Enjoyed your use of verbose language to describe your apprehension regarding a live chat forum. I agree that anytime people have an opportunity to express their fears, feelings, woes, insights, religious and political positions, they will jump in with both feet. At the same time I wonder how much of your tongue was buried in your cheek during your response.

I would try to refrain from getting involved in that type of discussion and if most users did the same, then the jumper inners would soon get back to the subject of PG music or at least music. I'd like to see it be a totally off-topic chat forum.

Those who would ignore the chat forum would slowly but consistantly be lured in with the titillating conversation and wealth of personalities available with which to discuss music related issues, or as you point out religious or political issues. I'd rather discuss religious issues with a fellow musician than with a tv evangelist.

Enjoyed your post.

Dang....This is addicting.