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#319846 - 11/23/15 10:06 AM [User Showcase] Cold Long Winter
jannesan Offline

Registered: 11/29/06
Posts: 820
Loc: Finland
Cold Long Winter

Winter has creeped in here in Finland, so it is time for a colder song. The story is about winter in a relationship. It got some inspiration also from the movie March Of The Penguins (imagine the sax as the voice of the lost penguin).

I wrote the first chords of the song on a cold February Friday evening in 2009. I can still even remember what I was wearing then smile It took me about one month to arrange the song, I remember that my computer had difficulties to handle all those >30 tracks. I made a Finnish version with a real singer later that year. In 2014, I added couple of newer real tracks to the mix and now I finally hired an English singer. So after 7 years of mixing and hundreds and hundreds of listenings, I hope the song doesn't sound too over-produced wink At least my ears are now deaf to any problematic issues.

And not to forget the most important tool: without BIAB this song would not exist.

Instrumentation (I have not saved all the details about the instruments I have rendered via BIAB, so there may be some mistakes)


UrbanPopDrama, RockEven8??


Electric Bass #1636
Cello #1856
Sax #588
Fiddle #624
Acoustic Guitar Finger #364
Blues Guitar #576
Electric Piano #910
String Quartet #2334

MIDI BIAB style:

Timpani (Dramork4)
2xStrings (Sender)
Strings (Ork448)
French Horn (Dramork4)
Trumpet (Brass_44)
Acoustic Piano (Sender, VST: SampleTank Punchee Grand)
Acoustic Piano (Pnomood1)
Acoustic Piano - low notes (??)
Contrabass (Chamber1)
Harpsichord (Mozart)

MIDI by me:


Lots and lots of sound effects from several collections, also some walking on the snow - slowed down.

Vocals: Supreme Tracks

For those interested, here is a link to the instrumental version without vocals: Cold Long Winter instrumental version


Months so long after Christmas
gone without a trace
I'm desperately trying to recall
how it felt the human skin
in your embrace
within the presence on your face.

There's a difference with you or without you
there is foreplay or lonely coo
there is pleasure but no reward
there is tenderness or feeling bored
shake the hand of cold long winter.

Burden on my slumped shoulders
things that made you turn
your picture looks back at me with contempt
insensitive filthy mind
thirst, shame and guilt burn
condemn my crime is to yearn.

There's a difference...

There's a difference...

In the twilight of a frozen sea desert infinity
can't forget what once was part of me
filling the basic need, a human seed, a mouth to feed.

There's a difference...


#319902 - 11/23/15 05:49 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: jannesan]
Scott C Offline

Registered: 12/08/11
Posts: 3369
Loc: Edmonton, Ab, Canada
Loved the song. Very familiar with the lyrics content up here Northern Alberta Canada.
Scott Collingwood

#320004 - 11/24/15 09:12 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: jannesan]
SRP Offline

Registered: 05/16/15
Posts: 532
Loc: Chattanooga, TN
Nice song! I like all the instruments that you used and the use of the cello. Good production all around.

#320048 - 11/24/15 04:21 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: jannesan]
RichMac Offline

Registered: 05/23/10
Posts: 1647
Loc: New Zealand
Wow! Great sound.
Some of the english is a bit shaky but thoroughly enjoyed this the fabulous song.
Great backing great vocals. Cheers.

#320211 - 11/25/15 07:22 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: RichMac]
jannesan Offline

Registered: 11/29/06
Posts: 820
Loc: Finland
Thanks Scott for liking my song. I hope you are used to your cold winter climate wink

Thanks Sonny, nice to hear that you liked the instrumentation! RealTrack cello sounds almost always fantastic.

RichMac, thanks for your kind words, I'm glad that you enjoyed my song. Hopefully the English gets better with practicing.


#320248 - 11/25/15 08:45 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: jannesan]
Don Gaynor Offline

Registered: 12/10/03
Posts: 7895
Loc: Oklahoma, USA
Really enjoyed this, Janne.

I also liked your instrumentation and vocals as well as the nature sounds on the ending. Good production all around.

Thanks for posting.


#320405 - 11/25/15 04:22 PM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: jannesan]
Sergio Guarneri Offline

Registered: 10/13/14
Posts: 1566
Loc: Cremona-Italy
Hello Jannesan

I like this song; great real tracks used.

Nice choice for sax and guitar on background.

Great ambiental effects too.



#320689 - 11/26/15 07:04 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: Sergio Guarneri]
jannesan Offline

Registered: 11/29/06
Posts: 820
Loc: Finland
Don & Sergio, thanks for liking my song, instrumentation and effects. Always nice to get positive feedback, warming especially on a dark and rainy day smile


#320755 - 11/26/15 09:41 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: jannesan]
Greg Johnson Offline

Registered: 12/21/13
Posts: 4088
Loc: Davis, CA
Very impressive project!! Sound Fx, great music, great production. Really captured that 70's sound (Parson's, Floyd, etc.). Wonderful stuff!! Take care. Greg

#320976 - 11/27/15 08:28 AM [User Showcase] Re: Cold Long Winter [Re: Greg Johnson]
jannesan Offline

Registered: 11/29/06
Posts: 820
Loc: Finland
Originally Posted By: Greg Johnson
Very impressive project!! Sound Fx, great music, great production. Really captured that 70's sound (Parson's, Floyd, etc.). Wonderful stuff!! Take care. Greg

Thanks Greg, your comments are always so positive smile Feels strange that AP and PF are mentioned in connection with my song blush . I listened to Alan Parsons quite a lot in the 80's.



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