? Or... what if you love the bass/guitar/piano/etc. track, but want to hear a variation on the rest?

Use the Freeze feature! That way the next time you play the song, it won't change (or be re-generated).

There are a few ways to access the Freeze feature:
-click on the blue snowflake within the toolbar
-from within the Play menu
-"track settings" accessible when you right-click within the Mixer window

Don't worry - freezing your song (or some of the tracks in your song) is only as permanent as you let it be! You can choose to un-freeze your tracks within the same menu, or hold down the Shift key as you press [Play].

Watch the video: Freezing Tracks in Band-in-a-Box.

This feature was added with Band-in-a-Box 2009 for Windows.

August 28, 2017

User Article: Part 2 - How I Write and Produce Songs with Band-in-a-Box®

Forum user Buford recently shared his blog post about writing and producing songs with Band-in-a-Box. He's since added to his blog with the article How I Write and Produce Songs with BAND-IN-A-BOX (PART 2), which focuses on BASIC MIXING. Be sure to check it out!

Thanks for sharing Buford!

August 25, 2017

Video - Generating a Guitar Chord Solo with Band-in-a-Box®

Generating a Guitar Chord Solo is easy with Band-in-a-Box® when you access this great feature by clicking on the "Chord Solo" icon in your main (full) Band-in-a-Box screen, select the "Ch Sol..." button within the Guitar Window, or from within the Melody or Soloist menus.

What does it do? Automatically & intelligently generates a guitar chord solo for any melody!

Learn more: Video - Band-in-a-Box: Generating a Guitar Chord Solo

August 24, 2017

#TBT - Band-in-a-Box® 12 for Mac OS X

Band-in-a-Box® 12 for Mac was released in June 2004, and was a HUGE update at the time - the program was rebuild so that it would run natively in OS X Jaguar or Panther!

There were some great additions to the program with Band-in-a-Box 12, including:
-Odd-Time Signature Support. Added support for oddtime signatures like 9/8, 11/8, 13/16, 19/16, etc.
-Count-in Drum patters (instead of just 1-2-1234), including option sto have "a" or "b" drum fills or patterns play for two bars.
-Automatically Transform 4/4 Melody to a Waltz 3/4 ("Strauss-in-a-Box") or transform "waltz" melody to 4/4 ("De-Strauss" the melody)
-Video and Audio Memo support. Add an audio (MP3) or video (QuickTime) memo to your Band-in-a-Box song.
-Mono/Stereo menu options - easily switch all parts to mono or stereo!

...and a lot more! For a more detailed summary of the new features in Version 12, visit

With this 2004 release, we'd also launched MIDI Styles Sets 41, 42, and 43 PLUS 5 volumes of 101 Intros & Guitar Phrases!

August 22, 2017

Calling All Band-in-a-Box® Users - Video Testimonials!

If you've been working with Band-in-a-Box®, and are thrilled with your results, let the world know with your very own Band-in-a-Box® Testimonial video!

Submit your video, and when we use it on our website (and YouTube page) we will send you a FREE Band-in-a-Box® EverythingPAK!

We have received many Testimonial Videos from program users in the past - check them out here:

We even created a Musicians Talk Band-in-a-Box® video using some of these sumbissions! Click here to watch...

Interested in submitting your own Band-in-a-Box® Testimonial Video? Visit this forum post for complete information.

August 21, 2017

Announcing the Winners of the Xtra Styles Song Contest!

We've enjoyed listening to all of the songs submitted for our Xtra Styles Song contest - thank you to everyone who entered!

The winners are:

Captain Arnold's Liquer Listen to the song here
Artist/Forum User: Rob4580
Xtra Style used: _SECLUDE.STY 
Original Forum Post

The Music of Life Listen to the song here
Artist/Forum User: Jon Thomas
Xtra Style used: _HARPING.STY
Original Forum Post

In a Latin Mood Listen to the song here
Artist/Forum User: MusicStudent
Xtra Style used: _BOSSOUL.STY
Original Forum Post

Great White Listen to the song here
Artist/Forum User: Buford
Xtra Style used: _BIGWAVE.STY
Original Forum Post


August 21, 2017

The Complete List of Xtra Styles Song Contest Entries

Listen to all of the songs submitted for the Xtra Styles Song Contest! We have organized the entries by category, listing alphabetically by song title - Click here to view the list.

