Thanks for the input. When I record it is all line level, no speakers. I dump the BIAB to an 8 track TEAC on 2 tracks. Then I start layering in vocal, additional keys, additional guitar, etc.....

I could probably cut the intros in half. No big thing there.

As it sits now, the 10 tracks come to 54 minutes. Some I actually struggled to make LONGER so I didn't put out a 34 minute CD. I will reconsider that line of thinking, as you are not the first to mention length.

Of the 10, the 2 on the Sound Cloud pager are the only 2, outside of one country waltz. The rest are uptempo.

Private message coming at you here as well.
Why does the Department of DEFENSE want a weapon with first strike capability? Wouldn't that be the Department of Offense?