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PowerTracks Pro Audio
Jump to new posts Re: Transferring the whole shebang to new PC ... by JerryT @ 11 minutes 39 seconds ago

Callie, I contacted PG tech support via email, they responded with the "thank you" robo email June 20. Haven't heard anything since ... any other suggestions? Thanks. Ciao, Jerry
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Jump to new posts Re: Rose of Baltimore by Joe -PG Music @ 17 minutes 18 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: furryA tune composed for a friend in Nashville after her daughter was mowed down by a drunk driver. She fought for a few years, but sadly never recovered. Real tracks used is just the one Celtic fingerpicking guitar. The accordion used is my Excelsior 940 Rose of Baltimore Hi Furry, Great work on this! Really enjoyed the progression and the strings really help glue the elements together. Nice job!
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Jump to new posts Re: light in the castcade by Scott C @ 24 minutes 23 seconds ago

Your guitar is just oozing an incredible tone. Loved this tune. Very cool how the melody wound in and around the backtrack.
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Jump to new posts Re: Can Sound Be a Color by Scott C @ 26 minutes 55 seconds ago

Thanks Peter. Yes been playing with some of the BIAB settings to get some different sounds.
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Jump to new posts Re: Digging The Scene by F.M.M. @ 41 minutes 10 seconds ago

hi bob very engaging great vocal and write nice crisp mix thanks for sharing eric
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Jump to new posts Re: APPLE OF GOD'S EYE by Torrey Bliss @ 41 minutes 52 seconds ago

Scott, thanks for taking time to listen and comment. I appreciate it. T
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Jump to new posts Re: WHISPERS by Torrey Bliss @ 43 minutes 4 seconds ago

Rob, this is great in every way! Pro quality in all aspects!! As others have stated, this isn't my genre, but I can certainly appreciate great work when I hear it. Very good. Thanks, Torrey.
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Jump to new posts Re: In the middle of the road by F.M.M. @ 44 minutes 43 seconds ago

hi Sergio, I like the medley and the guitar and the fiddle nice combo thanks for sharing eric
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Jump to new posts Re: New Song - I Never Knew by F.M.M. @ 53 minutes 39 seconds ago

hi steve good to here your songs this is a great peace put together very well lots of detail nuggets in there thanks for sharing eric
Jump to new posts Re: PG music video game app? by jazzsax @ Today at 05:53 PM

Thanks Mario, Pitch Invasion. Works on my new iPad although there is a notice that stating that there may be an update needed.
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: Customers LOVE the New Xtra Styles PAK 3! by Beachboy @ Today at 05:50 PM

Hi Callie, Yes, I purchased it last week. Saw it advertised on the Windows forum but couldn't find it on the MAC forum. Col
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Jump to new posts Re: Started Again (w Janice) by F.M.M. @ Today at 05:46 PM

hi Floyd you guys did it again awesome job love the bass on this to thanks eric
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hi Janice and bud holy smokes guys this was outstanding the write the vocals and backing vocals were awesome thanks for sharing eric
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Jump to new posts Re: Daniel Rolls by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 05:33 PM

Lawrence, this one holds the listeners interest all the way through! The vocal is outstanding as well as everything else! Great song! Thanks, Torrey
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Jump to new posts Re: Moth Drawn To A Flame by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 05:24 PM

Great job Kenny! The combo of vocal/guitar works very well together! Both are sounding great here! You've stepped it up again to another level! Thanks, Torrey.
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Jump to new posts Time-stretching by paul435smith @ Today at 04:38 PM

Hi I have a completed song - 12 Audio Tracks and need to change the tempo of 4 bars in each verse (3 verses). I prefer to have a gradual speeding up over the 4 bars so could do it by Tempo in each bar increasing slightly or is there some other way? But... I've tried using the Time-Stretching in Real Band and it just hangs up forever. Today I tried a test using only one bar of one track and set it to slow the Tempo 10bpm. It came up with a warning that it will overwrite data on the track. S
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Jump to new posts Re: Can't load Sforzando by Larry Kehl @ Today at 04:37 PM