August 18, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® User Feedback - Thank You!

Take a look at some of the recent feedback we've received from program users just like you:

"I started using Band-in-a-Box October 2016 . It's been money very well spent. I'm now nearing the finish of my first All Originals Cd. I let a local musician hear some of the songs and he was amazed at the quality. Guys it takes time and effort to learn but its worth it 100%!"
-John S.

"Amazing RealTracks I have used these on 30 or more songs! Some even used complex chords that amazed me how well the Banjo still worked. Unbelievable Software! All the backup band you will ever need no matter what your skill level!"
-Tom C.

"Like lots of others I use it all the time, putting in the chords of a tune, choosing the right style and tempo is a godsend, I'm a jazz musician and playing tunes and improvising with chords in front of you is brilliant, less than an hour ago I was playing my tenor sax along with my Band-in-a-Box backing band."
-Barrie M.

"I love Band-in-a-Box! I use it every day to practice, compose, and teach guitar lessons. Keep up the great work, PG!"
-Brian P.

"A Great business....a great program and a fantastic way to easily create your own songs....or backing tracks to play along with.....a program that everyone should get...."
-Leonard A.

"Band-in-a-Box has been one of my favorite programs since it first came out. Wonderful concept, very well executed."
-Doug S.

"Amazing Software. Use it all the time. Makes very convincing backing tracks!!!"
-Paul P.

Thank you everyone!

Let us know what you think! Post a review on our Band-in-a-Box Comments page, visit our Facebook page, or contact us directly.

August 18, 2017

User Article - How I Write and Produce Songs with Band-in-a-Box®

Listen to the SoundCloud account for forum user Buford, and you'll see that has written and uploaded more than 20 songs!

Want to know his secret? Check out his recent blog post: How I Write and Produce Songs with Band-in-a-Box, which he was nice enough to share to our Songwriting Forum - Thanks Bob!

August 17, 2017

Another Great YouTube Find - Arpeggios For Dobro - Vol. #2

Troy Brenningmeyer uses Band-in-a-Box backing tracks in his latest tutorial video, Arpeggios For Dobro - Vol. #2 - 7th Extensions:

Video: Arpeggios For Dobro - Vol. #2 - 7th Extensions

Another great example of how you can use your Band-in-a-Box creations in your own projects!

August 16, 2017

The Xtra Styles Song Contest has Ended - Over 50 Entries!

Thank you to everyone that submitted their entries in our Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest!

We are listening to all the entries, and will be announcing the Winners on Monday, August 21st.

Good luck everyone!

August 15, 2017

Xtra Styles Song Contest - August 15th is the LAST Day!

Hurry! This contest ends at midnight tonight! Submit a song you've created with the new Xtra Styles PAK 3 to our Xtra Styles Contest forum for your chance to WIN $150 USD coupon to use on your next PG Music Inc. product purchase!

Complete contest information and contest rules list here.

August 15, 2017

YouTube Find - There Are No Bad Guitars

The latest video from EricBlackmonGuitar is a great demonstration of the different types of guitars out there, and how there really is no such thing as a bad guitar!

Video: Multi-Guitar Solo Review Of INEXPENSIVE GUITARS

Eric uses Band-in-a-Box backing tracks in his tutorial videos... Just one of the many ways program users can incorporate their Band-in-a-Box songs into other projects!

August 11, 2017

Xtra Styles Song Contest - Ends August 15th!

If you've purchased your Xtra Styles PAK 3 for Band-in-a-Box® 2017, don't forget to create and submit a song usings one of these new Xtra Styles to our Xtra Styles Contest forum for your chance to WIN $150 USD coupon to use on your next PG Music Inc. product purchase!

