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#448796 - 01/03/18 07:31 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: My three wishes for BIAB 2019. [Re: raymb1]
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Originally Posted By: raymb1
Originally Posted By: BlueAttitude
Originally Posted By: Jon Thomas
Yes, also i think that all or most realtracks would have to be re-recorded. ... unimaginable ...
Anyway, just to confirm how much each user is different,having 8 chords per bar would not be something that I would need, hardly at all ... users' needs are very, veruy different ...

It's not so much that you need 8 chords per bar, not for me anyway. It is being able to place a chord on an offbeat, i.e. the 'and' of the beat.

Currently the hack workaround is to use the 'push' function so you can drop a chord on the 'and' (push by 1/8), but pretty much useless most of the time because you can't follow it with a chord on the next beat.

+1 I can think of only a couple of songs where I would need 6-8 chords in a bar. Your post, BlueAttitude, is spot on.

+1 also.

I would add three more requests:

1-have a MIDI only buying option with all of the MIDI styles and Super MIDI track included

2-become 64 bit

3-open all 16 MIDI channels for use with both MIDI and RTs.

A question I have is why would all of the RTs have to be re-recorded? If they could not follow an improved chord placement system then just leave them alone and start a new series of RTs. Maybe call them Super RTs?
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#448815 - 01/03/18 08:39 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: My three wishes for BIAB 2019. [Re: Cerio]
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You are right guys, of course.
And I could add a long list of my own favourite specific requests.
But I'll stick with the 3 general-purpose wishes of the original poster that would benefit 99% of users, not just me or a few others.
Just my 2 cents.
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#450333 - 01/10/18 11:03 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: My three wishes for BIAB 2019. [Re: Cerio]
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Wow, lots of great posts on this topic, here’s my 2 cents:

1. We need a stripped down, uncluttered, 64 bit hi res version of BIAB. The GUI still needs a lot of work.
2. After all these years, the Notation still has issues, the leadsheet advances awkwardly, the spacing still Isn’t even, inputting and recording Notation doesn’t work easily.
3. The 50 features concept is dated, we need less general features, and more work on making the features we have work with ease.
4. I suggest selling new RTs according to what styles we use.....Why should we be paying $$ for Rock/pop/folk styles I’ll never use and take up a lot of disk space? For example: Jazz 1 RT Pak....etc.
5. We need a way to create a special folder of our favorite RTs and styles, this way we can delete all RTs/styles that we do not us without getting the “Missing RT” message every time we start a song, also, those of us with the Audiophile version could cut WAY down on Disk space....

#450339 - 01/10/18 11:42 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: My three wishes for BIAB 2019. [Re: Edward Buckley]
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Originally Posted By: Edward Buckley
4. I suggest selling new RTs according to what styles we use.....Why should we be paying $$ for Rock/pop/folk styles I’ll never use and take up a lot of disk space? For example: Jazz 1 RT Pak....etc.

Hi Edward,

I agree... there are lots of good suggestions within this thread.

Also... I don't think that too many people are aware of this but it is possible to buy Realtracks sets just as you describe. Below is a link to the Jazz ones. (The set of 2018 jazz RTs is $79.)


#452152 - 01/19/18 03:31 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: My three wishes for BIAB 2019. [Re: Cerio]
Cerio Offline

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I would add a fourth wish, closely related to my third point, fix the bugs:

4. I wish PG staff would respond to bug reports!

This is really, really, really important to me. Please, read this:

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#454514 - 01/29/18 05:26 PM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: My three wishes for BIAB 2019. [Re: Cerio]
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This is a great post. I've come back to BiaB after many years, and, boy, does it feel complicated! So many menus, toolbars, dialogs. It feels a bit like the Winchester mystery house with lots and lots of layers built on. Every single feature probably made sense in how it was implemented, but the result is an experience no one loves.

I know how hard it is to redesign software, so both going to 64 bit and tweaking the user interface would be a big tasks.

Nonetheless, it does seem like there is a pretty consistent desire among users to see improvements in these areas...
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