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Jump to new posts saterday blues by F.M.M. @ 8 minutes 42 seconds ago

hi guys trying this out having fun Style is M_TBLSLP.STY (Solo Texas Blues Rock 12/8 MIDI) PianoCustom Synth is Hi-Q 001 01 Piano, Acoustic, Grand Sforzando.tgs Style MIDI Instruments are : Acoustic Piano (1), RealTracks in style: 1922:Bass, Electric, TexasBluesRockSlow12-8 Sw 060 MIDI SuperTracks in style: 2233:Piano, Soloist TexasBluesRockSlow12-8John Sw 060 RealTracks in style: 1924:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm TexasBluesRockSlow12-8Sol Sw 060 RealT
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Jump to new posts Recording vocals by 2bSolo @ Today at 12:36 PM

I have been working on a tune in BB. I took it to RB and I am about ready to add the vocals. Does anuone have any recommendations on mics, techniques, etc.? Is there a tutorial that has already been posted? Any feedback is appreciated.
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Jump to new posts New Orleans Parade Band Style by 2bSolo @ Today at 12:32 PM

Hello out there. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I want to do a song in the style of a New Orleans funky parade band. Something like Big Chief/Indian Red. Is there a BB style like that?
OK, I've got a song I'm working on, which is still a MIDI file . . . well, actually I've saved it as an RB file, but still it's MIDI. Anyway, it doesn't end exactly at the end of a measure. But I want the song to continue for a couple of more measures because I've added some stereo delay to the mix and I want the delay to ring out and diminish. Well, I've found the command for inserting measures (Edit> Insert blank bars into song...), but this has to be done at an even measure point, and if
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Jump to new posts How Many Songs by rworkman @ Today at 11:56 AM

I'm totally new to BIAB, and have the Ultra Plus Pkg. I'm not sure which folders to scan when building the song list in the Song Picker Dialog Screen. How many "Songs" are there? I have a "50 Songs" folder, is that it? If I scan the entire BB folder, it seems to load everything; styles, riffs, etc. What am I missing here?
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Jump to new posts How Many "Songs"? by rworkman @ Today at 09:31 AM

I'm totally new to BIAB, and have the Ultra Plus Pkg. I'm not sure which folders to scan when building the song list in the Song Picker Dialog Screen. How many "Songs" are there? I have a "50 Songs" folder, is that it? If I scan the entire BB folder, it seems to load everything; styles, riffs, etc. What am I missing here?
Jump to new posts Cannot audition Real Styles in Real Band by paul435smith @ Today at 07:47 AM

Hi I have no problem auditioning styles etc. in Band in a Box. But for some reason, in Real Band nothing happens when I click on the Green Play Button to audition Real Tracks or Styles. I have tried clicking on and off the Band Setting and the Use Internet setting but still no luck. Also, I downloaded all the 2017 files and the latest from 2016 and installed these again. There were no errors during installation. It's strange that I do not have this problem in Band in a Box. All files for BI
Jump to new posts This music instruction needs some exposure by MusicStudent @ Today at 07:41 AM

So I have not been a big fan of all the "forums" in our Forum. But I have kept my mouth shut. After all I am just a visitor here. But I wanted to get some more exposure to an item which is currently buried in one of the "other" subforums. David Wallimann is a huge "you-tube" channel guy with a on-line guitar instruction site. But don't hold that against him. This guy is a
Jump to new posts Music Perception by pghboemike @ Yesterday at 04:12 PM

How does our mind perceive music? there's an 8min 39sec explanation of gestalt theory before its relevance to music is explained i chose to put this here as awareness of this concept may be useful in song creation
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Jump to new posts New Mix: I can't Keep Doing This by DaveBrooksMusic @ Yesterday at 03:02 PM

Hi Ya'll!!! Here's a new tweaking for one of my strangest songs yet. Thanks for your time! DBM
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Jump to new posts Beginner Music Production Tools (Article Link) by Jim Fogle @ Yesterday at 12:07 PM

Bedroom Producer has a nice article describing what the different tools are that many beginners encounter when starting in music production. ++ Article Link ++
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Craig Anderton wrote a nice article complete with equipment suggestions for putting together a mobile studio built around a laptop running Windows 10. The article is ++ HERE ++
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Jump to new posts New Year - New Resolution(s) - Let's Get Started! by Jim Fogle @ Yesterday at 09:52 AM

New year, new resolutions, more want to, let's get started! New year comes with new ideas and new aspirations. Did you start this year wanting to do something new or different musically? ++ HERE ++ is a great cheerleader article from Harmony Central on the subject.
Jump to new posts Guitar Pro on sale (again or still?) half price by Larry Kehl @ Yesterday at 09:50 AM

Again just supplied as FYI only Larry
Jump to new posts Guitar Players Check-Out This Modular Elelectric Guitar by Jim Fogle @ Yesterday at 09:00 AM

++ ++
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Jump to new posts Quarter Note Piano by Islansoul @ 01/19/17 10:25 AM

I would like to see a real track where the piano chords play quater notes like in a lot of pop ballad songs.
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Jump to new posts Lifesigns from studio" blog) in a 400pg PDF document. by pghboemike @ 01/18/17 07:28 PM

a resource with plenty of technical (and not only) information of absolute relevance about the art of music production and songwriting.
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Jump to new posts Band-in-a-Box 2017 Build 457 Update (Jan 18) by Andrew - PG Music @ 01/18/17 10:36 AM

An update is available for Band-in-a-Box® Version 2017 Download the Band-in-a-Box 2017 Build 457 update (BETA) This is considered a beta patch because it is new. Note that you just need to install one patch (this one) regardless of what previous version of 2017 BiaB that you have, This is a cumulative update patch, which works from any 2017 build. Summary of changes for Build 457 (since 456) (Jan 18, 2016): -------------------------- Fixed: The tempo buttons should change by 5 with a lef
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Jump to new posts Dossier REAL TRACKS désespérément vide by ecni @ 01/18/17 09:46 AM

