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Jump to new posts Re: Star by rsdean @ 1 minute 30 seconds ago

Floyd, Thanks very much. Appreciate the comments on the Brent solo - i worked on getting that to sound right for hours at that tempo! LOL! Bob
Jump to new posts Re: substituting synth sounds for midi file in real band by Kent - PG Music @ 1 minute 40 seconds ago

Hi Rich, You'll want to make sure you're saving the project as an SEQ file, not as a MIDI file. The MIDI file format doesn't save plugin selections. If you use SEQ, the file should open exactly as it was when saved. Thanks Kent PG Music
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Jump to new posts Best current MIDI sound module for BIAB? by jholman @ 6 minutes 12 seconds ago

My long-time favorite MIDI module, the Ketron SD2, is dying. I might buy another, but I see it's no longer available. Anybody have any thoughts on the best midi module for BIAB that's out there now? I'd prefer to spend less than $500, but I could spend more for something that's way better than less costly alternatives.
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Jump to new posts Re: Please Won't You Let Me Go Home by Guitarhacker @ 15 minutes 6 seconds ago

Cool tune. Very folk orientated. Good job to both of you.
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Jump to new posts BIAB Made It to Music Supervisor by David Snyder @ 17 minutes 43 seconds ago

So as I understand it, music does not get forwarded to music supervisors for film or t.v. unless it sounds legit and meets spec. These two things came straight outta Band in a Box. I guess it can be done. I don't really care if they finally end up in the film or not, I am just tickled pink that I have proof that a BIAB cut can make it to the front of the line. SongTradr also added these songs to a special playlist for this type of music for other music supervisors looking for this genre. So, a
Jump to new posts Re: Notation Double Flat by Noel96 @ 19 minutes 49 seconds ago

Claudio, It's very rare to see a dim7 chord notated with double flats (even in music from the classical masters such as Mozart, Beethoven, etc.). BIAB's notation is based on creating lead sheets. It is not a fully comprehensive notation program. I don't know of any way to get double flats or double sharps. To do that, you'd need to use a more specialised music notation program. Musescore is freeware and does a great job if you are looking for something. Regards, Noel
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Jump to new posts Re: Using BIAB with the usb drive by Kent - PG Music @ 21 minutes 25 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Rich59 Lastly if the usb drive becomes defective will I be able to replace it or downoald BIAB at no charge? Hi Rich, The hard drives are covered by a one-year warranty, so if it fails within that year, we'll replace it for free. If it fails after a year, or if it stops working because it was dropped or not ejected before disconnecting, we'll replace it for the cost of the drive ($50) plus shipping, or you can download the software for free. Though lots of users choose
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Jump to new posts Re: Nouvel utilisateur de Band-in-a-Box 2017 by John-Luke @ 34 minutes 1 second ago

S'il n'y a pas d'utilisateurs MAC pour te répondre sur ce forum, tu pourras alors poser ta question sur le forum anglais.
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Jump to new posts Re: Trouble with chord ending song by w @ 35 minutes 50 seconds ago

Jim Fogle, thanks kindly Sir. Poor Mister Magoo here really had to squint to find that information in his Mac Band-in-a-Box® RealTracks picker and it only tells you via those pop-up windows when you hoover the mouse over it (screen shot ). Actually to be honest i or Mister Magoo never worked with those columns.
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Jump to new posts Re: Please Won't You Let Me Go Home by Janice & Bud @ 38 minutes 8 seconds ago

Man, does that ever pull at the heartstrings. We're glad for you, for her and all of us that you "got on with it" because it resulted in a very touching production that gives us all pause for reflection. "Thank goodness she's still mainly a happy person." Indeed. Thanks for sharing this with us.... J&B
Jump to new posts substituting synth sounds for midi file in real band by Rich59 @ 38 minutes 46 seconds ago

If I were to sub a sound from my Analog Lab 3 synth into a realband midi track how would I save that sound within the song file. As of now if I sub a synth sound and save the song it does not save the sound from the synth because it was not actually recorded in Realband?
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Jump to new posts Re: Using BIAB with the usb drive by Noel96 @ 41 minutes 45 seconds ago

Rich, If you log-in into your sales account at PG Music, click on My Products and then scroll down a bit, you'll see what downloads are available to you. These should be all your registered purchases of BIAB. If something doesn't show up, it means that you have not yet registered it. Regards, Noel
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Jump to new posts Enable Input Monitoring in BIAB?? by David Snyder @ 43 minutes 2 seconds ago

Does anyone know how to enable input monitoring in BIAB? The purpose is to use Amplitube WHILE jamming along with tunes. I know how to do this in Real Band (or any other DAW) but can't seem to find the buttons in BIAB. In Real Band you choose "Input Monitor" insert from edit VST/DXI then choose Amplitube from one of the drop downs. I have been to the audio panel options in BIAB for recording and see "enable real time VSTs" but it does not give me the amp sound when I pla
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Jump to new posts Re: Porting to a new pc by Noel96 @ 50 minutes 4 seconds ago

raddy, What is the name of the file you are trying to run and where is it located? An alternative approach is... Log-in into your sales account (#1 on image below). If you go to 'My Products' and scroll down a bit, you'll find the BIAB/Realband installation file. I've highlighted what it's called in my 'My Products' (#2). Download this file (#3) and install it in your newly created BIAB directory. That will set up Windows to run BIAB. (If your latest version of BIAB is 2018, you need to
Jump to new posts Re: Notation Double Flat by Claudio Goldfarb @ 57 minutes 10 seconds ago

