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#427044 - 08/22/17 05:39 AM [2017 Xtra Styles Contest] Re: Congratulations Xtra Styles Song Contest Winners! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
tommyad Offline

Registered: 05/22/11
Posts: 2440
Loc: Florida
A well deserved congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who participated. Tom

#427134 - 08/22/17 12:43 PM [2017 Xtra Styles Contest] Re: Congratulations Xtra Styles Song Contest Winners! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
David Snyder Online   happy

Registered: 08/29/14
Posts: 2579
Loc: North Carolina
Congratulations to all of the winners!

And, as has been noted, congratulations to ALL of the enormously talented songwriters who turned in submissions.

I only saw winners on this one, seems like everybody won. There was a staggering outpouring of high level songwriting and artistry. And one guy in one category sounded EXACTLY like Jeff Beck. Must have been some tough choices.


Congrats to everyone again and thanks to Band-in-a-Box for such cool tools to work with.

#427208 - 08/23/17 04:19 AM [2017 Xtra Styles Contest] Re: Congratulations Xtra Styles Song Contest Winners! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
MountainSide Offline

Registered: 12/06/11
Posts: 1008
Loc: Florida
Congratulations to and those who contributed alike. Your efforts have been an inspiration. Your insights and use of the new styles have given all of us new creative possibilities.

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#427487 - 08/25/17 06:54 AM [2017 Xtra Styles Contest] Re: Congratulations Xtra Styles Song Contest Winners! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
Buford Offline

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For those who asked, "Great White" is now downloadable from Soundcloud.
Enjoy, BB
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#427883 - 08/27/17 09:31 PM [2017 Xtra Styles Contest] Re: Congratulations Xtra Styles Song Contest Winners! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
JoanneCooper Offline

Registered: 05/12/12
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Loc: South Africa
Well done everybody! Especially the category winners. And also well done to PG music for putting this competition on. I love the new styles and use them all the time. I can highly recommend them to people who already have the everything Pak.

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