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Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: what format do we hear in biab by beatmaster @ 21 minutes 25 seconds ago

Matt Thanks very much, that answers it all for me. I am right on saying, when I render for my daw it is then wav ?.
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Jump to new posts Re: Deciduous love (gibsonated) by Noel96 @ Today at 09:19 PM

Alyn, It's fantastic to see you in the forum again!!!! Love the opening. Very mystical and haunting and spooky. When that bass comes in... the feeling is awesome and then Brent arrives a bit later and ices what is truly a spectacular cake. This is such an incredibly mind-boggling good production. Everything sits s-o-o-o-o-o well together. The arrangement and the mix are PERFECT for your narrative and the use of delay is very, very effective. I found this a magical musical journey in the best
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Jump to new posts Re: Suggestion: Selective Re-Generating by JohnJohnJohn @ Today at 08:45 PM

Originally Posted By: Charlie FogleBecause you may not can get the results you want from the Audio Chord Wizard doesn't mean it can't be done, it just means you can't do it. Or it means that my requirements/standards for a software program are higher than yours! And to your other point about maintaining compatibility with XP, if true, that is a very bad business decision! XP is long gone with no future whatsoever and below 5% of all Windows users are using it. I suspect the delay in upgrading B
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Jump to new posts Re: Mi Viejo by EMG @ Today at 08:15 PM

Hi Robertkc… the lyrics followed the piano par after the first notes.... I grow up with old Italian an peruvian songs (Wvalzer and boleros) so I've been influenced in a strange way.... when I compose and play the guitar I'm generally too much melodic. TOO MUCH! Thank you for your feedback! Originally Posted By: RobertkcErmar, A fine tribute...can`t help but wonder about the lyrics in your original, but I enjoyed the feel and gradual build of this. Very nice piano playing. Robert
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Jump to new posts Deciduous love (gibsonated) by gibson @ Today at 08:14 PM

Since my last post last year I had lost interest in music due to a re-emergence of the worst time of my life from 20 years ago, I sometimes lurk and saw Noel's lyrics but thought that I could never write a song to those. I occasionally messed with BIAB trying to discover tricks I didn't know and playing with the RTs that I have never used and came across 2708 Autoharp. And so emerged 32 bars of Em which needed lyrics and more chords! THEN the gibsonator suddenly came back to life, took contr
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Jump to new posts Re: Mi Viejo by EMG @ Today at 08:11 PM

Hi Dani! In Peru, place where I lived for a few years, Viejo is a way the son call his father... A very famous song: Es un buen tipo mi viejo Salud! Originally Posted By: dani48Holá Ermar ! Porque tu Viejo ? La canción es de tu Papa o Abuelo ? En qualquier manera estaba una cancion maravillosa ! Salud ! Dani
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Jump to new posts Re: Mi Viejo by EMG @ Today at 08:07 PM

Hi Rayc. I always accept critics when they're presented in a nice way. Said that, I was not 100% happy with the strings. I would've preferred a warmer presence of strings and a better integration with the piano, but I don't know very good how to use Studio One 3.... With a full time job, 2 kids and a wife, is difficult to achieve the sound I want in a few sessions. I just don't have time, and if I wait longer to finish the song, is very probable that I'll never finish it. Anyway, for me, upload
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Jump to new posts Re: Mi Viejo by EMG @ Today at 08:01 PM

Too nice as always Noel. You keep me 100% motivated. Thank you! Originally Posted By: Noel96Ermar, I love your piano playing. You have such a lyrical, Chopinesque style to your composing and playing. In so many ways, what I'm sitting here hearing right now reminds me of Richard Clayderman.... and I mean that as a HUGE compliment. To my ears, everything about this fits perfectly -- the composing, the mix and the cinematic journey are all framed by a wonderful arrangement and a polished product
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Jump to new posts Re: Suggestion: Selective Re-Generating by Pipeline @ Today at 07:12 PM

If you want to test the speed generating tracks straight from RAM and not hard drive files, just create a RAM Drive, create a RealTracks and Drums folder on it, copy the RealTracks and Drums folders that the style uses to the RAM drive, point Biab to these new locations. This will work better if you have wav files rather that wma that need decompressing first. google > ram drive software free
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Jump to new posts Re: An Introduction. by Tangmo @ Today at 07:11 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: BIAB Made It to Music Supervisor by David Snyder @ Today at 06:56 PM

