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Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: Getting Noise with BIAB by paulpaul @ 1 minute 24 seconds ago

hello Kent i have the problem with amplitube, any style that uses amplitube hisses randomly in the mixer panel i find the track which is using amplitube and click the plugin option ,the plugin window comes up saying its using amplitube and another window appears saying my 10 day trial has expired with amplitube and then i get the authorization box which logs me into ik multimedia and asks for my serial number which i copy and paste(no spaces at beginning or end) i then get the message "co
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Jump to new posts Re: BB On The Rocks by Al-David @ 40 minutes 55 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Janice & BudWe like small batch bourbon. BB's "Live At The Regal" is one of our fav albums. We like your productions. All meaning.....WE LOVE THIS! J&B And I love your comments! Sure do appreciate all the kind words you have for my music. I seriously take them to heart. Wishing you both the very best. Alan
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: BIAB Packages question - 2018 VS Pro VS PlusPAK by jford @ 47 minutes 3 seconds ago

I posted this in the Tips and Tricks forum.
Post your own Tips and Tricks here
Jump to new posts Understanding the Different Band-in-a-Box PAKs by jford @ 48 minutes 20 seconds ago

The offerings from PGMusic sometimes cause a little confusion. First of all, the basic BIAB program is exactly the same in every PAK you buy; it's not like some programs where they remove programmatic features based on the level you buy. The difference is in the number of MIDI styles, RealStyle, RealTracks, RealDrums, and SuperMIDI Tracks you get. The entry level version of BIAB is the ProPAK. A number of folks on the forum have been after PGMusic to rename this, as Pro tends to imply "to
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Jump to new posts Re: A few noob questions on BIAB. by Rustyspoon# @ 49 minutes 34 seconds ago

"part time user like most of us here years to figure all that out" Maybe it is partially because it was/is written a bit clunky...just maybe a little?
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Jump to new posts Re: New tune...The Maryburgh waltz by Al-David @ Today at 07:44 PM

Hi Graham, As you always do, you found the perfect touch for this beautiful waltz. I enjoyed this very much. The key nodulation around 1:40 is a very nice touch. It's my opinion that key changes in a song give it a new energy and a refreshing sound. Nicely done, Graham! Alan
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Jump to new posts Re: Guitar Window Notes to Match Tempo? by Al-David @ Today at 07:39 PM

Hi Cristiano, If you post this in the forum titled "Band-In-A-Box For Windows", you'll probably get some helpful answers. This forum is reserved for posting original songs created using BIAB. Also, welcome to the PG Music community. Hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have. Alan
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Jump to new posts Re: Another First from the archives. by Al-David @ Today at 07:36 PM

Hello ... Cool!From your info, i really wasn't sure what to expect. Vert creative use of BIAB and your lyric is equally creative. I've been a big fan of evolving choruses (which you labeled as a bridge here - makes no difference) when appropriate. It certainly works in this one! Enjoyed my listen - really cool song! My museum is still in the planning stages. Since I'm almost 72 years old, I'm not counting on its completion! Thanks for a great listen. Alan
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Tired Of Problems by Kent - PG Music @ Today at 07:28 PM

Hi Soulagent, Are you clicking Generate and Play after entering chords, or just Play? When you describe "shutting down every five minutes and going to "run as Administrator", are you saying that Band-in-a-Box is crashing every 5 minutes, or are you closing it that frequently for some other reason? By the way, you can set BIAB to automatically run as administrator. Open your Band-in-a-Box folder (usually C:\BB), right-click on bbw.exe and select Properties, then click on the Co
“Hazard” a guess? Good one.
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Jump to new posts Re: PDF995 Printer Driver not Found by Kent - PG Music @ Today at 07:22 PM

Great! Thanks for the update! Cheers Kent PG Music
Thanks Jim. Actually, that's my eldest son, Gordon, not Don Junior. I think Gordon has the best-trained voice in the family.
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts Re: Eff It by David Snyder @ Today at 06:53 PM

