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Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Drag and drop by Matt Finley @ Yesterday at 10:33 PM

I know it's a lot of prelim questions, but what build #? Help, About will show that.
Jump to new posts Re: 20 Bands I've Seen. 1 I Have NOT :) by raymb1 @ Yesterday at 09:59 PM

My list is almost all jazz: Chick Corea Herbie Hancock John Coltrane Sonny Rollins Sonny Stitt Earth, Wind and Fire Al Jarreau Tony Williams Lifetime Miles Davis Nancy Wilson Diane Reeve Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra Stan Kenton The Jazz Messengers Roy Hargrove Michael Brecker Gary Burton-Makoto Ozone Steve Wilson Carmen McRae Clark Terry Freddie Hubbard Joey DeFrancesco
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Jump to new posts Es ist ein Update (Build 158) für BB2016 Mac Deutsch verfügbar. by Ernst Leobacher @ Yesterday at 09:51 PM

Hier ist der Downloadlink: Das sind die Änderungen für 2016.0.0.158 (seit 2016.0.0.157): Fixed: The main window's zoom button was not behaving properly. Fixed: Double-clicking on the main window's title bar was not triggering a proper resize. Fixed: If pasting multiple lines of text into a layer, the last line would be skipped. Fixed: Keyboard input stops working when opening the Plugins window. Fixed: Cut/Copy/Paste was not
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Jump to new posts Re: All My Love by 44kfl @ Yesterday at 08:47 PM

Originally Posted By: YorkshireknightHey Kenny Loved this one all the way. Great composition and mix, vocals superb. Thank you so much for those kind words Originally Posted By: Sergio Guarneri Excellent song, the best I ever heard by you. You have chosen great real tracks. Excellent mixing and vocal. Sergio Thank you Sergio
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Jump to new posts Re: Lake Naverone by 44kfl @ Yesterday at 08:45 PM

Love the chorus, it just jumps out super harmonies cool song cool video Kenny
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Jump to new posts Re: All Along by 44kfl @ Yesterday at 08:39 PM

less dense is a good description, I love the spaces in between makes the song breathe, very nice feel this is a killer song, so good I never do a perfect vocal and usually keep about the second pass and don't like to do punch ins guitar solo sounds great nice write Kenny
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Jump to new posts Re: Drifting and Sliding by 44kfl @ Yesterday at 08:35 PM

the snow missed us for the most part, had one heavy downfall this year fine guitar, this sounds like a movie soundtrack maybe Fargo with the snow falling and drifting blowing over the road nice, Kenny
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Jump to new posts Re: Jon's Groove by 44kfl @ Yesterday at 08:31 PM

Originally Posted By: BlueAttitudeNice! Love the guitar, and the flute/keyboard dialogue. Reminds me of the Theme from Shaft for some reason, not sure why, maybe the groove? Anyway, good instrumental, enjoyed the listen! Cool! and what Dave said, Theme from Shaft very creative would be great for a movie soundtrack you say this cat is a bad mf, shut your mouth Kenny
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Jump to new posts Re: Ghost Town by 44kfl @ Yesterday at 08:26 PM

Tasty licks! nice, love the groove and the guitar parts and those funky drums this flows along very well with nice phrasing and vocals enjoyed Kenny
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: Can't make a click-track in BIAB 2016... help! by JayO @ Yesterday at 08:07 PM

Well, I know it's not exactly a click track, but in the preferences you can set "Metronome while recording" and that will give you a click with whatever instrument you've chosen for your lead-in. I know it's not exactly what you asked, but off the top of my head, I'd say that would be the easiest way. I've never used a dedicated click track when recording in BIAB myself. Usually I pick a drum track (usually MIDI), something that's close to the feel I want. Then I decide later if I wa
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: BIAB Mac 2017 by Froi @ Yesterday at 08:06 PM

I'm glad that I already got my 30-day free upgrade. Thanks a lot PG!!! Thanks also the jFord and Guitarist for letting me know about this.
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Jump to new posts Pain by Froi @ Yesterday at 07:06 PM

The original mix of this song was created purely with keyboard simulating the sound of various instruments. I like the arrangement but it sound so artificial. I bought BIAB a month ago and tried improving the mix and I really love it, given that the instruments used are real!!! Below is the link: Here are the details of the track: Guitar 1: ~~543:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Dreamy Ev 120 Guitar 2: ~~522:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 1
Jump to new posts Re: My cover of Ray Price' "Crazy Arms" by Don Gaynor @ Yesterday at 05:49 PM

