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Zane Carney, Guitarist for John Mayer

...Band-in-a-Box was a crucial step for me...  - Zane Carney

Zane discovered Band-in-a-Box at the age of 11 as an ideal tool for practicing. After entering different chords, choosing a style from the various genres he would play-along to the generated songs. "I would enter the chords into Band-in-a-Box and play-along with it. It was a crucial part of my learning" said Zane.

Zane also used Band-in-a-Box to practice his scales and arpeggios. By slowing down the song in Band-in-a-Box he would view and listen to the chords being played. Then he would increase the speed gradually until he was able to play at much faster tempos. He also learned how to play pop and jazz songs by entering the chords into Band-in-a-Box. "I knew a lot of kids were playing along to records, which I eventually did, but Band-in-a-Box was a crucial step for me to be able to play-along with records."

We are very pleased that Zane "popped" by our booth at the NAMM show, and we are even more excited that he has been added to our RealTracks Artist roster. You'll be able to solo along with Zane, or add his RealTracks to your song when those RealTracks are released later this year.

Zane Carney is a multitalented singer, songwriter and world-class guitarist who may be best known for playing with John Mayer, CARNEY, and Broadway’s ‘Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark.’ During his career, he has also performed and collaborated with a number of different artists like Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban, and Roy Hargrove. Zane has opened for U2, Fergie, and The Black Crowes and worked with artists such as Bono & The Edge, David Foster, Don Was and Alex Da Kid. He has even been referred to as "The best guitarist in NY and LA" by Bono of U2.

Zane began acting on a CBS sitcom 'Dave's World' at 8. On his 10th birthday, he was given his first guitar. At the early age of 12 he began frequenting local LA blues clubs and eventually made a name for himself. After touring Japan with the Monterey Jazz Festival All-Star Big Band and performing at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for the LA Spotlight Awards Competition, Zane attended the Studio/Jazz Guitar program at USC's Thornton School of Music where David Foster invited him to tour around the world with Renee Olstead and Jesse McCartney. Since then, Zane has become one of the most in-demand recording guitarists, from playing with house bands for network TV shows to working with producers like Justin Timberlake. After discovering Zane playing guitar online, John Mayer personally chose him to play guitar on his album ‘Paradise Valley’ and to join his band on tour.

As well as playing guitar, Zane is also a singer and songwriter. He has recently switched roles from sideman to frontman, performing his own material throughout Europe and the US.

Check out Zane Carney’s solo albums, Confluence (Singer-Songwriter EP) and Amalgam (Jazz Guitar Album) on the iTunes Music Store.

Visit to learn more about Zane.

Follow him on Twitter (@zanecarney) and Soundcloud

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