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Jump to new posts Re: the only riseing son remix!! by F.M.M. @ 8 minutes 25 seconds ago

thanks scott mariod and greg kind words thank you eric
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Jump to new posts saterday blues by F.M.M. @ 9 minutes 48 seconds ago

hi guys trying this out having fun Style is M_TBLSLP.STY (Solo Texas Blues Rock 12/8 MIDI) PianoCustom Synth is Hi-Q 001 01 Piano, Acoustic, Grand Sforzando.tgs Style MIDI Instruments are : Acoustic Piano (1), RealTracks in style: 1922:Bass, Electric, TexasBluesRockSlow12-8 Sw 060 MIDI SuperTracks in style: 2233:Piano, Soloist TexasBluesRockSlow12-8John Sw 060 RealTracks in style: 1924:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm TexasBluesRockSlow12-8Sol Sw 060 RealT
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Jump to new posts Re: enter melody with instrument of choice by GordonS @ 39 minutes 1 second ago

Thanks Noel, your help greatly appreciated. Done - but there's a rhythmic glitch. My rhythm is a shuffle (style _BTGSHUF.STY - Baritone Guitar Blues Shuffle). Putting in a typical pattern (F F A# A C C D C, all 1/8 notes against an F chord), they don't quite align rhythmically. Is there a process where I can "swing" the input to be a better fit? Gordon
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Jump to new posts Re: Horns plug ins by Bernier @ 42 minutes 6 seconds ago

Me too...
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Jump to new posts Recording vocals by 2bSolo @ Today at 12:36 PM

I have been working on a tune in BB. I took it to RB and I am about ready to add the vocals. Does anuone have any recommendations on mics, techniques, etc.? Is there a tutorial that has already been posted? Any feedback is appreciated.
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Jump to new posts New Orleans Parade Band Style by 2bSolo @ Today at 12:32 PM

Hello out there. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I want to do a song in the style of a New Orleans funky parade band. Something like Big Chief/Indian Red. Is there a BB style like that?
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Jump to new posts Re: Importing audio with ACW by DEddy @ Today at 12:21 PM

Charlie: "if you only need the chords and Key, you may not need to use the ACW at all." How does that work? Thanks DE
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Jump to new posts Re: Using BIAB in a live setting by don9337 @ Today at 12:16 PM

Hey Charlie, I play mostly beach stuff, Buffett, Chesney, some originals. Using a Martin Acoustic, Helicon Play Acoustic pedal thru a compact Bose L1.
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Jump to new posts Re: It's Natural by Matcham @ Today at 12:14 PM

Thanks heaps Scott, Robert and Rob. Man I've put some hours into this one. Rob I know what you mean about the intro. I've kinda been ignoring it the way that you do until someone mentions it. It's not the drums; it's my guitar tracking at the beginning. Easy fix in the DAW. Thanks!
OK, I've got a song I'm working on, which is still a MIDI file . . . well, actually I've saved it as an RB file, but still it's MIDI. Anyway, it doesn't end exactly at the end of a measure. But I want the song to continue for a couple of more measures because I've added some stereo delay to the mix and I want the delay to ring out and diminish. Well, I've found the command for inserting measures (Edit> Insert blank bars into song...), but this has to be done at an even measure point, and if
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Jump to new posts How Many Songs by rworkman @ Today at 11:56 AM

I'm totally new to BIAB, and have the Ultra Plus Pkg. I'm not sure which folders to scan when building the song list in the Song Picker Dialog Screen. How many "Songs" are there? I have a "50 Songs" folder, is that it? If I scan the entire BB folder, it seems to load everything; styles, riffs, etc. What am I missing here?
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Jump to new posts Re: problem with substyles by Dave @ Today at 11:41 AM

I agree with MusicStudent - they are midi styles that support more than just an A and a B substyle. It might be an instrument change, or a change in pattern, but I don't think it was much more than that. I think the intent was to have a different "feel" for the intro, A, B, and bridge sections. I believe you can build multi-styles with the Style Builder, perhaps with more than 4 substyles (but I haven't tried it). You can identify RT in a style with the style builder, so you coul
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Jump to new posts Re: Blue Zen Eh? by Scott C @ Today at 11:34 AM