Hurry! This contest ends at midnight on August 15th! Complete contest information and contest rules list here.

Good luck everyone!

August 11, 2017

Hip Hop - Happy 44th Anniversary!

Today we celebrate the 44th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop!

Learn more about the history of Hip Hop, courtesy of Google:

Now, you may not associate Hip Hop with Band-in-a-Box, but you should!!! There are over 50 hits when you search for the Hip Hop genre in the StylePicker window, including Sets:
28: Smooth Jazz
32: Alternative Contemporary Rock
36: Rock On! (check out Dance 5 - Rock On)
46: Requested 4
47: Contemporary Country 2 (check out CC_Town)
56: Pop
62: Requested 6
65: Requested 7
71: Urban Pop MultiStyles

Hip Hop specific RealTracks are available too! Check out RealTracks Set 7: Acoustic Jazz Bass and Rock Sax! and Set 272: Rap and Hip Hop.

RealDrums Sets? Yup! Ed (Great Oz) Clare has some great Hip Hop RealDrums with RealDrums Set 16: Urban Pop, Franklin Richardson's contribution of the SmoothJazzCoolSw16^ drums in RealDrums Set 28: Smooth Jazz, and Craig Scott's drums in RealDrums Set 3: Fusion, Hip-Hop and More! are great too!

August 10, 2017

#TBT - Band-in-a-Box® MIDI Setup on Windows 95

If you visit our About page, you will read that Dr. Peter Gannon founded PG Music Inc. in 1988!

With that in mind, there are a lot of video tutorials we've released that answer many of the technical support questions frequently asked, including this blast-from-the-past: Band-in-a-Box (1997): Windows 95 MIDI Setup, narrated by Peter! Click here to view the video.

August 10, 2017

User Blog Post - Eight Reasons Why I Use RealBand

If you're a Band-in-a-Box for Windows user, did you know your purchase came with RealBand?

RealBand is a fully-featured and powerful music arranging, sequencing, and digital recording program; it combines sequencing features with the automatic accompaniment features of Band-in-a-Box!

For some great user feedback about RealBand, be sure to read Joanne Cooper's latest blog post: Eight reasons why I, as a Band-in-a-Box user, use RealBand as my DAW of choice.

August 09, 2017

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 Feature - Natural Arrangements!

With Band-in-a-Box® 2017, we added the Natural Arrangements option!

If you give a pro musician a complicated chord progression, with fancy extensions like C7b9b13 or Gm11, the musician may reinterpret these rather than playing them exactly as written. This can achieve a much better sounding arrangement because the musician has freedom to choose from similar chord extensions. Now you can get Band-in-a-Box to do the same thing, with options to set this on a global basis, song basis, or individual tracks!


There is an "Arrangements Options" dialog accessible within Prefs - simply choose "Arrange" and you will see on the bottom left of this dialog the option for "Natural Arrangements (re-interpret complex chords)". Within the drop-down menu for this, you can choose:
-Never (even if set in song settings)
-Disabled (unless set in song settings)
-Always for Jazz (unless disabled in song settings)
-Always for All Genres (unless disabled in song settings)

You can also choose to use this setting for just one song, using the "Song Settings" button - just choose the "Enable for this song" option within the drop-down menu on the middle right of this window.

Looking to set this for a specific track or tracks within the song? You can do this too! With the song open, go to Track Settings | Set Natural Arrangement, and select an option.

August 08, 2017

Congratulations RealTracks Artist Cory Pesaturo!

The Guinness World Record for Longest Accordion Playing is now held by Cory Pesaturo!

Starting on Friday, August 4, Corey played for a total of 32 hours and 14 minutes - this beats the previous record by 49 minutes.... CONGRATULATIONS CORY!

He broke this record while attending the Spielberg Musik Festival; read their announcement here.

Visit Cory's Facebook page to check out photos and video from the event.

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