I got shortlisted on some stuff at 3 a.m. Los Angeles time. Do you think somebody was in the office listening? Or did a robot steal my curator?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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Jump to new posts Re: missing styles - help identfy? by Kent - PG Music @ Today at 06:54 PM

Hi MusicMan, It looks like all of these styles (except for the last two) were from 2014 or earlier, so would have been included with your 2016 EverythingPAK. I'll see if I can find installers that'll just install this missing stuff tomorrow though, so you don't have to install 2016, 2017, and 2018 again. Thanks Kent PG Music
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Jump to new posts Re: LUFS VERSUS MASTERED Wav Size question by David Snyder @ Today at 06:45 PM

The CD version of Dancing Queen I have is 14 (streaming quality) LUFS and a respectable 11.5 in Dynamic Range. It peaks at about -0.7 so it is not hot or over compressed by today's standards. It fact in has a pleasant sound. It is not a big monster fat .wav. but not skinny either, about what you would expect from that time period. 14 LUFS and 11.5 to 12 in DR are what you are aiming for today, no matter were you are peaking volume or amplification (headroom) wise. LUFS is not the same as vol
Jump to new posts Re: Volume difference between BB and RB by Charlie Fogle @ Today at 06:43 PM

Another thing to try when you are exporting a song from Biab to RB is before closing Biab, Right click <Master> to open the drop down menu. Select <Set Mix to Flat, Dry and Center> This will change the current volume, panning and remove effects of the current BIAB song and style. The volume defaults to 90. When you open the file in RealBand, the tracks will all be at the default volume, panning and without effects. If the volume is too low or too high, adjust the default volum
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Jump to new posts Re: Styles spreadsheet? by Kent - PG Music @ Today at 06:30 PM

Sorry guys, I mistyped. It was supposed to say "StylePicker". Fiddler, thanks for posting the screenshot. Cheers Kent PG Music
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Jump to new posts Re: Suggestion: Selective Re-Generating by Charlie Fogle @ Today at 06:27 PM

Originally Posted By: JohnJohnJohnJust because riding a horse is faster than walking is no reason not to build a car! And I wish that the ACW worked even half as good as Charlie described. I've tried to use it on simple songs with simple chords and found its quicker and way less frustrating to type in the song! It works that way for me. I'll repeat with respect, what I said above about RealBand. Because you may not can get the results you want from the Audio Chord Wizard doesn't mean it can
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Jump to new posts Re: Suggestion: Selective Re-Generating by Charlie Fogle @ Today at 06:19 PM

"For vast majority there should be a choice, an OPTION of choosing between rendering from hard drive OR doing the process in memory. Adobe and other software companies had this option for over a decade to choose how processes are handled." You're right. I'm missing the point. You missed my point that in its present form, Biab works with every PC configuration from XP to the futuristic next years super whiz bang model meaning the final audio product is the same quality and sound reg
Jump to new posts Re: Need Mac program like pt by Pipeline @ Today at 05:54 PM

YES Reaper, you can import the chords from your songs using video render or musicXML: Biab PT RB MusicXML to Reaper Notation & Chords
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Welcome to the forum Keith. What a beautiful song for your daughter. Perfect song. Was thinking of my grand daughters while I was listening to the song. Brought a tear to my eye. Well done
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Jump to new posts Re: Everything by Scott C @ Today at 05:41 PM

Boy do I loved this song Floyd. You hit this one out of the park. What an awesome vocal. Beautiful lyric and backtrack. Well done
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What a cool song. I loved the intro. Very cool vocals and guitar. Really nice collaboration guys.. Up there with my favorite tunes on the forum..
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Jump to new posts Re: Dixie by Scott C @ Today at 05:34 PM

Very cool version of the song. Super vocal. Well done Samuel
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Jump to new posts Re: PRIME THE PUMP by Scott C @ Today at 05:32 PM

Cool tune country tune. Well done
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Jump to new posts Re: FOOL'S GOLD by Scott C @ Today at 05:27 PM

Welcome to the forum. This is an excellent song. Super vocal and backtrack. Well done..
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Jump to new posts Re: An Introduction. by BlueAttitude @ Today at 05:26 PM

Hey Tangmo, I know you! Great to see you here, it’s been a while. Had a listen to your first song, well written as I remember your songs always were. I think you will be blown away once you get your disk with the real tracks, BIAB has come a long way over the last few years. MIDI is still an important part, and they now have the concept of MIDI Supertracks that kicks things up a notch. Anyway, a great community here, lots of support from most of the people here in the various forums. Lots
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