I'm playing hardball Ice. You better put down beats, home school, cuz I'm making my own tools, with my own rules, like a Pumpa Trump, like a Kayne, like an Ariana Grande... Don't come on the street if you can't take the heat, you might melt yourself yo. And that's dope. That's the real deal. Peace.
Beginners Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Convert 6/8 (or 3/4) to 12/8 by BlueAttitude @ Today at 06:47 PM

Hi rharv, Thanks, but I understand the math. I was just having a senior moment figuring out how to make it happen between BIAB and my DAW. Floyd pointed me in the right direction and I have it sorted now.
Jump to new posts Re: Why pop music sounds bad (to you) by Jim Fogle @ Today at 06:30 PM

This video is a great find. Excellent
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: I want to connect my IEM but there is no Aux... by Charlie Fogle @ Today at 06:27 PM

"BTW, did you see anywhere that tapping the FX send will shut off the internal FX?" Tapping the Fx send does not shut off the internal Fx. The internal Fx is either turned off by having all of the Channel Fx knobs turned completely down and/or the Fx to Main turned completely down. The design intent seems to be to have the Fx Send dedicated to an external Fx and return to a clear Channel. The Fx Channel knob for the Channel used for the return should have the Channel Fx knob turne
Jump to new posts Re: Paul McCartney scores a number 1 by Jim Fogle @ Today at 06:22 PM

Originally Posted By: David Snyder So this article essentially says that Paul McCartney sits in front of his computer all day fiddling and fooling around and totally wasting his time in Cubase and Pro Tools with plug-ins and loops, just like..... Us!!!!! Wow! We are in some good company MusicLover!!!!!! Pur-fect. Yep, them Bottles were quite the band. This is a funny thread.
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: How many reverbs does one person need? by rockstar_not @ Today at 06:12 PM

Originally Posted By: IslansoulIf I had the money, I'd buy altiverb in a heartbeat. That is the best reverb hands down. It allows you to use real recorded reverb from actual recorded spaces, not just fake digital made or "styled" reverb. This article lists freeware convolution reverbs, which is the type of reverb you are referring to.
Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
Jump to new posts Re: Choosing Real tracks Suggestion by Jim Fogle @ Today at 05:07 PM

Makes sense. However I can't support the suggestion for the same reason given by Matt, I use many "non-standard" instruments as do many styles.
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Jump to new posts Re: A Bird In The House (with Joanne Cooper) by Robertkc @ Today at 04:50 PM

Originally Posted By: gruverider Marvelous melody and chords. Joanne's vocals are soaring! A beautiful write! Wonderful!!! Thank you -that`s appreciated. The chords were a bit of a departure for me - I looked into some of Joni Mitchel`s songs when she started moving away from pure folk for inspiration. Robert Originally Posted By: dcunyExcellent lyrics - this sounds a lot like a classic Judy Collins song. I'm always a bit hesitant to when checking out your songs - they don't have the i
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Jump to new posts Re: Ripples by RandallSmith @ Today at 04:44 PM

Will: Thanks for your comments. I was "woodshedding" over the changes. I'll shorten up the solos for outputting to SoundCloud. I know exactly what you mean - your input is much appreciated. Randall
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Jump to new posts Re: Sharing Air - Pygmy Beat Extended by Robertkc @ Today at 04:26 PM

Ray, A very cool song, arrangement and performances from your talented collaborators. I liked the mix too - sounds great on `phones. Robert
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Jump to new posts Re: Skeptical Friends by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 04:20 PM

Hi Will and welcome!! I think you proved that our friends are not always right! The tools are available in BIAB to create just about anything we want. I know it takes some effort to do so, but doesn't anything worthwhile? Keep provin' em wrong! Rock on and thanks, Torrey
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A big amen Ed!! Thanks for keeping the old classics alive! Torrey
Xtra Styles PAK 5 Song contest - August 2018
Jump to new posts Re: Rock song: Judy or Trudy or Marge by DC Ron @ Today at 04:04 PM

Originally Posted By: jfordThat's pretty cool. I liked that a lot, Ron. Very clever lyrics. I dig the style. THANKS, John! Love the lyrics and style, too.
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