Band-in-a-Box® 2018 New Features

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New Features
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Band-in-a-Box® 2018 New Features
New Features

Band-in-a-Box 2018® for Mac® is here with over 50 new features, and much more!

We've been busy and added over 50 new features and an amazing collection of new content, including RealTracks, MIDI SuperTracks, Instrumental Studies, Loops, Artist Performances, Amplitube presets and associated styles, 12-Key RealTracks, and Hi-Q Guitar Notation! There are 202 new RealTracks, double the 101 that we've often released in the past! Plus, we're introducing Video RealTracks (40 available in Country, Pop, and Jazz), which work just like RealTracks, but also include videos of the musician's performance! We also have an Xtra Styles PAK 4 with 160 additional Xtra Styles, which are styles based on previously released RealTracks. There are over 200 new RealStyles for our new RealTracks including Americana, Klezmer, Top-40, Jazz Strings Pads, Vocals (Oohs and Aahs), New Crooner "Shout" BigBand styles, and more! We have a Bonus 49-PAK with 40 additional new RealTracks on top of the 202 above, so in total an amazing 242 new RealTracks are available! The Bonus 49-PAK also includes Video RealTracks Set 1 & 2, 32 new MIDI SuperTracks, 108 new Instrumental Studies, 52 Loops, and 8 Artist Performances.

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 Features and Additions

There are over 50 exciting new features in Band-in-a-Box® 2018! We're introducing "Video RealTracks," which work like RealTracks, but also include videos of the musician's performance. You can make a video of a single musician or a band video, optionally with a chord sheet or notation, and you can even add your own videos to the final mix. The Audio Chord Wizard has been redesigned and is now built into Band-in-a-Box® . The Audio Harmonies feature has been added, including Audio Transcription, which converts a monophonic audio track to MIDI (notation), and Fix Tuning to fix an out-of-tune audio recording, and more. You can save the Notation window to a video in sync with the audio track playback. The new Piano Roll window enables precise graphic editing of MIDI data. We've added notation support for time signatures like 12/8, 9/8, and 6/8. The Toolbar has been enhanced with skins and more customization. You can open and save ABC notation files, which are very common song files on the internet with chords and melody. The popular Song Titles Browser is enhanced with more songs (now over 10,000), filters, and the ability to show titles that work with a specific style. StylePicker enhancements include a mixer-like control allowing clear display and style customization. The RealDrums Picker has been enhanced with the option to find similar RealDrums. The Audio Edit window is redesigned with a new GUI and additional features. And many more!

More details...

Band-in-a-Box 2018

Additional New Content for Band-in-a-Box® 2018!

Along with Band-in-a-Box® 2018, we've released 40 New Video RealTracks, 202 new RealTracks, 32 new MIDI SuperTracks, 108 new Instrumental Studies, 8 new Artist Performances, 52 new loops, 40 Amplitube prests with 37 associated styles, the 2018 Bonus 49-PAK, and new Xtra Styles PAK 4!

