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Jump to new posts Re: My Sweet Bunny by jannesan @ 22 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: JoanneCooperHa! You had me with the title of this one. So sweet and I just knew I was going to enjoy it from the intro. Cute. Thanks Joanne, I appreciate your cute comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my song Janne
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Jump to new posts Re: Like A Thief In The Night by Al-David @ 3 minutes 44 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Rob4580Great lyric vocal and production. Good work Al. Rob. Hi Rob, Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the very kind words! Merry Christmas. Alan
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Jump to new posts Re: Realband Demo for S.O.S. by floyd jane @ 6 minutes 8 seconds ago

Nicely done, ROG. The BIAB Blues tracks do make super instrumentals - like the Bluegrass ones... Excellent mix. A good listen. fj
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Jump to new posts Re: Instead Of Crying by floyd jane @ 9 minutes 32 seconds ago

Jon, Excellent. Very professional - like all your stuff has been. Your ukulele playing is really nice (and well recorded). Your vocals are superb - your "American" (as Tom said) is impeccable (amazing). Would love to hear you sing one in Italian, too - assuming you write in it as well... Is the fiddle an RT? Sounds like it done "custom" for the song... A great listen. floyd
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Jump to new posts Re: Christmas Once Again III 2017 by jannesan @ 15 minutes 58 seconds ago

While listening to this, I feel like getting a lift in Santa's sledge on the way to my family, watching falling snow and children making snowmen. Nice solo guitar. Merry Christmas, Dani Janne
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Jump to new posts Re: Slow Blues (Instrumental) by floyd jane @ 17 minutes 12 seconds ago

Nice use of the BAND, Samuel. Excellent mix! A good listen. fj
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Jump to new posts Re: The Rest Of My Life by jannesan @ 27 minutes 16 seconds ago

This is perfect example of its genre, radio friendly straight from the top of the charts. Perfect arrangement and mix. The title of the song is really strong, containing both eternal longing and comforting wisdom. Janne
Jump to new posts Re: Win 10 Updates - Breaking Audio Drivers by jford @ 31 minutes 30 seconds ago

Quote:All is good now! Except now I need to go get a cup of coffee... You mistake was not starting with the coffee.
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Jump to new posts Re: Christmas Tree by Scott C @ 33 minutes 56 seconds ago

Very cool tune Mario. I did not hear this on the first pass in 2009. So glad you reposted this . Excellent tune. Loved the organ in the background. Guitar was excellent as well
Jump to new posts Re: Samplitude Pro X3 Suite by jford @ 57 minutes 43 seconds ago

I'll have to double check, Larry, but it seems that when I look at the Independence Pro folder it read (in Windows) 69 point something GB, so pretty close to 70 GB. Also, if you want to install on a second machine, just copy the downloaded Independence content over to the other machine, then run the installer and select the 3rd option (which is the content is already on your hard drive). Also, it looks like you can only authorize Spectralayers on one machine. I'm also having problems getting
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Jump to new posts Re: Blind testing a 10 ms Timing Difference by Deryk - PG Music @ Today at 07:42 AM

This is very interesting! I've heard of these kind of tests, but never actually tried taking one. I'll have to bookmark it for later on and try it out
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Jump to new posts Re: HOW TO USE BIB TO PRACTICE GUITAR? by edshaw @ Today at 07:35 AM

A multi-track digital recorder would do the job, though the backing track does have to be rendered and loaded on to the recorder. Among the makers: Fostex, Zoom, Boss, and Tascam. $275 - $400+ (My next one will have an enhanced interfaceI hope.) Recorders Reviewed
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Wizard playalong feature not working by Cerio @ Today at 07:32 AM

Originally Posted By: Mike HeadHi Like Mat I don’t think the wizard is meant for playing a midi keyboard. Thanks Mike, as I said, this is what the Help file (v. 2018) says about that: "The Wizard is an intelligent play along feature that is controlled with the bottom two rows of your computer’s QWERTY keyboard or your connected MIDI keyboard. The bottom row of keys plays chord tones; the second row plays passing tones. You play any key in either row and never make a mistake! The W
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Jump to new posts Re: The Bum by 90 dB @ Today at 07:25 AM

Originally Posted By: tommyadAnother in a long line of well written story songs. Impeccable production and experly delivered. Your standards have not been compromised with this one. ALWAYS a pleasure to listen to your artistry, Tom +1. Regards, Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: Donald Fagen on josie & peg by Deryk - PG Music @ Today at 07:21 AM

