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Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: BIAB and SONAR by Guitarhacker @ Today at 11:25 AM

100% of my music is done that very way. BB >>> RB >>> Sonar I export the tracks as waves to a folder named for the song. everything to do with that song ends up in that folder including the lyrics, BB & RB files, individual tracks and final exported waves. That makes it easy to find in the future and to create my backup with a simple copy to another drive.
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: Any tricks of the trade by Guitarhacker @ Today at 11:21 AM

You should put all your songs through a normalization process. Then.... put them into the same device and listen to them back to back. There shouldn't be any need for you to reach for the volume control to turn them up or down. And that should be true even when the song is a ballad and the next one is a rocker. Work on learning this and before too long, the songs will all tend to be ready for prime-time when you export them without having to do a bunch of level adjusting.
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Jump to new posts Re: Vocals problem? by airtcon-161 @ Today at 11:16 AM

Just a suggestion but try a different style other than the demo and using your own chords see if the oos play at every bar. Try different oos and ahas. Nelson
Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production
Jump to new posts Re: How many tracks does your song usually have? by Guitarhacker @ Today at 11:14 AM

Normally, my tunes have about 12 to 18 tracks. Sometimes less, sometimes more. It really depends on the song. I think the most I have used is about 24. Professional studios that record the songs you hear on the radio often have well over 100 tracks. It's not uncommon for a song project for a hit singer like Mariah or Beyonce, for example, to have well over 100 vocal tracks alone. Keep in mind that not all the tracks will be complete tracks. They may have just a section of the song....a verse
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Jump to new posts Re: The Songs Of Angels by 90 dB @ Today at 11:12 AM

Originally Posted By: F.M.M.hi 90db perfect in every way awesome job this is a keeper for sure eric Eric, Thanks. Merry Christmas! Regards, Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: The Shed by Guitarhacker @ Today at 11:00 AM

Quote:When Bill sent me the lyric, I had no problem understanding the point. I'm surprised that anyone would. But I will explain. but he went off to sin at the holiday inn That means he was going to the Holiday Inn to have sex with another woman. Or a man. We don't know that much about Buford. Either way, he was cheating on her. where he died an embarrassing death If you were at the Holiday Inn in your small North Carolina town cheating on your wife and you died of a heart attack (for exampl
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Jump to new posts Re: Silent Night by Guitarhacker @ Today at 10:53 AM

Originally Posted By: David Snyder Really cool man!! glad you like it David
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Jump to new posts Re: Getting 2018 up and running by fiddler2007 @ Today at 10:51 AM

I had USB audio and windows 10 problems; stuttering after a while of running smoothly. Finally installed the newest AMD radeon drivers, explicitly the basic version with no gamers' acceleration etc present or active. All worked well with BIAB 2017 and 2018 the first versions and ASIO with a low latency setting (for 2018 it seemed). Now with 506 i had to switch to MME, as there was clearly distortion present, with the RTs. I haven't sussed it out yet, but tips are welcome ... F
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Jump to new posts missing demo's by w @ Today at 10:24 AM

these screen shots indicate a small sample of styles selected for the purpose of this posting that have no demo versions in my Mac 2017 Audiophile 2 TB USB drive. Anyone else ? or am i just not understanding the purpose of providing these styles ? Need help with this please.
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Jump to new posts Re: Vocals problem? by jlbelard @ Today at 10:13 AM

I reinstalled the update without any improvement... It seems the vocals play when they want too... Any idea, PG music experts? J-Louis
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Jump to new posts New Tweak: "Happy Dance" by DaveBrooksMusic @ Today at 10:06 AM

Hi Ya'll: So, I added an octave to the horns and organ parts to add clarity to the notes. The horns sound like 3, instead of 2 adding to the overall vibe of the song. It still struts like a circus elephant walking down Broadway, but hey... =D Give a listen if you got time! All the best during this Christmas Season to you and yours! Dave
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Jump to new posts Re: Three Questions... by Lesley55 @ Today at 10:01 AM