Excellent playing. Super tone
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Jump to new posts Re: Scotts Ballad (Collaboration) by Riccled @ Today at 11:33 AM

Hi VT. Thanks for that,yes it is a nice piece,was great working with such a talented performer as Scott,it's amazing what you can do with the internet,we are thousands of miles apart and can still work together well,brilliant! R.
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Jump to new posts Re: N/A Styles struck! by PeterGannon @ Today at 11:28 AM

Perhaps you could post a list of the missing styles. This can be done in the stylepicker by 1.listing only styles that are n/a 2. Pressing copy list (which copies a tab delimited text list to clipboard) 3. Pasting that text list here (Note that the list would look better pasted into Excel, and then you'd only need to post a column of the stylenames here. But if you don't have that handy pasting the full list is fine too )
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Jump to new posts Re: Real Tracks Holds incorrect.. by joden @ Today at 11:23 AM

Sent a message off to support
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Jump to new posts Re: Under Another Name (with Joanne Cooper) by Robertkc @ Today at 11:08 AM

Originally Posted By: RnAMRobert and Joanne, What a beautiful collaboration is this! A beautiful write and perfectly sung by Joanne (we especially like her harmony voices). By all means keep these collaborations coming ;-) Rob & Anne-Marie Rob & Anne Marie, Being only the second time someone else has sung one of my tunes, its spine tingling to hear what a fine singer can do ... I`m certainly open to more of that. Thanks for your positive feedback! Robert
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I too am in the "no logo at start-up" after making the build 457 update and "(significantly in my case) longer start-up loading times" with 2017 than 2016. My system is a clean install of Win 10, so it's not that. Oh, well...
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Jump to new posts Re: Lift me up by Robertkc @ Today at 10:32 AM

Dave & Chris, Enjoying a few listens - a very upbeat way to get a grey day going. I liked the topical humour in the lyrics and the way the guitar cuts through the backing. All good! Robert
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Jump to new posts Re: My Daddy's Knee by Janice & Bud @ Today at 10:21 AM

Originally Posted By: Greg JohnsonSo beautifully written!! This is what country music always tries to achieve and doesn't always get there. It is sweet and sincere but not sappy or trite. It is a tribute to the father, a tale of hard work to make a dream come true, and a heartfelt love of a girl for her father. BEAUTIFUL!! AND, Janice kills it, of course-awesome vocal! Great stuff guys! Take care. Greg Thank you Greg. You so perfectly describe my thoughts about the lyric as I was l
Jump to new posts Re: CPU Usage reading in RB by rharv @ Today at 09:40 AM

Yes, my screen shows red when generating. I want that! Git 'er done as fast as possible.
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Jump to new posts How Many "Songs"? by rworkman @ Today at 09:31 AM

I'm totally new to BIAB, and have the Ultra Plus Pkg. I'm not sure which folders to scan when building the song list in the Song Picker Dialog Screen. How many "Songs" are there? I have a "50 Songs" folder, is that it? If I scan the entire BB folder, it seems to load everything; styles, riffs, etc. What am I missing here?
Jump to new posts Re: Keyboard question please by Kev T @ Today at 09:11 AM

Thanks Rharv. Yeah I suspected that ......but still thought something as basic as keyboard input would have been allied in both programs? Videotrack Yay! I tried pressing the 3 on its own and it does (as you suggest) produce a # in the chord bar. Great....thanks a lot for that!
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Jump to new posts Re: The red rose by David Snyder @ Today at 08:53 AM

Great guitar work Sergio. Love it man!!
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<< I might be getting hung up on definitions here. I want to use the same style through the entire song, just different forms of it. >> Use the method described by Wendy in that case. Unfold the song into one continuous chorus and use part markers to change between the A/B styles of one style. You are correct in your understanding that the method Noel described allows you to change Styles but not substyles. Noel's method will work if you find two styles that use the same instru
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