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Jump to new posts Re: BIAB Made It to Music Supervisor by cliftond @ 6 minutes 35 seconds ago

Thank You Charlie, I will give a listen and look for the doumentary, I actually think I may have seen it a couple of years back, but, will look again. Cliff
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Jump to new posts Re: State Lines by Janice & Bud @ 23 minutes 19 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: 44kflSmokey goodness!!! it weaves a spell that's so easy to fall under you just wanna stay there and soak up all that bluesy soul from the mood created especially from those gorgeous vocals great mix Thank you Kenny. Those comments are what makes this whole music thing worthwhile. It’s much appreciated! J&B Originally Posted By: David Snyder Absolutely gorgeous mix. Everything is perfectly balanced. Warm! Some great lines in these lyrics as well. I re
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
There have definitely been changes in the way Windows 10 operates in this way. I have problems with bringing other forms into focus. This is now on several computer systems, and not related specifically to BiaB. I think your experience is outside of BiaB. There is a lot of comment on the web on such matters
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Jump to new posts Re: One Of These Days by dani48 @ 51 minutes 25 seconds ago

Hi, Rob and Anne -Marie !:)) Thank you so much for your most kind words ! Yes, we really do like to bike a lot in these beautiful Helsinki surroundings !!!:)) I had to replace the earlier soundcloud file with the one that is better balanced ! Cheers Dani
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Jump to new posts Re: Swiss Volklore Style by Renato-Rosso @ 52 minutes 18 seconds ago

Hallo Brille ich habe PG Music geschrieben. Und ich habe Swiss Folklore Beispiele von der Dropbox eingefügt. Mal sehen wie sie reagieren. liebe Grüsse Renato Dear PG Music I’m a user from your great program since many years. There are very many styles to find. For example Oberkrainer Alps styles. But what is unfortunately missing are Swiss Folklore styles, Ländler, Polka, March and Schottisch. They are a little different than Oberkrainer Styles. Please listen to the examples which
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Play Option by Dave @ 53 minutes 46 seconds ago

I am sure you are right. If you clicked on a song from the song list it would auto start, or wait for you to press start. It may have something to do with the fact that there are now 2 start buttons, one to regenerate the other to play current 'generation'
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Jump to new posts Re: These Days by dani48 @ 56 minutes 5 seconds ago

Hi, Dave and Christine !:)) What a lovely blues by you and what a sweet bluesy vocal by christine ! Can´t become much better than that !!! Cheers Dani
Jump to new posts Re: Recording clean by rharv @ Today at 05:46 AM

Unfortunately the 2i2 will be like that; it does not come with a mixer applet to let you pan the 2 channels as desired. One channel is left and one is right. Every other Focusrite unit (and most other brands) have the mixer applet with panning control, but not the 2i2. I learned this the hard way, like you. This is why I use my Delta much more than my Focusrite. Wish I'd have gotten the next model up. Eventually I'll get something like an 18i20, but haven't needed to yet.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Korg patch by Matt Finley @ Today at 05:45 AM

Good. If you made a .PAT file that works, send it to PG Music to be added to the link I posted.
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Jump to new posts Re: Bring Me Down To The Water by BlueAttitude @ Today at 05:34 AM

Man, what a great song! One of the best songs I have ever heard on this site actually, excellent write and performance. Well done!
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Jump to new posts Re: COME AGAIN by GocartMoz @ Today at 04:31 AM

Beautifully done. It is the vocals that stand out for me and I love the simplicity of the arrangement. Not overdone. Just right! Excellent job. Dave
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Jump to new posts Re: When Papa Comes Home by GocartMoz @ Today at 04:23 AM

Great funky tune. Enjoyed the use of all the instruments. Loved the guita rolling along in the right channel and especially liked the sax solo. The only thing I didn’t particularly care for was the abrupt ending. I wanted more. Great job. Dave
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Jump to new posts Re: FOOL'S GOLD by GocartMoz @ Today at 04:09 AM