Bonjour à toutes et à tous. J'ai il y a quelques jours téléchargé la version 2017 de Band in a Box en update d'une version de 2005. Elle fonctionne apparemment très bien , excepté que je n'ai pas de real tracks dans le répertoire installé, de même que ma collection de real drums semble très limitée. J'ai donc ré-installé le logiciel sans plus de résultat. la notice en Anglais ne semble pas avoir de solution à mon problème , Je pense ne sans doutes pas être seul dans ce cas
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Bonjour, Je veux installer mes real tracks (1&2) + realtracks_shots_hold sur mon Mac. J'ai téléchargé les fichiers .dmg. Lorsque je veux les exécuter, je reçois ce message : "image not recognized" et j'ignore que faire. Impossible de trouver réponse dans la doc et je m'adresse au forum en désespoir de cause. Merci d'avance, Rockeric (Eric)
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Jump to new posts sauver une real track en wave dans 2016 by leemons @ 01/18/17 06:28 AM

Bonjour, je voudrais sauver en wave une real track, mais je ne veux que de la 48eme a la 56eme mesure . Dans les versions anterieures je pouvais le faire mais plus maintenant. Merci de repondre
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Jump to new posts WASAPI driver by Wyndham @ 01/18/17 04:33 AM

EDIT - I see on my desktop Win 10x64 system (same build as on lappy), for Sonar (but not for BiaB), there is a WASAPI driver mode. This is a snippet from another post on Ron's latency question that had me check my w10 biab settings Can someone shed any light on BIAB and WASAPI drivers? Thanks Wyndham
Dave Kusek (founder of Berklee Online), along with special guest Daniel Roberts, is holding a new music theory FREE(email and name required) MASTER CLASS based on studying hit songs. In one hour, you can build your musical knowledge, confidence, and understanding of the language of music. Learn these 5 essential elements of making music based on studying hit songs using Noteflight: • Subdivision and Groove - learn about rhythm and time • Scales and Tonality - learn about pitch and keys •
Jump to new posts Beatles Songwriting Academy by pghboemike @ 01/17/17 02:12 PM

Beatles Songwriting Academy
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Jump to new posts transposing audio sonar artist by colly @ 01/17/17 01:17 PM

anybody use sonar artist looking for a little help with transposing when I transpose the tracks seem to disappear ..? any help appreciated .
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Band-in-a-Box® Live Demonstrations at The NAMM Show!

If you're attending The 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim (January 19-22, 2017), make sure you stop by the PG Music Booth... We're located in Hall E - Booth 1054.

We'll be providing detailed Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows demonstrations & scheduled performances by RealTracks Artist Cory Pesaturo!

Watch Cory Pesaturo's NAMM Performance!

We "went live" on Facebook yesterday to cover Cory's performance at our NAMM booth (1074).

Not on Facebook? We've added the video to our YouTube page too!

Click here to watch Cory's performance!

RealTracks Artist Cory Pesaturo NAMM Performances!

We have scheduled RealTracks Artist Cory Pesaturo for 2 performances every day during The NAMM Show!

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Cory is a World Digital Accordion Champion & World Acoustic Accordion Champion. You'll find his RealTracks contribution in RealTracks Set 268 : Gypsy: Accordion, Piano, and Guitar. Learn more about Cory on his RealTracks Artist Bio page.

It's Time - NAMM 2017!

Peter, Catherine, Tobin, Charlie, and Gaelan are hard at work today setting up for The NAMM Show!

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Band-in-a-Box® 2017 Build 457 Update for Windows!

Attention Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows Users!

The latest patch update 457 is available - this is available for download here.

Build 457 includes an updated Help File & Manual, more than 30 fixes, and 2 improvements!

Get To Know the 12-Key Hi-Q Tab Feature - Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows

One of the new features we added with Band-in-a-Box® 2017 is the 12-Key Hi-Q Tab RealTracks. Click here to listen & watch this new feature in action!

Detailed information:
New! 12-Key "Woodshedding" RealTracks
Many people use the RealTracks feature in Band-in-a-Box® to learn how to "play like the pros." This is because you can see notation, tab, on-screen guitar, and more as you hear the music. Now we've taken this to a higher level, by providing some "12-Key" RealTracks that have been recorded in all 12 keys! In previous versions, you might decide to learn to play by studying the parts played by the RealTracks artists, and watch the notation to do so. Many people have found this a great way to learn, but it had the following issues:
-Since RealTracks were based on only 5 keys, they were transposed much of the time, which would make the guitar part unplayable for a student in some cases.
-The tab/notation was good for guitar, but lacked some precision and graphical representation of bends, pull-offs, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.

We have solved that by creating some Guitar RealTracks with recording in all 12 keys! So you can see what a pro would play over an Ab chord, and you won't see them play on a G transposed up to an Ab, and carefully transcribed notation, with correct bend/hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides... So now you (we!) students have no more excuses! You can watch and learn from the pros!

Plus, Hi-Q Guitar RealCharts are available with highly accurate and readable notation, including new graphical markings for bends, slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs! To see these in action, load in one of the 12-key Hi-Q notation RealTracks by Brent Mason. You can also enter your own guitar notation using these features. Just right click on a note to set its properties to include bends, slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.

User Tips & Tricks - Track Categories in RealBand

Our Forum is a great place to ask your questions, share your songs, and help out other users with your own Tips & Tricks!

For example, forum user rharv posted the recent Track Categories in RB thread, where he explains the advantage of using the Track Categories within RealBand.

Check it out here.

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