I get the impression you may not have read Peter’s introductory post entitled ‘User Showcase info and FAQ’ (extract below)

“With the posts, please provide:
- title and background information about the song
- indicate which tracks were recorded by you, and which tracks were generated by Band-in-a-Box or RealBand.
- if Band-in-a-Box or RealBand have been used, please provide information as to which styles or RealTracks were used. (tip: In Band-in-a-Box, the Song Memo contains the names of the RealTracks used, and you can copy/paste from that.)
- List other programs used in the production (Sonar, Cubase etc.)
- Describe what effects were used in the production (reverb, auto-tune etc).”

-reposted without the kind permission of Peter Gannon, but I’m sure he won’t mind!

My point being, we are a sort of community, albeit a virtual one, over on these boards and just pasting a series of links does not help us get to know you.



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