you should have a file called "hiq_instruments_sforzando.exe" in your user account for download and/or in the install (installer) directory of your BIAB HD (if went that way) It is THAT file that installs the HI-Q sounds for the soundfont player Sforzando to use Larry
Originally Posted By: musicloverThat's great news Pat, maybe if no one wants to buy it and given time they may sell it to your team as I am sure you would do a good job. Website looks cool! Musiclover I don't see our group ever getting an opportunity (or having the money) to buy the assets. But one of two things will probably happen: 1) somebody will buy Muvuzu's assets and make them available again in one form or another... or... 2) nobody will buy Muvizu and the assets will be orphaned.
PowerTracks Pro Audio
Jump to new posts Re: Rendering Issue by rharv @ Today at 04:03 PM

FWIW, I should have thought of it. I recently explained the difference between Save and Render tracks .. and this is the main difference between the features. Sorry, I missed this opportunity to help here, but I did catch it in another post recently. Maybe it's that 'Sometimers' I keep hearing about (I probably can't remember where I heard about it).
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Jump to new posts Re: DS al Coda symbols misprinting in Sierra by jazzsax @ Today at 03:55 PM

I don't know about you guys but when I go to the zipppyshare site listed Several times above, first of all I cannot get "You go to my head". What I do get when I hit the back arrow to get out of the site is a warning that my iPad has 6 viruses. WTF has happened twice.
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I've also ran BB/RB from one of these (using the external HD of course). I haven't relied on it, just tested to see if I could and it ran/generated just fine.
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Jump to new posts Re: VSTi for all tracks ! by Pipeline @ Today at 02:12 PM

I think you are looking at one purpose only for Biab, your own. I look at Biab to be used in so many different ways not just one. This would cater for a lot more users/sales than only designing it for one purpose only. You need to consider that other people use it for different purposes and not just the same way you use it. "but I am the soloist in my band" so all Biab users that need custom solos would have to send you the notation they need and you would play it and send the audio b
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Jump to new posts Re: Modern Man by PeterF @ Today at 01:12 PM

Originally Posted By: Pat MarrPeter, based on your lyrics, I think I must be a modern man full of modern rage too! I identify with a lot of what the lyrics say, except the family stuff. My wife was one of the good ones, and she blessed me with two really wonderful kids who aren't waiting for me to die so they can get my stuff. I'm guessing you played the guitar parts since that's the reputation you have around here.. they sound good to me! I have heightened interest in any song that is part B
Jump to new posts RealBand 2015 error when saving by Rollo Crisis @ Today at 12:56 PM

Hi, I'm using RB 2015 EverythingPAK (on ext. hard drive) on a PC using Windows 7. RB works OK until I try to save. When I save I get this weird error showing a bunch of windows. The error msg is as follows: 'Duplicate call to PossiblyGetFinishedWave OutBuf' I would appreciate any help I could get with this. Thanks in advance, RC
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: style suggestion needed by dwebert @ Today at 12:11 PM

Jim, Matt, thanks a lot. I will give a try.
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Eric Blackmon uses Band-in-a-Box® accompaniment with his online tutorials, and has just let us know that his first Band-in-a-Box® featured video tutorial, How To Play An Electric Guitar Solo Without Even THINKING About Scales #1 In Am has more than 2.8 Million views!

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Band-in-a-Box® Version 2017 for Windows Build 466 Available!

Band-in-a-Box® 2017 for Windows customers can install the latest patch update (Build 466) here:

Fixed: Rendering to MP3 might fail with error "cannot get stream size".
Fixed: Rendering to MP3 will cause Band-in-a-Box to crash if choosing "MPEG Layer-3" as the codec.
Fixed: The style name and description would not be displayed immediately after bootup.
Fixed: The total choruses button should show the current chorus during playback.
Fixed: There were various errors (eg notes not transposed) in the Chord Builder popup menus.
Fixed: When demoing RealDrums in the RealDrums Picker dialog, the demo would not start at the beginning.
Fixed: When exporting a MIDI file, RealTracks would generate even if "Save RealCharts in MIDI files" was disabled.
Fixed: When using the * wildcard for chord type in the Search-Replace Chords dialog, all of the resulting chords would have their type changed to 6.

(Note: This is a cumulative update patch, which works from any 2017 build.)

User Tips - Entering Melody

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