Hi Steve,

First off, thank you very much for your kind words.

I don't think a video is needed to cover that info. My process for song writing has always been to have the chorus first. I always feel that when I have the chorus, I have the song, even if that chorus gets tucked away and the rest unfinished for a bit. This way the verses and bridge follow more easily because they have a direction home- the chorus- already done. And with the chorus of course comes the music, which dictates the style, tempo, and key of the song. The writing of the chorus is done almost simultainiously between the words and music, although I often have the music first- words second. This is typical of how I write country music, where structure and formula remain fairly consistent. Other generas allow for different approaches if need be.

The first thing I look for in Biab is simply a style that matches the type of song I have at hand, as close to the tempo as I need. I don't really need a style persay. I could assemble the real tracks separately. But I find it helps to find a style for a sort of 'package' where the included instruments work well together already. For me, the drums are everything. Bass too. They need to be what I'm looking for in a style. When they're playing what I'm looking for, in A B and/or C parts, the choice is clear. Having the ultra pack helps a lot- everything is in there. I usually don't have to search long to find what I need and if something is used out of the norm and still works, that's even more cool too. I really need to pick up 2011 in a big way, and grab the newest real tracks.

Anyway, that's my usual progression of things. Thanks for the interest. Everyone is different and works differently though. That's what makes songs and writing them so unique.

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