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Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Band-in-a-Box 2016 Build 152 Update (Feb 20) by Andrew - PG Music @ 7 minutes 40 seconds ago

An update is available for Band-in-a-Box® Version 2016 Download the Band-in-a-Box 2016 Build 152 update --- Note: If you don't already have Build 143 or higher (released Oct 13), there is also a plugins installer which you should download in addition to the new build. Download the MIDI and Audio Plugins installer --- Summary of changes for build 152 (since build 150) (Feb 20, 2017): Fixed: Audio could not be pasted beyond the end of the existing audio data.Fixed: Audio importing would fai
Jump to new posts RealBand 2017 Build 4 Update (Feb 20) by Andrew - PG Music @ 12 minutes 15 seconds ago

A Build 4 update is available for RealBand Version 2017 Download the build 4 update Summary of Changes for Build 4 (Feb 20, 2017) FIXED - Program title was changed to 'file converter' if a conversion needed to be done such as after recording (this affected the title shown when alt-tabbing or hovering over the icon on the task bar, etc.).FIXED - Spurious warning about rebuilding style picker when not needed has been removed.FIXED - FX button now correctly turns blue if MIDI track is actually u
Jump to new posts Re: Right attitude re: EQUIPMENT (not just guitars) by Frank Alves @ 13 minutes 21 seconds ago

I own an Epiphone ES-339 Pro that I got in a trade. A real sweet guitar, well made, and with the coil tapping I can get a variety of great tones. I'm currently thinking of putting a Bigsby on it. Frank
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Band-in-a-Box 2017 Build 459 Update (Feb 20) by Andrew - PG Music @ 16 minutes 15 seconds ago

An update is available for Band-in-a-Box® Version 2017 Download the Band-in-a-Box 2017 Build 459 update (Beta) This is considered to be a beta patch because it is new. This is a cumulative update patch, which works from any 2017 build. Summary of changes for Build 459 (since 458) (Feb 20, 2017): -------------------------- Fixed: Audio Edit window was not displaying lines for audio stretching features (bug introduced in build 458).Fixed: Clicking on the Mixer piano (Thru track) does not disp
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Jump to new posts Re: This Road by Noel96 @ 27 minutes 54 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Marty SorensenI very much enjoyed your lyrics. Thanks for dropping in, Marty. I appreciate the visit. Regards, Noel
Originally Posted By: 90 dBI'd be happy to finish one song in February. Ha....are you getting personal? ....I'm in the same fold. I could never be happy with anything I wrote by forcing the creative process into a specified (contest) amount of time. Hence, I'd be a disappointing failure working under pressure to compete with all of you participants. I'd be happy to flesh out one song every quarter! Don't know how you do it but best to all during the competition. Back to it....
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Jump to new posts Re: Why Does It Rain? by Biglad @ 49 minutes 5 seconds ago

quality loved it .please more
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Originally Posted By: GuitarhackerNice work on this. The groove fits Janice to the tee. Thanks Herb. Peter
Has this been fixed? I can't generate any of the tambourine real tracks. I gave up after trying several. I get a violation then have to close Realband. I'm running 2017 all the latest updates on windows 10. And running as administrator doesn't make any difference. Access violation at address 0098EDF6 in module 'RealBand.exe'. Read of address 00000AD4. Thanks in advance for your help. Oh, other real tracks generate fine - it's just the tambourines.
Originally Posted By: Matt FinleyCheck. I decided to change my post and clarify. First, I was joking. Second, I'm in agreement with you.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: PG Song Title Generator? by Antho1965 @ Today at 10:18 AM

VideoTrack... Yes you are right... I want to be able to edit the generator itself and add my own words, phrases etc. And so it seems able to be done...awesome.
Foro para el usuario de Band-in-a-Box en Español
Jump to new posts Re: -CHACP2^2.STY ChaChaPerc02Congas,Percussion by CarlosEArellano @ Today at 10:00 AM

Hola, bienvenido al foro. Band-in-a-Box ofrece e incluye un conjunto de ritmos latinos y caribeños, producidos y supervisados por excelentes músicos expertos en estilos latinos, como Rebeca Mauleon Santana , Alex Acuña, Craig Scott y otros. Nuestra seccion de percusion afro-latina y Sur Americana, accesible por medio de RealDrums, contiene estilos tales como mambo, rumba, bachata, salsa, bolero, aguinaldo, bomba,timba, plena, mozambique, merengue, cumbia, samba, bossa nova, etc. incluyendo
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: Mixing and panning help by bluage @ Today at 09:58 AM

