We have about 15 tunes that we do for our care facilities gigs. Our backups are from BIAB, Playalong cd's, and karaoke cd's and/or downloads. I've been using MP3 Gain for sometime but even with that I still have to adjust the volume on some tunes. Today, I decided to try some other software.

I found about 3-4 other programs via Google. I downloaded and tried 3 of them. It was immediately obvious that the creators of these programs were not English speaking. I don't really care about that except that they didn't get a competent translator. I thought this interesting since some of their websites were pretty elaborate and appeared that there was no language problem.

I've got no problem with someone trying to make a buck, but the trial limitations on these programs were such that you were pretty much limited to one try with batch processing. That would be fine if you knew the program, but some didn't even have a Help feature. In the end, I uninstalled all of "gain normalize" software and went back to the one I've been using, "MP3Gain". Ironically, I would have gladly paid for a program if it worked as advertised. I guess that I'm thinking that there really isn't a program out there that can make volume on each file, within a group, to have the same volume as all of the other files. Obviously my knowledge of sound mechanics is limited and I've come to learn that vocals cannot really be separated out without a lot of work and specialized equipment. I'm learning to play my trumpet better one-handed as I make volume adustments. Actually, it's sort of like turning chart pages. I would think that there would be a market for software to both normalize and adjust volume via batch processing. Am I really dumb about this or what?


Cornet Curmudgeon