Originally Posted By: TobiasHow do I get one of those mics? I found it in a small department store chain called Fred Myers in Marysville, Washington. I chose it because it used the same electret mic element ( Panasonic WM-063T ) that Greg Mackie used in his famous spectrum analyzer/equalizer. I know because I sold thousands of them to Greg when I imported for him. Donny
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Jump to new posts Re: HOPE BEYOND THE GRAVE by Torrey Bliss @ Yesterday at 05:18 PM

Thanks Shigeki, I always appreciate your comments. T
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Good USB pedal?? by 1manband @ Yesterday at 05:10 PM

I am using it with Windows 10 64-bit but I only use it to replicate the spacebar. Works great that way. I can't comment on the long command string, never tried that.
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Jump to new posts Re: New Song - Another Dawn by Steve Young @ Yesterday at 04:52 PM

Originally Posted By: Don GaynorOriginally Posted By: Al-DavidSteve, This is the epitome of simplicity at its most beautiful. A superb arrangement and vocals that are so comfortable for the ears and the mind. This is splendid in so many ways. Standing "O" from both of us. Alan & Di +1 on what Alan & Di said. This is definitely a keeper, Steve! Donny Thanks so much, Don! It's so nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well! Really appreciate your generous comment!
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Jump to new posts Re: SING AND SWING by Steve Young @ Yesterday at 04:50 PM

Very nice, Dani! Great feel to this song. I really enjoyed your guitar work. Thanks for sharing this one. Steve
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Jump to new posts Re: The Girl Needs Me by Steve Young @ Yesterday at 04:45 PM

ROG, This is outstanding! This is my new favorite of yours. From start to finish, just excellent stuff. Like has been stated, the fiddle works surprisingly well. I like everything about this one! Steve
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Jump to new posts Re: New Song - Hand In Hand (Freedom Song) by Steve Young @ Yesterday at 04:38 PM

Originally Posted By: edshawWell done, Stephan. Assuming the responsibility of leadership, on one hand; taking it gladly, on the other. Agree with the board, very well produced & great voice. Thanks so much, Ed. Glad you like it. Originally Posted By: MarioDSteve, I'm very late coming to this party but I'm glad that I did get to hear this one. As I am very late everything that I wanted to say already has been said. All I can add is if I heard this at a record store I would have bought
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Jump to new posts Re: Back When We Were Young by tommyad @ Yesterday at 04:35 PM

Originally Posted By: VideoTrackTommy, the song captured me from the first note of the intro. This is a real winner, and what a fantastic set of lyrics you have created. Great drive, great build, great melody, great lyrics, great harmonies. Hard to give it anything but credit! VT, thanks for the wonderful review. It means a lot to me. TomOriginally Posted By: Charlie FogleThis is a stunning production. "If I were to make a list, where would I begin?" It would be a very long li
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Jump to new posts Re: DAYS ARE GONE by RnAM @ Yesterday at 03:48 PM

Originally Posted By: VideoTrackRob, you've certainly created another masterpiece as part of your 're-hashing' experimentation. As usual, brilliant vocals from your camp. Every part of this is so enjoyable. Trevor, Thanks! Rob and Anne-Marie
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Jump to new posts Re: Band in a mouth ! by Muzic Trax @ Yesterday at 02:56 PM

Hand to heart, I thought; What about that guy who plays with the Gaithers !!!!! Voila . . . . Great video.
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Jump to new posts Re: Requested Features by RnAM @ Yesterday at 02:47 PM

Originally Posted By: VideoTrackYes, I had a look at the Onyx Arranger. It certainly has some nice features. Definitely +1 for your ideas. Yes, the program is powerful but it could sure use some work on the GUI. Right now the working space in the tracks section, for instance, is way too small. There is, by the way also a free version, but that doesn't support creating new MIDI styles I believe.
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Jump to new posts Re: I Will Miss You by rsdean @ Yesterday at 02:45 PM

Kenny, That is very appreciated - thanks! Bob
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Hi .....Mixing is never finished its just abandoned..... That could be lyrics to a great song..... Lol
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