"guitarhacker"... Got it! Thanks, LOREN
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Jump to new posts Re: What We Gonna Tell Our Children by HearToLearn @ Today at 09:44 AM

There are OBVIOUSLY many great things that can be said for this song. Many have already been said. Many have also said that many have already been said. So I'm going to focus on just a few. Quote:every year the number gets a little smaller every year bone pile a little taller I love the contrast in this! It makes it SO powerful and grabs attention right away...of course strengthened by rhyme. Nice! Quote:poachers grow like a cancer What an amazing line! Associating two horrible in such
Deutsches Band-in-a-Box User Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Frage zum Kauf by Norbert007 @ Today at 09:39 AM

Ja, habe es schon installiert. Hat super funktioniert. Vielen Dank, Gruß Norbert
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Jump to new posts Re: Way to erase tempo map? by Charlie Fogle @ Today at 09:31 AM

Set the Tempo to the desired number: Then open Bar Settings (F5) In bar settings (F5):Reset all bars This is a quick way to do it if you have not made any other bar setting changes. If you have, you reset everything. or File\Open Special\Audio Chord Wizard Utilities\Erase Tempo Map This only erases the tempo map. Charlie
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Jump to new posts Re: SOMETHING STRANGE by HearToLearn @ Today at 09:19 AM

I just heard this song for the first time thanks to the "featured" feature (strange to say) on the forums. What a cool way to hear things I hadn't before! Anyway, I really like the work you did! Personally, it sounds like a Sweet (band) song to me. Am not sure if you are familiar with them or influenced by them? Those are some really nice hooks, both vocal and instrumental. I am such a sucker for stacked vocals like that. VERY VERY COOL!
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Midi keyboard Wizard and external keyboard? by Mike "ex-genius" Kelley @ Today at 09:14 AM

LOL -- sorry, yeah, it's a bit difficult to understand the right nomenclature, but I was indeed referring to having what this old man used to think of as a midi keyboard but nowadays is just a midi controller, external to the program, and invoke the midi keyboard wizard (which itself is a bit of a misleading term, I guess). The manual cleared that all up, and I could have sworn I looked there originally but couldn't find it. And now that I have one (the external controller) I find it does work
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Piano roll velocity editing in Biab by jazzmammal @ Today at 09:10 AM

Funny, to me that's not a tip or trick, lassoing the notes is regular usage. Just click on the Help button in the piano roll window, it's all there and there's a vid on this too. The only problem here is when the midi is a drum track and you're trying to change the velocity of one note like the snare for example. That one note is buried by the other notes hitting at the same time. What I do then is use the piano keys on the left. If the note I want to change is a Bb hit Bb on the piano
Jump to new posts Re: Walmart Music by HearToLearn @ Today at 09:05 AM

Originally Posted By: MarioD If you are looking for something you could sing "Help". You know the song by some British group Actually, I believe One Direction is technically a British-Irish band. NOW who looks dumb?
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Jump to new posts Re: River of Love by floyd jane @ Today at 08:55 AM

"Just like Elvis, Carol King and Aretha I‘ll be rockin’ Above and beneath ya" Loved that. Cool. Rockin'. Groovy. Awesome band. For cryin' out loud... turn those drums up, boy!!! fj
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Jump to new posts Re: STREAKS OF LOVE by RnAM @ Today at 08:54 AM

Thank you Shigeki, Torrey, Dani, Noel and Yutaro ! Your comments are really appreciated. Rob & Anne-Marie
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Originally Posted By: PeterFRob & Lawrence, Truly superb vocal performances - brilliant harmonies and vocal combination. Great mix lovely song. Really excellent work! Peter Thank you Peter!
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: bottom right corner by hoppysheba @ Today at 08:18 AM

I have "flash tips" unchecked. In fact I have all four unchecked. On some tunes I still get messages on the bottom right corner of the screen (BIAB 2017-458)
Dansk Band-in-a-Box bruger forum
Jump to new posts BIAB er blokeret by lindbjerg @ Today at 07:25 AM

Et problem nogle få brugere har haft: Band-in-a-Box kommer med et budskab, som siger at programmet er blokeret, fordi man har installeret på for mange computere. Sådan løses problemet i de fleste tilfælde: I stifinder går du til C-drevet. Find mappen Brugere. Gå til undermappen "Delte filer". Her har du en mappe, der hedder "Ticket". Gå ind i den og slet alle filer i mappen. Højreklik på Band-in-a-Box ikonet og vælg "Åbn som administrator. Nu siger BIAB, a
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