All I did was play the guitar and let BIAB do the rest...

What a super experience.... too me a few renders to get the solos of the sax and the trumpet where I wanted it... I think it worked.... BIAB is dangerous ... it can read my mind!!!! WOW!!!

Fool Me Once

I did no mixing or EQ work at all outside of BIAB. All I did is lay down the guitar track. That's it. The rest is BIAB!

I used the _SJAZZC3.STY for this one.1059 Alto Sax, Soloist SmoothJazzPoppy Ev16. FOr the Trumpet: 1069 Soloist SmoothJazzCool Sw 16 100bpm (Bluesy).

I know I have not been listening to many of your tunes lately, but my day job has been killing me ... 60 to 70 hours per week. Even had to cancel many of my radio shows.

My apologies to all !!!


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