Terrific song, and arrangement! Were you playing the violin, too? I don't write songs, or sing or play guitar (I used to play guitar a bit) but I am learning to play the chromatic harmonica, and I want to make accompaniments that show the notes--I particularly like having the current note turn red during play--it just seems so neat to be able to do that. I find that when I go to the "fake sheet" mode and play a song that doesn't fit on one page, the notation doesn't change pages s
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Jump to new posts Re: Christmastime by DaveBrooksMusic @ Today at 09:58 AM

Zup 90 db? I love the complete sound of this mix. I just had a desire for eggnog. This song is one of the best Christmas songs I've heard in years. As you know, many releases sound re-hashed and after a few seconds you're still hearing it but you're not listening to it. I was remised when this one ended... Great job! Dave
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Jump to new posts Re: Christmastime by 90 dB @ Today at 09:43 AM

Here's another Christmas song (I only have two. ) re-post. Regards, Bob
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Jump to new posts Re: BIAB and iPad by TerriQ @ Today at 09:41 AM

Sadly I've found out my iPad 3 won't support app. Thanks for replying.
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Jump to new posts Re: Things That Go Together by eddie1261 @ Today at 09:34 AM

Originally Posted By: Janice & Bud Steel sounded like it was played just for this production and like fj said "nice vintage sound all around." That steel solo... oy. I must have created 14-16 solos for that and listened phrase by phrase and pasted it together at LEAST 30 times to get the phrases I wanted to make it cohesive. Then I sent that clip to my friend Al who plays pedal steel and asked "Could you play this? Is this human sounding to the point where it is believable th
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best Christmas present ive had in years thanks Fj cant wait for the rest
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Jump to new posts Re: BiaB 2018 won't load UVIworkStation Plug-in by CoolBreeze @ Today at 09:21 AM

Originally Posted By: roslon and no amount of flimflam will change that. I will admit I do like your style, persistent with the added flair. You've probably already established your credentials, so I won't question you. It has everything to do with it! Now please follow the flimflam man because my name is not Dorothy, and we're not heading down a yellow brick road to home. We'll need to change threads for this.
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Jump to new posts Re: Have A Christmas Party by David Snyder @ Today at 09:14 AM

Cool guys! Love this. Your songs are always so much fun. Love those vocals! Merry Christmas!!
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Originally Posted By: gruverider Delightful song and video! Well written and wonderful vocal by Joanne! very much enjoyed! Thanks a million, more on the way I hope
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Jump to new posts Re: Magnet by Icelander @ Today at 09:13 AM

Originally Posted By: David Tee...there must be something about adopting standard settings for a program that makes Magnet work. I have a (reasonably educated) hunch that you nailed it right there. Unfortunately, adhering to any sort of Mac "standards" is not something BBox is exactly known for, if you get my drift. I'm afraid this program has always had the look & feel of the 'DOS port' that it still is. Heck, they haven't even got the proper window dialogues appearances/behaviour
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Well, I'm not a programmer, but I think that Coolbreeze made some valid and legitimate observations: Originally Posted By: CoolBreezeBugs will always be a part of the process, but how about taking care of existing ones before adding new features that just introduce more bugs? It's called feature creep, and they have a bad case of it, there's no denying that.
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Jump to new posts Re: red note lag when page changes by Jim Fogle @ Today at 08:56 AM

Originally Posted By: Lesley55 Is there some way of recording the screen so I could show you? Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 includes a free utility called "Problem Steps Recorder". More information is available +++ HERE +++ Another screen capture program is offered by Cockos, the same folks that makes the daw REAPER. It is called LICECAP and is available +++ HERE +++
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Jump to new posts Re: StylePicker fixed tempo by Icelander @ Today at 08:50 AM

+1 for the concept AND the proposed modifications - 'user controlled' practically always gets my plus anyway, but there it is
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A RealTrack is an audio file unique to PG Music. A style is a PG Music file that contains song information like time signature (3/4 or 4/4), tempo in beats per minute (bpm), list of initial instruments (which can be a midi driven soft synth or RealTracks) and to what tracks each instrument is assigned, starting track settings for midi patterns - volume - panning - reverb and tone, midi data for melody and solo tracks.
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Band-in-a-Box® Version 2018 for Windows is a HIT!

