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Henry Hartman, Amateur Musician

PG Music just found another way to make my life fun!!!  - Henry Hartman

Henry has been making music from the age of 13 on never used instruments borrowed from schoolmates until he received his first own guitar that literally fell of the back of a truck (no jokes) that he repaired and started to learn to play it. He has now whittled down his guitar collection to 4 and really enjoys playing them along with his Band-in-a-Box songs.

At school he played trumpet in the band and only bought and mastered the Saxophone at the age of 50 which is now his instrument of choice and has played tributes at one or two funerals and also at both his daughters’ weddings.

He also dabbles in Concertina playing South African Boere-Musiek (Farmers Music) and also very basic accordion.

He loves classic country and his favourites are amongst others Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Moe Bandy , Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings.

He also plays a small selection of blues and old pop ballads from the 60’s and 70’s although he will also learn a newer song if it catches his fancy. He has also covered some deeper Afrikaans ballad ( his home language).

He started with Band-in-a-Box 2006 and Powertracks Pro but has since embraced RealBand that serves his needs completely. It was so exciting to finally find a product that actually is a music making machine. To this day he still sits back to reflect how amazing this software is with all the little features and functions that helps you manipulate your backtrack exactly the way YOU want it. The cherry on the cake really is the RealTracks which is this very willing team of professional players being guided by me to produce any song exactly the way he wants it.

He mostly plays and records using RealBand in his own well equipped little home studio but also enjoys entertaining his friends and family at parties and barbecues when he gets asked.

Henry is now in semi-retirement and making music using Band-in-a-Box and RealBand forms part of the many activities and hobbies that he now finally has the time to enjoy.

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