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Jump to new posts Re: do punch-ins?..well then ..( careful ADULT language ) by Larry Kehl @ 14 minutes 8 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: eddie1261 If I am paying for a CD, I want perfect, clean, precise, 100% effort. And if you can play a better solo, do another one. Until it's right. It’s your money and your prerogative but that sure would limit my buying/listening: No Django, Wes, Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Kenny Burrell, Jim Hall, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker, Chet Baker, Miles, not even the iconic album "Kind Of Blue,” on the very FIRST track “So What” Miles at about ~2:13, t
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Jump to new posts Re: Praying For Rain by floyd jane @ 14 minutes 18 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: David SnyderReally great song Floyd. As you know, you shared this with me a while ago and I loved it then and I love it now. How about we write a song that starts: "You and me behind the barn storm clouds on the way..." Ah yes, I remember it well... Originally Posted By: Deryk - PG MusicWow - this is outstanding! It shows a very deep understanding of songwriting. It is the perfect level of sincere and perfectly catchy. I honestly don't think there is
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Shigeki Adachi, Always a joy to hear your music. Always professional. Your orchestration is well done (as always). Nice movement in the strings... Excellent mix. I enjoyed hearing you sing! Nicely done. Enjoyed. floyd
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Jump to new posts Re: #New Song# Hey Ho by floyd jane @ 21 minutes 31 seconds ago

Cool one, Rob. Fun vocals - nicely recorded. Nice rhythm. Cool sax... fj
Jump to new posts "Back In The Day" gig photos..... by Janice & Bud @ 23 minutes 21 seconds ago

Now days Janice and I are all about BiaB and forum collaborations but there was a a galaxy far away that we played our own instruments. Even lefty Bud played the bass fiddle albeit backasswards I spent decades looking at the backside of four bluegrass improved when Janice joined the band Twenty one years ago at the Coca-Cocal Georgia Bluegrass Jam. Janice was stoked as her fav band, at the time, The Del McCoury Band was on the bill. For those interested in acoustics
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Jump to new posts Re: So Darlin´Please Come On by floyd jane @ 25 minutes 23 seconds ago

Nice, Dani. I like that you are experimenting with techno sounds... A celebration, yes... 100! Cool. fj
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Jump to new posts Re: Band-in-a-box 2018 italiano by maurig @ Today at 11:33 AM

Ci siamo quasi
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Jump to new posts Re: Star by rsdean @ Today at 11:18 AM

Dave, Thanks - very appreciated. Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Circle of Fifths_by Tater Totts by rsdean @ Today at 11:16 AM

LOL! A classic! Nice one David. Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Add an "adjust Level" to each track menu by VideoTrack @ Today at 11:01 AM

Better and more flexible ways to effectively manage MIDI data would be absolutely worthwhile. +1
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Jump to new posts Re: Middletown (Tom & Bud Co-Write) by tommyad @ Today at 10:49 AM

Originally Posted By: Greg JohnsonHere's one for the forum hall of fame, for sure!!! Powerful and painful, brilliant and beautiful, stellar and stunning!! Easiest way to sum it up.....everything done right, nothing done wrong. My favorite for both of you, and THAT is saying A LOT!!! Love it!! Take care. Greg Greg, that sure is a great review! Thanks, TomOriginally Posted By: ROGHi Tom, A great song, beautifully performed and mixed. It comes across at first as a really nice rock bal
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In his recent article, "Musical Perfection": Reflecting on the Contemporary and Timeless Bach Chorales, Frank Fortunato describes our Bach Chorales software as "a fun, interactive exposure to the Bach chorales, or to introduce the chorales to students in a more interactive way...": Learn more about Johann Sebastian Bach and listen to choral ensemble sing some of Bach's most enchanting compositions with our multimedia soft
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Jump to new posts Re: Can`t Get Lost by Robertkc @ Today at 10:38 AM

Originally Posted By: BlueAttitudeOriginally Posted By: MarioDHoley crap Robert we lived in the same house! Yeah, me too! Late 60's, early 70's .. a very special time indeed. Great writing IMHO. Loved: "Steve moves to the chicken coop wires it for sound we get out of bed to cash a check the sky`s upside down gentle Jane changes her name to New Child Arising don`t be surprised in the house with eyes leap before looking" And also: "you can`t get lost can`t get lost if you come
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Jump to new posts Re: Just you and I by David Snyder @ Today at 10:36 AM

This is great y'all. This is the kind of country I like actually. I am sorry we don't hear more of it. Keep it coming! (P.S. Tater Totts said to tell you "That's what I'm talking about.")
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Jump to new posts Re: Love Forever Lasts by Robertkc @ Today at 10:29 AM

George, This is the first of your songs I`ve heard and I really enjoyed the simple warmth in the lyrics and your vocal. That slight waver in your voice is nice- reminds me of Roy Orbison.I hope you`ll post more. Robert
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Jump to new posts Re: Missing You by Guitarhacker @ Today at 09:41 AM

Cliftond, & Curt Young Thank you... glad you like it.
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Jump to new posts Re: vst plugins by jford @ Today at 09:39 AM

I have my VST plugins segmented into different folders, which makes it easier to tell various hosts where to look for them (most hosts allow you to specify multiple folders separated by semi-colons). The VST/VSTi's that were previously installed were moved from their original location to my new folder structure, and now any new installs get pointed to that folder structure. You just have to be careful whether you are installing 32-bit or 64-bit, so they end up in the right place. Don't just a
Jump to new posts Re: To make an RT instrument come in on the off-beat by Icelander @ Today at 09:37 AM