202 New RealTracks
  • 202 NEW RealTracks in Sets 278-300!

    • 74 Country, Americana and Celtic RealTracks (Sets 278-285): This collection features an array of newly requested styles and additions to classic sets, as well as a Band-in-a-Box® first: Background Vocals (10 RealTracks)! Our new Vocal Oohs & Aahs RealTracks feature a 3-part vocal arrangement with 2 male voices and 1 female voice, each doubled for a total of a 6-voice ensemble. Americana has been one of the biggest user requests, and we've added twenty Americana grooves, with acoustic bass, amazing electric guitar from Brent Mason and Colin Linden, vintage electric piano, and sweet fiddle. There are also Country Singer-Songwriter RealTracks, with more acoustic guitars by Brent Mason and Colin Linden. We also have new 12-key Country guitars, pedal steel, bass, and piano. There are six new harmonica styles from "Jelly-Roll" Johnson, which sound fantastic over classic country grooves. And we have new "Canadiana" RealTracks complete with old time guitar, banjo, and footstomps. Eleven new Celtic Piano & Harp styles, featuring Scottish pianist Dave Milligan, will fit perfectly with Celtic ensembles from previous years.
      Vocal RealTracks
    • 68 Pop, Rock and World RealTracks (Sets 286-293): RealTracks Sets 286-293 feature amazing new Pop, Rock, Klezmer and European styles! Five new Pop & Rock guitars from Brent Mason and Joe Robinson range from funky to folky with both acoustic rhythm and electric soloist styles. The extremely popular Band-in-a-Box® Pop Songwriter toolkit now has eleven new acoustic songwriter guitar styles from Brent Mason, Colin Linden, Quinn Bachand, and Fintan O'Brien. Seven new soulful Southern Pop Drums styles from top session drummer Land Richards have been added. Accent these new drums with eight new Pop Percussion Singles, including congas, cowbell, tambourine, shaker, woodblocks, and afuche-cabasa. The Fretless Bass, Pop Keys & Punk Drums set boasts a versatile line of fretless electric bass, acoustic piano, organ, and hard-edged drum styles. Eight Modern Dancehall RealTracks are a Modern-Pop must-have, featuring percussive synth basses, pads, and electronic drums. A set of spirited Klezmer styles feature world-champion accordionist Cory Pesaturo accompanied by Neil Swainson on acoustic bass and Quinn Bachand on guitar, with matching RealDrums by Terry Clarke. Cory also features alongside Neil and Quinn with fourteen new French, Italian, and Swedish World Styles.
    • 60 Jazz, Blues, and Latin RealTracks (Sets 294-300): We've added to our extremely popular "Crooner" Big Band styles with exciting new "Shout" Soloist RealTracks. A "Shout" Soloist is a big Band arrangement where all the instruments are playing harmonized solos! These tracks feature an 11-part arrangement of trumpets, saxophones, and flute that can be used as an ensemble or selected as groups of individual soloists. We also have other great new jazz styles in the "Jazz Potpourri" set, including new 12-key Bossa and Waltz Guitar, Jazz Ballad Strings, Soul Jazz Piano from Mike Rojas (CMA Musician of the Year), as well as a variety of Jazz Percussion Singles such as bongos, congas, and triangle. The new Modern Jazz set includes four Neil Swainson acoustic modern jazz basses and six corresponding modern jazz drum styles from the legendary Terry Clarke. New additions to our Smooth Jazz & Fusion catalogue include acoustic basses, Latin & Slow 16ths electric piano from Jeff Lorber, brushes drums, and lush mark tree fills. Building upon the traditional Latin RealTracks from last year, we have seven new Mariachi styles! The set features a 6/8 style and a waltz, with the authentic instrumentation of Guitar, Vihuela, Guitarron (7). Three new Rootsy Blues guitars and pianos are included from Brent Mason, Colin Linden, and Mike Rojas. Seven Smokin' Fast Jazz Basses allow for smooth, fluent bass tempos up to 350 bpm!
  • 40 New Video RealTracks

    Introducing a new and exciting category of RealTracks - Video RealTracks! Have you ever listened to your favorite RealTracks guitar solo or RealDrums drum fill and wondered exactly how the player did it? Now, you can see actual footage of the musician playing along with your song! And that's not all. You can also stack these videos in several configurations to create a video of a full band! Video RealTracks are available in six sets.

    Video RealTracks
    • Video RealTracks Set 1: Pop Ballad Band - Guitar (Brent Mason), Bass (Byron House), Drums (Shannon Forrest), Piano (Mike Rojas), and Pedal Steel (Eddy Dunlap)
    • Video RealTracks Set 2: Country TrainBeat Band - Guitar (Brent Mason), Bass (Byron House), Drums (Shannon Forrest), Piano (Mike Rojas), and Pedal Steel (Eddy Dunlap)
    • Video RealTracks Set 3: Jazz Guitar with Oliver Gannon
    • Video RealTracks Set 4: Pop, and Country Drums with Shannon Forrest
    • Video RealTracks Set 5: Gypsy Jazz Guitar, and Blues Piano with Quinn Bachand and Mike Rojas
    • Video RealTracks Set 6: Celtic Guitar with Quinn Bachand
  • Xtra Styles PAK 4

    This brings you great Country, Rock/Pop, and Jazz RealStyles with the addition of the first ever "Folk and Beyond." This amazing collection encompasses everything from modern trends in music to classic reimaginings and eclectic genre combinations. Many of the great RealTracks from the 2017 release have been used in new and unique ways that are beyond their original scope. All of these styles are meticulously mixed and thoughtfully arranged to save you time! Learn more...

    Xtra Styles
  • 32 New MIDI SuperTracks

    We have 32 new MIDI SuperTracks with Killer Accordion (15), Country and Folk Piano (9), and Celtic Piano (8). Because these are MIDI, you can pick whatever patches or synths you want to generate the sound, giving you complete control over the final product!

  • 108 New Instrumental Studies:

    We introduced the idea of "Instrumental Studies" two years ago with guitar, and last year we added additional Instrumental Studies with piano, bass, guitar, and sax. This year we added new Instrumental Studies with electric guitar!