Nice job. Loved how the song moved along from start to finish with a nice lift in the chorus. Excellent write. Thank you for sharing. Welcome to the forum. Dave
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Bonjour Daniel, Merci pour les nombreux posts intéressants que vous diffusez. Savez-vous s’il existe un guide utilisateur band in a box Mac 2018 en français à part entière. Nouvellement arrivé sur le site, je n’ai encore rien trouvé. Merci. Patrice
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Jump to new posts Re: Deciduous Love (Rock Ballad) by Noel96 @ Yesterday at 10:57 PM

Originally Posted By: BlueAttitudeHi Noel, Love it! Very nice flow to this, the sort of song you don't want to end. Just finished my third listen actually I love your attention to detail! The delay you add to "love" for example, and that subtle sound effect that comes in every so often. Choice of notes during the vocal too, "away" for example, wasn't expecting you to sing that note but very effective. My new favorite from you, hands down! Dave, Thanks for taking th
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Hello, Noel Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and comment. I am really glad you like this tune. I am always very encouraged by your kind words. I love classical music very much and occasionally ask classical music for ideas of my songs. This tune is one of them. I often listen to Bach when I am stuck on composing. Also I listen to CDs of my favorite composers such as Aznavour, Francis Lai, Michel Legrand, Tom Jobim, Piazzolla and etc. repeatedly. I think that perhaps it is tied
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Jump to new posts Re: Too Late For Surf by dani48 @ Yesterday at 10:11 PM

Hi, David ! Thank you so very much for your most kind words and Birthday greetings ! Nice, that you were caught up by the tones of the waves !!! Cheers Dani
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Jump to new posts Re: Somewhat Diminished by dcuny @ Yesterday at 09:26 PM

Interesting. Well played, mixed and produced, but - for me - it never gathered much direction musically. Even the descending melodic bit didn't seem to give it much motion. Maybe I just expect to hear circle of fifths progressions. I guess I'm that guy in the saying "you can't please everyone all the time." Thanks for posting!
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Jump to new posts Re: You Don't Serve Me Anymore by jford @ Yesterday at 08:54 PM

I love this and especially the double entendre play on words in the lyric.
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts Re: Somewhat Diminished by jford @ Yesterday at 08:52 PM

Love the vibe on this one, Mario. Has a kind of Brian Auger and the Trinity feel to it.
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts Re: House Party by jford @ Yesterday at 08:48 PM

That one will get you in the dance floor, David. Excellent.
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed that, Eddie!
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Jump to new posts Re: Insert drums by EMG @ Yesterday at 08:41 PM

Oh thank you. Yes I spend some time trying to change the drums unsuccessfully Finally I got to replace the not hearing drums with a realdrum.... Originally Posted By: Matt FinleyVery good. If you want to talk about why you didn’t hear the MIDI drums, I’m sure we can help.
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts A Fifth Goes Down Smoothly by jford @ Yesterday at 08:26 PM

PGMusic XTRA Styles Pak #5 Contest Submission: Song Link --> A Fifth Goes Down Smoothly Style Used --> _ZEALOT Category --> Jazz (Classical) - mix of RealTracks/MIDI I thought I would have a little fun with this one. This is definitely not my original song, but from the public domain. I was previewing the new XTRA Styles Pak #5 and just fell in love with the _ZEALOT style (described as Zealot Jazz Soul Rhythm Section). I then though I would marry it with a classical song, and I s
Jump to new posts Re: How to organize responses and threads question by Janice & Bud @ Yesterday at 06:36 PM

A lot of forums including one I I used to moderate had a flag for threads for which you had already responded. It was simple for an admin to switch on the option. Perhaps PG Music could do this if allowed by their forum software. We make an entry into Apple Notes for each song we comment on. Sometimes we will enter our comments into Apple Notes and later copy them to the forum. We listen to each song at least twice before responding. Often more.
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