Thanks Samuel for your reply. The reason is theorical, just to be consistent with the dim chord meaning (bb in 7th)... On the other hand my main purpose is to build a series of the five chords (Major, dominant, minor, half diminished seventh and dim7), to practice and to be able to follow the notes. Do you have any idea how to build that in BIAB? By now just start with F, and found the bb issue... (that as you said, could be replace by next natural). The thing is what do you recommend to prac
As far as sales, as long as there are sales, does it matter how they happen? And ANY exposure helps. If Joe in Boise has never heard of you, that is how he meets you.
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Jump to new posts Re: Final Mix Plug-ins by Guitarhacker @ Today at 10:37 AM

I use Ozone as my final and sometimes not so final plug
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Jump to new posts Re: Mixing two songs - possible or not? by Guitarhacker @ Today at 10:36 AM

I don't know either song.... but there;s a bunch of mashups on the internet... I guess it all comes down to your audio editing skillz.
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Jump to new posts Re: Write A Hit In 60 Minutes by Guitarhacker @ Today at 10:35 AM

Yeah..... Nahhhhhhhh If the pictures were't there, you'd never guess. To me that all sounded very similar..... don't believe me? Close your eyes and listen and try to ID. His girl singer impression was the better one of the bunch.
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Jump to new posts Re: They call her the evenstar by Westside Steve @ Today at 10:32 AM

Originally Posted By: GuitarhackerVery nice job. It has an Eagles vibe to it... from their early years. I like this .... I have also contemplated going back and reworking a few of the early years projects, and of course, updating the music and the lyrics. Yes I have dozens of songs kicking around from the 70s and 80s. Every once in awhile I like to pick one out and give it a facelift. WSS
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Jump to new posts Re: FIND MY WAY BACK HOME by Guitarhacker @ Today at 10:30 AM

Yep.... good stuff. It's been a while since I worked on any jazz for myself.... might have to indulge the muse.... nice playing too.
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Jump to new posts Re: #New# A Selfie With You by Guitarhacker @ Today at 10:28 AM

This is a good tune. Everything sounds good to me. Nice production. Liked that piano solo. Of course, I would have made it a guitar solo but..... Yep, good job.
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Jump to new posts Re: NEW TWEAK: "On My Way Back Home" by Guitarhacker @ Today at 10:25 AM

This is the first time I've heard this..... Not at all what I expected. Dave, honestly, the falsetto just doesn't fit this song. Some songs and some artists have made a career from singing falsetto, but this isn't one of them. Sing this at least one octave lower. Man I don't mean to sound insulting because it's not meant to be at all.... I think there's a good song in there.... you just need to sing that good song. Save the falsetto for a song that works in falsetto. That's all I can say
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Jump to new posts Re: They call her the evenstar by Guitarhacker @ Today at 10:17 AM

Very nice job. It has an Eagles vibe to it... from their early years. I like this .... I have also contemplated going back and reworking a few of the early years projects, and of course, updating the music and the lyrics.
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Oliver Gannon (Peter Gannon's brother), was appointed to the Order of Canada in recognition for "his achievements as a musician" on December 29, 2017!

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'I don't know ... why they chose me. But I'm very glad and I'm not giving it back'
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Automatic Soloing!
Pick any song or chords in any style, and choose a "soloist." Band-in-a-Box® then creates and plays a professional quality solo in the style of your choice. Previous versions of Band-in-a-Box created great accompaniment. Now you can hear sensational solos as well - showing you exactly what notes are played. Choose from "soloists" in the style similar to great Jazz musicians such as Django Reinhardt, John Coltrane, or Country/Pop soloists and others, or create your own soloists using the "Soloist Maker."

Soloist Maker
This module allows you to define your own soloists. For example, let's say you want to create a soloist in a style similar to the style of "John Coltrane" - the great Jazz saxophonist. The Soloist Maker allows you to define the parameters essential to Coltrane's playing, such as instrument range (i.e. tenor saxophone), extra legato playing, playing more on top of the beat than typical Jazz musicians, and playing straighter 8th notes than usual Swing 8th notes. Also, you can set phrasing options, such as how long the phrase should be and how much "space" to leave between phrases. You can also set how "outside" the playing should be. In the case of a John Coltrane style - you set that to the maximum! Then "turn him loose" and hear the soloist play over any song!

Review all of the features added with Band-in-a-Box® 7:

#TechTipTuesday - Opening MIDI Tracks in PowerTracks Pro Audio

Open your MIDI file in PowerTracks Pro Audio (or RealBand), and you'll see the instruments separated onto their own track - an excellent way to hear all the instruments individually for that song, and a great way to learn!

There's no trick to it either - just use the File | Open dialog, locate the MIDI file, and click [Open].

Note: Type 0 MIDI files have all channels on one track, and should ask whether you want to separate them. If you accidentally chooses no, hit Edit - MIDI - Extract Channels to Tracks. Typically, Type 1 MIDI files have the instruments automatically separated.

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