  • 8 New Artist Performances

    Traditional songs sung by Béatrix Méthé: With Artist Performance Set 8, you'll be delighted to hear eight well known folk songs, sung in beautiful harmony by professional singer Béatrix Méthé. These songs date back hundreds of years, and are popular all over the world. You're sure to recognize more than a few, with origins spanning America, Ireland, Canada, and France. Each song has a hand-picked Band-in-a-Box® style, with the lyrics and singing professionally transcribed, so you can use the notation window, tempo stretching, and all the other Band-in-a-Box® features to make sure you're well-versed in each song. In addition to the melody, each song has one or two harmony parts sung by Béatrix! We hope you will enjoy listening and learning each of these timeless songs.

  • 52 New Loops

    Percussion FX (22), "Classic Beats" Rock/Pop (10), "Classic Beats" Jazz (10), and "Classic Beats" Country (10).

  • 40 Amplitube presets and 37 associated styles:

    These new Amplitube presets and styles will give you all kinds of killer guitar tones, from clean and mellow jazz sounds to screaming rock leads and even an acoustic bass enhancer. We threw in some pedal steel presets that you can use with DI pedal steel RealTracks too. You'll also find some vintage tones that incorporate some of your favorite effects like spring reverb and tape delay. We've included 37 RealStyles to accompany the 40 new Amplitube presets so that you can easily hear the new sounds at work!

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 Features and Additions

We’ve added over 50 new features to Band-in-a-Box® 2018, including...

Video RealTracks

The video RealTracks is a brand new feature to Band-in-a-Box®. We have over 2,500 available audio RealTracks, and now we have 40 available video RealTracks including two full video bands - Country and Pop Ballad. When you load a video RealTrack, you can use it just like an audio RealTrack, but you can also generate a video, which will display the musician playing your song exactly as you hear it. If you load one of the video RealTracks bands, you will have video RealTracks on 5 tracks, and you can make a video of 1-5 musicians. You can also include a chord sheet or notation in the video.

Built-in Audio Chord Wizard

Audio Chord Wizard Video

The Audio Chord Wizard has been redesigned and is now built into Band-in-a-Box®. Previously, the Audio Chord Wizard was a separate app and not tightly integrated into Band-in-a-Box®. This app is still available from the [Audio Chord Wizard] toolbar button, but the improved built-in Audio Chord Wizard can be accessed from the Audio Edit window.

Audio Harmonies Feature Added

Harmonize the Audio track with up to 4 voices. You can choose one of the 4 harmonizing modes.

  • The "Chords" mode will harmonize the audio based on the chords in your song. Choose a type of harmony from the "Harmony type" option. Choose either the intelligent mode, which allows you to select the number of voices, or one of the Band-in-a-Box® harmony presets.
  • The "Melody track" mode will add voices (up to 4 voices) to the audio, based on melodies in the Melody track.
  • The "Soloist track" mode will add voices (up to 4 voices) to the audio, based on melodies in the Soloist track.
  • The "Fix Tuning" mode will analyze the Audio track and correct out-of-tune notes according to the key of your song.

The Fix Tuning feature analyzes the Audio track and correct out-of-tune notes in the selected region according to the key of your song. For example, in the key of C, if a C# is detected, then it will be transposed down to C or up to D depending on which one is closer. You can use the Auto-Transcribe feature to transcribe the Audio track to the Melody or Soloist track as MIDI data.

You can use the Auto-Transcribe feature to transcribe the audio data to the Melody or Soloist track as MIDI data.

Piano Roll Window

Piano Roll Window

The new Piano Roll window enables precise graphic editing of MIDI data including notes, velocity, controllers, program changes, channel aftertouch, and pitch bend.

Save Notation Window as a Video

With previous versions of Band-in-a-Box®, you could make a video of the Chord Sheet, showing the highlighted bars as the song is playing. Now, you can make a video of the Notation window. This is helpful if you have a melody or a RealChart (notation for RealTracks) that you would like to see on a video.

Improved GUI

The Toolbar has been enhanced with skins support, and the Display Options dialog has more customizable color items.

Improved Mixer

Soloing/Muting functions are improved. Now you can change the solo and the mute status of other tracks by right-clicking on a blue mute button.

The floating Mixer window now has opacity controls. Left-click on them to change the opacity by a significant amount, or right-click on them to change it by a small amount.

Support for ABC Notation Format

ABC notation is the simple text-based notation system used by musicians worldwide to store chords, melody, and lyrics of songs. Now you can open and save songs in ABC notation format. You can find out more information about the songs and ABC notation on

Song Titles Browser Enhancements

  • 2,000 new song titles have been added to the list, including requests from users. There are now over 10,000 titles!
  • You can now filter the list by genres, time signature, feel, tempo, and decades.
  • The dialog can list song titles that will work with the current style.
  • Subgenres have been added for most song titles. Searching by a subgenre name in the text filter will display song titles in that subgenre.

