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Jump to new posts Re: Within Time by floyd jane @ Today at 07:09 AM

Randall, Welcome to the Showcase. A nice listen - a nice snappy pace to this. I agree with Dave's advice - your guitar should be close to center since it is the "singer" here... Enjoyed. floyd
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Jump to new posts Re: new project just started by floyd jane @ Today at 07:03 AM

A great listen, Eric - as always. Such a sweet tone and melodic playing. The sax seems a little louder than the guitar - I'd bring it down a bit - let that guitar be the star... floyd
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Jump to new posts Re: Blow Me In The Wind by jannesan @ Today at 07:01 AM

Originally Posted By: Janice & BudWell, if you are a fan of double entendres then this is a feast!!! Clever, cool and fun! J&B Thanks Janice and Bud for listening and giving nice review Janne
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Jump to new posts new project just started by F.M.M. @ Today at 07:00 AM

hey guys started in bandlab then put chords in biab for bass line and sax solo not bad for first shot thanks for listening and comments tracks biab Elec. Bass (36) RealTracks in song: ~1441:Sax, Alto, Soloist JazzFunkGroovin Ev16 110 Style is LEE_RIT.STY (Lee Rit Style) Style MIDI Instruments are : Fretless Elec. Bass
Originally Posted By: Jim FogleI don't know the answer to your question and do not want to hazard a guess. But that is just one symptom of a larger problem. Why aren't things designed to be fixed or recycled when they could easily be designed differently? Why have we become a throwaway society? Because that is the way the manufacturers want it. Back in the old days we had repair shops and/or we could repair things ourselves. Those days are gone.
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Jump to new posts Re: A few noob questions on BIAB. by MarioD @ Today at 06:52 AM

You have a PM.
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Enjoyed the listen, Ed - and the video...
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Jump to new posts Re: Vinnie's Vamp by floyd jane @ Today at 06:48 AM

A really nice piece. Truly keeps the ear interested start to finish. A lot of nice surprises with instruments in and out. Enjoyed. fj
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Jump to new posts Re: Objectif oasis by Chris37 @ Today at 06:46 AM

Thanks Joe, Mario, Scott, Deryk and Tom ! The choice of the dromedary was quite obvious for me. When you are alone, you feel like in a desert and that's a place where you can meet dromedaries. So, I've invented this travel companion. And in the desert, you need to drink ! So, it was necessary to find an oasis......Christian
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Jump to new posts Re: Getting Noise with BIAB by Islansoul @ Today at 06:36 AM

Originally Posted By: Kent - PG MusicHi Islansoul, Which style are you using? If it's a style that uses Amplitube, those bursts of static are likely happening because your copy of Amplitube has't been activated. The style likely has a non-Amplitube equivalent you can use instead, or we could provide an Amplitube serial number if you contact us directly ( Thanks Kent PG Music Itis the Island Amplitube Sould style.
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Jump to new posts Re: sample tank vs native instruments by MarioD @ Today at 06:35 AM

Beatmaster, I did a quick goggle search for Kontakt. I have Kontakt and I have no idea what is available for SampleTank as I only have the free version of it. I have no idea what you might want to spend so I have include a couple that will work on the free Kontakt Player and some that will only work on the full version of Kontakt. Also note that there are many other guitar patches that are available for both the full version of Kontakt and/or the free Kontakt Player that range from free to ve
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Jump to new posts Re: Objectif oasis by Tano Music @ Today at 05:56 AM

I've been waiting for someone to write a tribute song to a dromedary!! Please give us the back-story: what prompted these camel-thoughts? As usual, your style/production, etc. is first-class, and your ideas always interesting to me. I'm very partial to the french touch in music, so this definitely pleases! I found your choice of RT's to be totally 'transparent', meaning that the style and all the instrumental pieces totally supported your overall work without being distractive, and that is
Jump to new posts Writing An Epic Melody by pghboemike @ Today at 05:55 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: Another First from the archives. by Tano Music @ Today at 05:51 AM

Great results from your experiments with BIAB! I agree that the little midi phrases were attention-grabbing between verse and chorus, and you expertly used the 2 different styles--that can be distracting if not done so well as you have done! And I really liked your friends home-made string contribution, very unique sound! Vocals, production, etc. was great. And regarding your lyric idea--I hope each one of us has our own little museum, in our minds, with personal jewels, like this song, th
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Ed, thanks for sharing this! Loved watching the artist-at-work video; lots of our "friendships" on this forum are without faces, so nice to 'meet' you in the video. Very nice use of BIAB to accompany your vocal and playing! Tom
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Jump to new posts Re: Issue with Held Bass RealTracks by VintageGibson @ Today at 05:41 AM

Just a quick update, Kent Got back to me confirming that there are issues with the RTs that should be fixed in a future update. Vintage
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Jump to new posts Re: BB On The Rocks by Tano Music @ Today at 05:40 AM

Alan..I really liked how you kicked this track off, with that couple of bars of acoustic(?), before launching into the band; immediately hooked me with that! And throughout, a thoughtful selection of parts, etc.--added lots of interesting colorations and bits, caused me to listen very carefully. Blues patterns are so familiar, you can wind up just sitting back, letting it soak in (while you sip your bev)--nothing wrong with that, but taking the extra effort to choose parts, add items like the
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I enjoyed this… Your song idea mashed with the style that you selected very well… Production was very smooth… And your vocals really good… Thanks for sharing.
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Jump to new posts Re: Hens Night '68 by Tano Music @ Today at 05:28 AM

This was hilarious! Loved the concept, and you got everything possible out of the rhyming names scheme! Use of BIAB was top-notch, and let’s hear more from you!
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Jump to new posts Re: Within Time by BlueAttitude @ Today at 05:22 AM

Hi Randall, welcome to the showcase! Nice track, and very nice melodic playing. Since you are asking for input the first thing you should do is move that hard left panned solo guitar to the center or close to it, it is the featured instrument so needs to be upfront. But great first post! Looking forward to hearing more, I love hearing guitar played like this.
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Jump to new posts Re: qwerty keyboard not responding by Mike Head @ Today at 05:15 AM

Hi It sounds as if you are sending your midi thru to a synth.Hence the latency for the journey time even worse via midi mapper. Try taking the tick out of the box (Route midi thru to midi driver) This way your thru will go to your selected VST/DXI if you have a tick in (use vst/dxi synth box above . Choose your vst you need a GM one. for now just use the Coyote wave table dxi if you don’t already use a better one, Give that a try. It should not matter what synth you have set in midi out now
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Jump to new posts Re: qwerty keyboard not responding by VideoTrack @ Today at 04:54 AM

Uncheck this option and see it it makes an overall difference: Control-N to launch the dialog:
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Jump to new posts Re: Within Time by beatmaster @ Today at 04:39 AM

Nice wee jam along, nice playing
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Jump to new posts Re: DAYS GONE BY by beatmaster @ Today at 04:25 AM

Excellent all rounder loved it.!
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Jump to new posts Re: Hens Night '68 by beatmaster @ Today at 04:10 AM

Stefan That was absolutely Brilliant took me right back to my gig days, The woman nights etc, Priceless well arranged and performed, Video was a killer you will need to let me know how you do the vids.
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