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See what these artists have to say about Band-in-a-Box!

Zane Carney, Guitarist for John Mayer

Zane Carney learned how to play pop and jazz songs by entering the chords into Band-in-a-Box. Now he may be best known for playing with John Mayer!

Bobby Cochran, Lead Guitarist, Singer, Writer and Producer

Bobby loves the way the program provides a real band to play with.

Henry Johnson, Jazz Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer, Composer

Henry uses Band-in-a-Box for practicing, composing, and producing!

Wolf Marshall, Guitarist, Educator

Wolf Marshall uses Band-in-a-Box to generate high-quality backgrounds suitable for professional releases on CDs for large and discerning vendors.

Fred Dinkins, Drummer, Musical Director, Teacher & Producer

Fred uses Band-in-a-Box for pre-production, and teaching purposes. His favorite feature is the new feature of slowing down and speeding up videos!

Henry Hartman, Amateur Musician

Henry Hartman is an amateur musician that enjoys making music as a hobby.

Jeff & Paul Boydstun, The Boydstun Brothers Band

The Boydstun Brothers use Band-in-a-Box when writing and producing their albums!

Jim Terr, Singer/Songwriter, and more!

Jim Terr is a singer/songwriter/satirist/actor/video producer based in Las Vegas, New Mexico (the original “Vegas”, established in 1835).

Woody, Educator, Woody Piano Shack

Woody uses Band-in-a-Box primarily as a training tool within his YouTube channel and private lessons

Peter Torpey, Co-host and producer of "Eyes On Success"

He and his wife Nancy co-host and produce a weekly radio show / podcast geared to the visually impaired called "Eyes On Success"

James Gale, Musician

Seasoned musician, enthusiastic program user.

Dennis Dearing, Session Guitarist, Producer

For over 30 years, Dennis Dearing, a two-time Dove Award nominee for production, has invested his professional life in the music industry in Nashville, TN.

Henry Clarke, Independent Artist, Songwriter, Producer, and more!

Henry uses Band-in-a-Box when writing and producing his songs, and he also makes Band-in-a-Box tutorial videos.

C. Dan Roberts, Singer, Songwriter

Dan is a songwriter in a small Texas town. He loves writing new songs, and when it comes to putting them together he doesn't have a bunch of professional musicians on hand.

Mike Smitham, Band Member, The Fortunes

Longest serving band member of The Fortunes

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, Recording Artist, Producer, Composer

Gabriel has been using Band-in-a-Box® since the Atari days, and incorporates the program into the development of most of his albums.

Nick Kellie, Guitarist and Composer

Nick Kellie has been playing the guitar and composing professionally for many years

Brian Parham, Founder of Rock Dojo: Get a Black Belt in Rock!

Award-Winning Guitarist, Composer, Author of Three Guitar Method Books for Kids, and 2018 Teacher of the Year!

Rodney Gene Junior, Professional Multi-Musician & Producer

Whatever project Rodney is working on, he loves that Band-in-a-Box provides support in real-time, on his terms and at his pace.

Jeff Richman, Guitarist, composer, recording artist, and producer

Jeff has been using Band-in-a-Box for years to practice playing "standards" of all styles. He finds the program extremely useful when teaching.

Eric Blackmon, Creator of EricBlackmonGuitar on YouTube

Eric uses Band-in-a-Box to put together usable music backup in seconds! It has become his musical "IDEA MACHINE"

Charlie Fogle, Songwriter & Performer

Charlie thinks that Band-in-a-Box is fun to use, and loves that it helps him to be part producer, part artist, a programmer and a better songwriter!

George Urbaszek, Bass Player & Music Educator

George is a bass player and music educator who uses Band-in-a-Box to generate play-along tracks for most of his bass lesson videos and many of his face-to-face lessons.

Donyea Goodman, CEO/Owner of Donyea Music Productions

Donyea uses Band-in-a-Box because it removes all creative limitations by giving him the tools he need to write, produce, and compose for any genre of music or film.

David Snyder, Independent Artist

David is an avid Band-in-Box user and uses it as a tool to collaborate with other musicians across the country!

Derryl Gabel, Professional Studio Guitarist, Teacher

Derryl uses Band-in-a-Box for sharpening his improvisational skills and for creating quality backing tracks quickly for his instructional DVDs.

Pat Marr, Musician/Cartoonist

Pat has been a musician since he was a teenager. He finds Band-in-a-Box a useful tool for royalty-free backing tracks for all his animation projects.

Audrey Shida

Audrey started with help from gaming software, and quickly moved to Band-in-a-Box to help her play many styles of music.

Don Gaynor

Music was always a part of Don’s life. After suffering a stroke, he thought he would no longer be able to make music, but then he found Band-in-a-Box.

Dan Hoch, Musician / Guitarist

After Dan found Band-in-a-Box, he originally used the program to learn to play music. Now Dan uses Band-in-a-Box during studio sessions and live performances.

Joanne Cooper, Singer-Songwriter

Up-and-coming folk singer-songwriter from South Africa; Joanne uses Band-in-a-Box to generate backing tracks for her own recordings and performances.

Herb Hartley, Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist

After discovered Band-in-a-Box, Herb was able to produce the professional sounding tracks he had needed for his songs.

Petr Kroutil, Saxophone Player, Singer & Crooner

Petr loves that Band-in-a-Box helps him to create and compose the majority of his songs!

Wayne Paulo, Singer/Songwriter

While he recovered from a stroke, Wayne found Band-in-a-Box to be helpful (and an inspiration)!

Tony Lee Glenn, Producer, Graphic Designer, and more...

Tony finds Band-in-a-Box useful for creating royalty-free backing tracks (soundtracks) for the videos he produces!

Rob Meulman & Anne-Marie Bovenkamp, Singer-Songwriter Duo

RnAM is a singer-songwriter duo from the Netherlands comprised of Rob Meulman and Anne-Marie Bovenkamp.They have recorded more than 50 songs with Band in a Box!

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