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XPro Styles PAK 1

For the first time ever, we've created a special collection of 100 styles that are usable for our Band-in-a-Box® 2021 Pro users! The XPro Styles PAK 1 greatly expands your Band-in-a-Box® style library with 100 fully-produced RealStyles including 25 rock and pop styles, 25 jazz styles, 25 country styles, and 25 folk styles. These can be used with ANY Band-in-a-Box® 2021 package! Here are some examples of what's in store: country blues shuffle, fast-and-chill lo-fi jazz beat, reggae and soul fusion, 90s R&B pop ballad, fingerpicking jazz swing, vocal songwriter folk, rockabilly fingerstyle, praise and worship country, and so much more! This collection will bring new flair to your songs, no matter which package of Band-in-a-Box® 2021 you own!

Note: XPro Styles PAK 1 requires RealTracks from Band-in-a-Box® 2021 or higher and is compatible with ANY package!

XPro Styles PAK 1

Includes 100 new RealStyles: 25 country RealStyles, 25 folk RealStyles, 25 jazz RealStyles, and 25 rock & pop RealStyles.

Audio Demos

XPro Styles PAK 1: Rock & Pop Styles

  • _ZEN_DAY Zen Day Songwriter Pop w Vocals PLAY DEMO
    This modern songwriter pop style includes three loops that play bass, drums, and percussion. Songwriter acoustic guitar and vocal oohs and aahs join in.
[+] More Rock & Pop Demos

XPro Styles PAK 1: Jazz Styles

  • _MODTRIO Modern Jazz Ballad Trio PLAY DEMO
    This modern jazz style includes a trio of acoustic bass, acoustic piano, and jazz swing drums.
[+] More Jazz Demos

XPro Styles PAK 1: Country Styles

  • _REPENT Repent Praise and Worship Ctry PLAY DEMO
    A praise and worship country style with pedal steel, acoustic piano, electric guitar, electric bass, and praise and worship drums.
[+] More Country Demos

XPro Styles PAK 1: Folk Styles

  • _FIRE_UP Fire Up Rockabilly Fingerstyle PLAY DEMO
    This rockabilly boom chick folk style features matching high and low fingerpicking acoustic guitars. Acoustic bass, electric piano, and rockabilly drums join in.
[+] More Folk Demos

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