Since the release of Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows, we've received some great feedback!

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"Video set number three with Oliver Gannon is phenomenal just by itself! I've been asking for additional instruction from him for sometime And here it is! Plus it looks like there's something for everyone. You really out did yourself on this one PG Music - way to go!"
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Video link - Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows, now with Vocal "Oohs" and "Aahs" RealTracks!

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Summary of Changes since 2018 Build 205:
Added: "Export Song as Audio File..." menu item has been added to the Audio menu.
Added: BB2018 tutorials folder.
Added: New styles (STY files) for many of the new RealTracks in Sets 278-300 and MIDI SuperTracks sets 25-27.
Added: StylePicker User Categories updated for Xtra Styles PAK 4.
Updated: Styles database
Updated: Various improvements (including Db offset adjustments) to many of the new STY files and .SGU demos included with RealTracks Sets 278-300.
Fixed: "K3" did not work in the chord sheet for copying 3 bars (8 bars would be copied instead).
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box always opens with a maximized window briefly before resizing to the user's saved size.
Fixed: Band-in-a-Box will not open using the proper window size if the Mixer window was open while exiting.
Fixed: Deleting a region of chords would cause "Undo Delete Bars" to appear in the Edit menu, but do nothing unless chosen twice.
Fixed: Error "Input and output sample rates must match" might show when the devices do have matching sample rates.
Fixed: Flash messages were not being added to the flash message log.
Fixed: If Band-in-a-Box was in DAW Plugin mode while exiting, the window size was not restored the next time opening the program.
Fixed: Rendering .m4a or video files might fail and request that the user install QuickTime if using Windows 7. QuickTime should only be necessary for Windows Vista or XP.
Fixed: Some of the Oohs and Aahs (Vocal) RealTracks were not working correctly, and they have been greatly improved.
Fixed: Sometimes when deleting a note in the notation window, you will be asked "OK to delete chord".
Fixed: The "Show Flash Tips" setting did not have any effect when disabled.
Fixed: WashboardBluegrass drums.
Fixed: When exiting DAW Plugin mode, the window would not return to its previous size (it would become maximized).

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User Blog - How To Record a Cover Song Using Band-in-a-Box and RealBand

Joanne Cooper's final blog post for 2017, How to record a cover song using Band-in-a-Box and RealBand is a must-read!

Joanne summarizes the steps she took to produce her cover of "Old Lang Syne" - her final result was posted to the User Showcase Forum: Listen to Auld Lang Syne

Announcing…The Birth of a Song (w/Floyd Jane)

We are excited to announce the release of a new project: The Birth of a Song (w/Floyd Jane)

Songwriter Floyd Jane shows the songwriting process from inspiration to performance and publication:

The idea for this project came about when many members on this forum and elsewhere were asking questions about the song writing process. There are many aspects, and many parts of it necessary to create a song, get it arranged, performed, and then published on the internet. So we asked the great songwriter Floyd Jane, who is a regular member on this forum, if he could help. Floyd agreed and was even able to collaborate with other forum members, Janice and Bud. The result is this video we put together that you can see on YouTube or Facebook, called "The Birth of a Song (w/Floyd Jane)".

We hope this video helps other songwriters with their songwriting process, and also shows them tools that are available to them along the way. Also, we mention this User Showcase Forum, and hope to see many new aspiring or accomplished songwriters join this community :blush:

A big Thank You to Floyd for sharing your knowledge with the community and making this possible. And to Janice and Bud for your great collaboration!

Here is Floyd's original forum post for his song "A Little Bit Of Me":

Check out Floyd / Janice & Bud’s music here:

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