Wow, those are incredibly interesting to watch! I agree with VideoTrack - what a truly gifted man Donald Fagen was. Steely Dan will always hold a place in my heart.
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Jump to new posts Re: NEW SONG POST: Dream Love by tommyad @ Today at 07:21 AM

Very few of us here can post a performance as well crafted as this is. It does have a Beatlesque feel that pulls in the listener and doesn't let go. Just beautiful! Among your very best, Tom
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Jump to new posts Re: Lullaby In D by tommyad @ Today at 07:12 AM

Lawrence, You are one of my favorite vocalists. Not just here but anywhere! Great write, arrangement and production. Super!!! Tom
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Jump to new posts Re: *New Song* Send a Donation -Waltz by tommyad @ Today at 07:08 AM

Rob, A good write. Well sung and produced. Good mix. Getting old sucks and you did a good job of relaying that sentiment. Very nicely done in all regards, Tom
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Jump to new posts Re: Soul Stealer (video) by tommyad @ Today at 07:02 AM

This is a well written blues tune. The vocal is to die for. I enjoyed the dancing and the gymnastics that only could be delivered by an extraordinarily talented singer. The mix is spot on and the real standout is the killer bass line and tone. Who woulda thunk that a mando solo would work so well? Enjoyed the video and am glad to hear this one again, Tom
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Jump to new posts Re: A New Life by tommyad @ Today at 06:56 AM

Congradulation on new family member. I can relate. A nice tribute to your grandson, Tom
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Jump to new posts Re: The Life Church by tommyad @ Today at 06:50 AM

Originally Posted By: Al-DavidHi Rich. In my opinion, this is the best if the songs you've posted in the 5+ years I've been here. Your voice reveals your passion for the song. This is a really wonderful song and presentation. This is wonderful work, Rich. Merry Christmas. Alan I second these comments. Nice minimalistic backing and I didn't miss the rhymes much either. Well done, Tom
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Jump to new posts Re: FEEL YOU IN THE WIND by tommyad @ Today at 06:45 AM

Torrey, I like this different side of you. The chord progression is interesting and fits the song structure well. Great vocals and guitars. I rarely find fault with any of your productions but I agree that it is over compressed and I was getting a pumping quality that I'm sure can be easily remedied. Really nice song.,Tom
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Jump to new posts Re: Somewhere Far Away Sleeps My Lady by Elliott Kayne @ Today at 06:44 AM

I updated the track with a new mix, with your suggestions, lowered the slide guitar
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Jump to new posts Re: That speical time of year by tommyad @ Today at 06:39 AM

Originally Posted By: floyd janeBrad, A good Christmas write - well done. Nice mix, good vocal. Enjoyed it. fj Brad, This is exactly what I was going to say. Very nice, Tom
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This is very nice, calm and relaxing for listening. Nicely done and the mix is superb!
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Fixed: Section letters in Notation Window were not being resized if the notation was zoomed in/out
Fixed: RealBand might freeze when generating audio harmonies
Fixed: Loading in a BB song (MGU/SGU) or generating realtracks could freeze up the program.
Fixed: Chords in Notation/LeadSheet on 1st beat of a bar were being drawn too close to bar lines.
Fixed: Support for XP and Vista.

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Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows users can update their version with the latest patch - Build 505.

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Added: You can now put Section Numbers in your song. Previously you could only use letters A-Z, but now you can use 1-9 as well.
Added:You can now filter styles in the StylePicker for styles that contain Video RealTracks.
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box would crash with error "Procedure entry point MFTEnumEx could not be found in the Dynamic Link Library Mfplat.DLL" while starting up if using Windows Vista.
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box would crash with error message "dwmapi.dll cannot be found" while starting up if using Windows XP.
Fixed: The Transcribe feature in the Audio Edit window was not always working.
Fixed: The Windows Audio Devices dialog might show garbage text for names of devices if not running Band-in-a-Box in English.
Fixed: There was no Quality selector in the Render to Audio File dialog if rendering MP3 on Windows 7 or earlier.
Fixed: There were visual artifacts in the leadsheet & notation windows when moving the cursor.
Fixed: Using the Transpose or stretching features in the Audio Edit window might cause an access violation if the audio track is mono.
Improved: Band-in-a-Box will start up faster.
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