Recommendation of styles has been improved. When you select a song title and press the [OK - Find Matching Styles] button, the StylePicker dialog will open and show only styles that will work with that song title. This feature has been improved so that Subgenres are also considered, so the style recommendations are more accurate.

StylePicker Enhancements

Mixer-like control allows style customization within the StylePicker. This shows what tracks are used in the highlighted style in the list, and color-codes them according to the track types (MIDI/RealTracks/MIDI SuperTracks). There is also a menu button on each track, which allows you to change the instrument, disable/enable the track, or perform other track actions.
A [Save as .STY] button has been added. When you have customized a style, you might want to save it so that it is added to the StylePicker list, and can be used easily. For example, you might add/remove a RealTracks, and save that as a new style.
Recommendations of styles is improved when using the [Find Titles] button at the top right of the dialog. This also displays subgenres. This makes it easier to find styles for a certain popular song.
New user categories have been added, including Americana; Bebop and Fast Jazz; Bluegrass, Train, and Old Time; Dixieland, Gypsy, and Old Jazz; Fingerstyle Guitar; Funk, RnB, and Soul; Heavy Rock; Singer-Songwriter; and World.
The buttons to copy the styles list to clipboard, set the dialog options, and reset the dialog to defaults have been moved to the [Action] button menu.
The two buttons to rebuild a complete or partial styles list have been combined into a single button.
Rebuilding the styles list also rebuilds lists in the RealTracks and RealDrums Picker dialogs.
The option to change the font size of the text in the styles list has been moved to the StylePicker Options dialog.

Renewed Render to Audio File Dialog

The dialog now has a simpler look and is easier to use.

RealDrums Picker Enhancement

You can now demo individual variations of the RealDrums at the tempo closest to your current song by double-clicking on them.
The “Set” column shows “VID” if the video RealDrums is installed. If “VNA” means that a video is available but not installed.

Audio Edit Window Enhancements

The Audio Edit Window now has a nicer looking GUI, with a dedicated settings button and a Marker Mode button.
When you select the Audio Chord Wizard or UserTracks for Marker Mode, the markers will be visible and editable.
Editing features can now apply to the entire track. Before 2018, you had to highlight a region to use editing features, but now if no region is highlighted, then they will apply to the entire track.
There are some items added to the [Edit] button menu.

Guitar Window Enhancements

Clicking on the black area to the left of the zero fret notes in the Guitar window will delete the notes on just the channel of that string on the current notation time line rather than all notes at that time line.
Clicking on a note will delete the note from the Notation window if the note is currently highlighted. If no notes are highlighted in red, then clicking on a note will first delete any notes on the current notation timeline and channel before inserting a new note.

Big Piano Window Enhancements

Clicking on the black area to the left of the piano will delete highlighted red notes from the Notation window. If no notes are highlighted in red, then clicking to the left of the piano will delete any note on the current notation timeline.
Clicking on a note will delete the note from the Notation window if the note is currently highlighted in red.

MIDI File Import Enhancement

Now you can import lyrics from a MIDI file to your song.

Open MIDI File in a Single Step

There is now a File - Open MIDI File menu item, which will open the entire MIDI file to the Melody track. This was possible before, but required you to use the Import MIDI file function, which has more features to figure out the chords, and customizes what tracks you want imported.

Notation Window Enhancement

Notation supports 12/8, 9/8, and 6/8 time signatures. Previous versions of Band-in-a-Box® only supported 3/4 or 4/4 notation. Now you can also select 12/8, 9/8, or 6/8.
Duplicate previous group of notes lets you quickly duplicate the previous chord (a group of notes on the same location) without having to reenter it. This is a menu option added to the context menu in the Notation window.
The [delete] key deletes all notes that are currently highlighted in red.
You can now enter Section Numbers. Previously, you could enter letters (A-Z) only, but now you can also enter numbers (1-9).
The vertical position of a dot of a dotted rest is adjusted. A dot used to be drawn a staff line, but it is now drawn between staff lines.
When loading a MusicXML file, if more than 20% of notes are triplet notes, then the overall beat resolution is automatically set to 3 in the Notation window.
Improved algorithms are now used for drawing slurs. A slur will be drawn with a Bezier curve, which is especially helpful for notes being very close together.

Enhanced Flash Messages

Flash messages are now brighter for clarity. They also have a close button, which is useful for closing green flash messages without performing the action. Up to 4 messages can be on the screen at once. (Previously, only 2 messages could be shown).

And more!

Band-in-a-Box, RealBand and other PG Music software uses "élastique Pro V3 by zplane.development" as a time and pitch stretching engine, élastique Tune V1 by zplane.development” as a monophonic pitch editing engine, and “Harmony addon V1 by zplane.development” for the élastique Tune Engine.

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