Originally Posted By: eddie1261Can't you just select, drag and drop? If I was working with midi, then sure, anything like that would be a real breeze. The Realtracks are a different beasts though. Edit: unless I'm not quite grasping your intended meaning...
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Originally Posted By: David Snyder...I love Bach man.Now, there's an unused superhero name with potential if I ever saw one - Bach-Man! And yes, this was a lot of fun to make, so I'm glad people are having fun hearing it. Thanks for the feedback
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Jump to new posts Re: Smooth & Silky Jazz Grooves by MarioD @ Today at 09:30 AM

+1 for RTs and MIDI styles.
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Jump to new posts Re: alternative to j bridge by jford @ Today at 09:11 AM

I bought jbridge probably 10 years ago, long before BIAB/RealBand implemented it. I haven't paid a penny since, even though it has been updated many times. $10 seems like a small price to pay, and even though you don't need to do it with BIAB or RealBand, it can be used with other hosts that don't support it internally by using the jbridging utility that comes with it. In addition to letting you use 64-bit plugins in 32-bit hosts, it works the other way also; you can use 32-bit plugins in 64-
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Jump to new posts Re: BIAB Made It to Music Supervisor by David Snyder @ Today at 08:58 AM

I think about 3 or 4 in the past 4 days have gone to music supervisors. Maybe more. There have been a lot this week. I think I have been shortlisted about 20 times now, something like that. Some of my early stuff was not right, but I think I am getting the hang of it now. You just have to dive in and start learning, and I am enjoying the learning process. Here are a few things I have learned along the way. 1. ) When you are submitting, try and get as close to the exact sound and tempo of the
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Jump to new posts Re: Comets by David Snyder @ Today at 08:45 AM

Dave, Thanks a lot man. I am glad you liked it. I sure have been enjoying all your new stuff this year!
Jump to new posts Re: David Wallimann - How Do I Make My Youtube Videos 2018 by Ember - PG Music @ Today at 08:25 AM

I saw this video on an earlier occasion outside of the forums, but I found it pretty interesting! Super cool to see it surfacing again, and on the forums here no less. Awesome and a useful share to many people!
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Jump to new posts Re: Windows Of My Mind by Ember - PG Music @ Today at 08:16 AM

I would also love to see the lyrics! But this is another unique collab that really stands out. Keep doing you, Riccled, and thanks for sharing!
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Bach Chorales - Article: “Musical Perfection”: Reflecting on the Contemporary and Timeless Bach Chorales

In his recent article, "Musical Perfection": Reflecting on the Contemporary and Timeless Bach Chorales, Frank Fortunato describes our Bach Chorales software as "a fun, interactive exposure to the Bach chorales, or to introduce the chorales to students in a more interactive way...":

Learn more about Johann Sebastian Bach and listen to choral ensemble sing some of Bach's most enchanting compositions with our multimedia software The Bach Chorales Volume 1 & 2, which includes a detailed history of the life and times of Johann Sebastian Bach and inspiring performances of his famous Chorales!

"...hours of personal entertainment using resources from one of the most timeless collections in the history of music."
-Frank Fortunato,

New Video - Installing Band-in-a-Box® from the Flash Drive Tutorial

When you order directly from us, there's an option to have your Band-in-a-Box® Pro, MegaPAK, or PlusPAK installation files sent to you on a flash drive (instead of DVD).
(this option appears during the check-out process)

We've created this handy tutorial video to walk you through the installation process:

Guitar Riffs Solo Lesson - YouTube Find (EricBlackmonGuitar)

Check out EricBlackmonGuitar's latest video, QUIK LICKS #14 Guitar Riffs Solo Lesson EricBlackmonGuitar HQ, where he not only teached a great guitar riff, but he also repeats that lick over a Band-in-a-Box backing track... what a great way to show how Band-in-a-Box is ideal for backing tracks!

Video link:

Thank you Eric!

Band-in-a-Box® 2018 - Cleaned-up BB folder!

It's the first day of spring today, which means it's time to start spring cleaning!

We cleaned up the BB folder with our release of Band-in-a-Box® 2018. Over the years, this folder has been growing - there were up to 10,000 files in there! We've fixed this and put the files into various folders. This is done with a cleanup routine. The cleanup normally happens automatically during installation, but you can run it manually by selecting the main menu Help | Utilities | Run Cleanup routine.

The cleanup routine does the following:
-Moves Styles files (.STY/.STX) from C:\bb to C:\bb\Styles.
-Moves Soloists files (.ST2/.XT2) from C:\bb to C:\bb\Soloists.
-Moves various Demo folders to C:\Demos.
-Moves various songs and lessons folders to C:\bb\Songs and Lessons.
-Moves various files essential for running Band-in-a-Box to C:\bb\Data and C:\bb\Data\Lib.
-Moves various preferences files to C:\bb\Preferences.
-Moves tutorial demo songs, program manuals (.pdf), and the help file (.chm) to C:\bb\Documentation.

Oliver Gannon Interview - Appointed to the Order of Canada!

Oliver Gannon (Peter Gannon's brother), was appointed to the Order of Canada in recognition for "his achievements as a musician" on December 29, 2017!

Oliver recently sat for an interview with CBC's Hot Air host Margaret Gallagher - read a summary and listen to the interview at

'I don't know ... why they chose me. But I'm very glad and I'm not giving it back'
-Oliver Gannon

To be clear, and avoid any confusion, there are two brothers: Peter Gannon is the "Band-in-a-Box" PG Music guy, and Oliver Gannon is the jazz guitarist who just won the Order of Canada.

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User Tip - Custom Drum Shots

Have you ever wanted more control of the RealDrums generated within Band-in-a-Box? (example: with the same consecutive shot/hold/push)

Forum user Pipeline shared their steps in an incredibly detailed forum post to our Tips & Tricks forum - check it out: Custom Drum Shots.

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