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PG Music OmniPAK Audiophile Edition.

This blockbuster collection includes over 40 popular music software titles - Band-in-a-Box and RealBand with WAV files for all the RealTracks and RealDrums, PowerTracks Pro Audio, the Pianist Series, the Multimedia Performance Series, and much more!

The PG Music OmniPAK is full of amazing music production and creativity programs and hundreds of songs for fun and learning. It is an endless source of entertainment, information and pleasure for everyone who loves to make or who enjoys listening to music. The name says it - the OmniPAK Audiophile Edition has it all!

PowerTracks Pro Audio

Full-featured, multi-track music sequencing and digital audio recording. Includes powerful, unique features such as the Audio Chord Wizard and RealDrums.


Learn how to play killer guitar solos, with a rhythm section to back you up.

Video Guitar Lessons

"PLAY LIKE THE PROS!" Each volume features hours of video instruction by master guitarists. Includes on-screen fretboard and transcriptions.

Celtic Guitar Video Master Class Series

This is a video Master Class with world-class Celtic guitarist Quinn Bachand. There are 3 volumes available, covering: techniques, chord theory, and voicings.

Oscar Peterson

The Jazz Piano legend brings an exciting new level of artistry to the multimedia experience...

Master Class Series

Interactive lessons by professional musicians Oliver Gannon and Miles Black.

Pianist Performance Series

Featuring the piano styles of today in over 250 "live-to-MIDI" performances by top contemporary pianists.

Multimedia Performance Series

Showcase great live performances with innovative multimedia features.

Games, Learning, Utilities

Educational software, designed to make learning fun.

Master Solos

Solos played by a professional studio musicians, with accompanying piano(comping), bass, drums, and strings.

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Featured Demos
"One Look"
The style of this performance displays a definite Keith Jarrett influence. From the Modern Jazz Pianist. Listen >>
The bass drum creates a downbeat '4' feel. From the Latin Pianist. Listen >>
Hard Drivin' Boogie
From the Blues Pianist Vol 1. Listen>>
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Message from PGMusic.com sales and support team
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